11 Cool Women Shoulder Tattoo Designs to Try


Tattoos are considered to be the new age art of expressing one’s beliefs, preferences, and untold sagas. It is a common notion that getting inked is solely for men, but it has also attracted women across the globe for centuries. 

There are so many tattoo designs that are loved by women which allow them to express themselves without uttering a word.

Whether be it a dainty or a statement tattoo, it is sure to catch the onlooker’s attention and make you look like the ultimate fashion icon. 

If you are looking for inspiration for women’s shoulder tattoo designs, we have curated a list of 11 tattoos for you to help you get inked. 

11 Cool Women Shoulder Tattoo Designs to Try
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Which Body Part To Go For While Getting A Tattoo?

Choosing the best placement for getting inked is an intricate part of fulfilling the purpose of getting a tattoo.

Your body sure is a blank canvas to showcase art to people but it is also important to choose the best placement to flaunt it appropriately.

As an obvious rule, a bigger tattoo design needs a bigger surface area to create the design. If you are looking for an intricate and big design then you can get inked at your back, chest, or shoulder.

The placement of the shoulder is considered to be the best if you want a dainty tattoo design. 

Why Is The Shoulder The Best Placement For Getting Tattoos?

Shoulder tattoos are undoubtedly quite in trend nowadays and are considered to be one of the favorites of women. It provides enough canvas to create the desired design and looks quite feminine as well. 

Another reason to get tattoos on the shoulder is because it pains less because of the presence of more flesh around the skin.

If you are getting inked for the first time, then shoulder placement is the best option for you. It gives you enough opportunity to show off your amazing tattoo, especially when wearing a halter neck or off-shoulder outfit.

How Much Does It Hurt To Get Inked On Shoulders?

The pain while getting the tattoo largely depends on how big and intricate the design is. Moreover, the placement also plays a great role in the intensity of pain. 

Women’s shoulder tattoos don’t hurt much because of the presence of more amount of flesh around the skin. If you have a low pain tolerance level then a shoulder tattoo is the one to go for. 

Which Designs To Go For While Getting A Women's Shoulder Tattoo?

There are various designs to choose from when going for women’s shoulder tattoos. As the shoulder is placed flat, you can easily go for intricate and complex designs. It will hold the design very nicely without any folds. 

You can go for the designs of stars, butterflies, celestial bodies, fairies, lettering, quotes, loved one’s names, tribal patterns, abstract designs, portraits, etc.

The options are varying and unending, and gives you a lot of room to show the tattoo artist’s creativity and your vision. 

11 Women Shoulder Tattoo Designs

Let us look at some of the amazing and most popular women’s shoulder tattoo designs-

1] Black Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

Black Eagle Shoulder Tattoo
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If you are someone who is looking for small but statement tattoo designs, then the black eagle tattoo design is the one to go for.

Eagles are representative of honesty, courage, wisdom, strength, and majesty. These tattoos will act as an extension of your personality. 

2] Pet Paws Impression Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Pet Paws Impression Tattoo Design On Shoulder
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No matter whether you are a cat person or a dog person, the amount of love that you have for the tiniest member of the family is paramount.

To express your affection and adoration for your pets, you can get the impression of their paws getting inked.

It not only looks cute but shares a great message of kindness and love towards speechless beings.

3] Lizard Tattoo Designs On Shoulder

Lizard Tattoo Designs On Shoulder
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Though lizard tattoo designs are uncommon they are associated with good fortune and luck in places like Egypt and Greece.

They are great reminders of variation, flexibility, and adaptation and also represent concepts of death and resurrection.

4] Dandelion Shoulder Tattoo Design

4] Dandelion Shoulder Tattoo Design
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Everyone becomes nostalgic on seeing a Dandelion flower, with its seeds flowing in the air. If you want to keep the child inside you to live forever, then Dandelion flowers are to go for.

They have been associated with healing ability and convey a message of living the fullest and letting go. 

5] Big Colourful Flowers On Shoulder Tattoo

Big Colourful Flowers On Shoulder Tattoo
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Flowers have been used to depict and express varying emotions since the beginning of humankind. Different flowers carry different meanings with them representing strength, beauty, honor, love, gaiety, appreciation, gratefulness, etc.

Depending on the emotion you want to express, you can go for the flowers to be inked on your shoulders. 


6] Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design

Tribal Shoulder Tattoo Design
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Tribals often get inked to tell their stories of past wars foretelling their courage, and spirituality through body art. Tribal tattoos carry a great amount of spiritual significance.

Before getting inked with a tribal design tattoo on your shoulder, make sure that it does not offend a particular community or tribe.

7] Stars Shoulder Tattoo Design

Stars Shoulder Tattoo Design
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Stars tattoo designs on shoulders are one of the fanciest looking tattoos and are adored by women.

If you do not want to go for bold designs, then small designs such as these stars, or other celestial bodies will look great on you.

It looks very feminine when you flaunt it off while wearing a sleeveless outfit.

8] Bold Shoulder Tattoo Design

Bold Shoulder Tattoo Design
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If you are one of those who like funky kinds of stuff and are daring out there, then bold designs are going to be your favorite.

They can have patterned designs, bold black abstract designs, or elements to showcase your bold and fearless personality. 

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9] Butterfly Tattoo Design On Shoulder

9] Butterfly Tattoo Design On Shoulder
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Butterfly tattoo designs not only add to the aesthetic beauty but are the symbol of regeneration, youth, joy, and vitality.

Just the way a butterfly spreads its wings to fly and go anywhere where its heart desires, in the same way, it represents your will and desire to be free, representing the sense of adventure. 

10] Lettering And Quotes Shoulder Tattoo Design

Lettering And Quotes Shoulder Tattoo Design
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Lettering and quote tattoo design are the simplest ways to express your thoughts and beliefs to the world without uttering anything.

You can even get inked with your loved one’s name to show them the love and affection that you have towards them. 

11] Script And Numbers Tattoo Design On Shoulders

11] Script And Numbers Tattoo Design On Shoulders
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Inking important numbers is a new-age fashion that can make you look effortlessly stylish. You can get inked with important dates, months, or years that carry great significance for you.

You can also tattoo numbers that are associated with astrological beliefs, to describe your inclination towards astrology and numerology. 

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Tattoos are a great way to describe your tastes, likings, and beliefs while adding charm to your personality. Whatever the reason for you getting inked, you cannot go wrong with the designs as they stay on forever. 

If you are a first-timer, then shoulder placement will be the least painful for you and make your inking process hassle-free and convenient. Moreover, the placement adds an elegant and charming touch to your vibes. 

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