51 Authentic Self Care Ideas You Should Try Right Now


Hey, peeps! What if I ask you Do you take care of yourself or do you do any Self care activity? You must be wondering what kind of question it was. Obviously! we take good care of us and also we focus on self care activity! Just think how do you care for yourself or what’s your self care routine?

Do you protect yourself from snakes? Don’t get wet in the rain so that you don’t get sick? Or do you keep a distance from firecrackers so that the hands do not burn?  You understand it to take care of yourself, don’t you? Am I right?

If yes then you do not take care of yourself and you don’t have any Self care routine. Ya! This is your Self care but This is not caring ideas and is not your mental self care.

❝Caring for your body, mind, and spirit is your greatest and grandest responsibility, it's about listening to the needs of your soul and then honoring them.❞

All this had to be taken care of physically What about your mental health? Mental health is more important than physical health, and I strongly believe in this! And this is also a statement of the doctor. It gives us a healthy life.

So ya! This is why I said that you do not take care of yourself and also don’t have any care ideas or self care activity. because there are many things that affect your mental health. By which you become irritable, less productive, and excess stress taker.

That’s why we celebrate Mental health day to treat your Self-care! And also focus on your self care routine. Especially women! They are unable to take care of themselves between household chores and children, their daily routine, and everyday life.

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Then it is disturbed by diseases like overthinking or anxiety. Before talking about self care ideas and self care activity. I would like to tell you what self care is?

Want to know? In this article, we’re gonna explore all the things which are related to your Self-care, our self-care, and self-care ideas. You know ALL THE THINGS! And all are in a detailed way. Let me tell you about care Ideas and care activity.

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What is Self Care

Self-care is a type of care activity that we do knowingly to take care of our emotional, mental, and also physical health. Self care is the key to improve and heal our mood. It also reduces anxiety.

True Self-care is not bath salts and chocolate cake, it's making the choice to build a life you don't need to escape from.

In simple language, our self-care is something that we choose to do something good for ourselves and our mental health. It’s like a proper care activity of your self care and to make happiness a priority which is so necessary.

Why self care is important and why you need self care Ideas

Do you need Any care activity? MANIFESTLY! YESS! Self care is so much important for us for our physical and mental health. Especially in today’s world where people have no time to give time to themselves. They are always busy in their work, office, making money, and even don’t take a lunch break.

I know your work is important because you are doing this to earn money but Both our brain and body need rest for a time. If we do not take care of ourselves then who will?

Please do focus on care activity too. Pamper yourself and give value to yourself in the best way with the best self care Ideas:

I’m here to suggest to you the best self care Ideas which are really really going to help you.  There are many things that you can do to pamper and care for yourself by adding this in care ideas without any big efforts!

1. Eat-well:

First Thing First! Obviously, you should eat well not for our body but also for our mind and soul. Eat something healthy meal, comfort food, or your favorite dish, don’t forget desserts. “Good food, Good Mood” you know it very well;)

2. Practice Gratitude:

This is in my top self-care ideas, I always do this when I feel down or not in the mood. I think about the things which I have instead of thinking about the things which I don’t have. So ya! You should always practice Gratitude once a day. It relaxes your soul and also an admirable care activity. And remind us to Always Focus on the good!

3. Daily Exercise and Yoga:

Exercises really boost our mind and body and also helps us to stay active all day long and also protect us from many diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, and many more.

As well as Yoga gives peace to our soul. Do meditation, some breathing exercises like deep breathing, Lion’s breath, etc. Yoga is the best care Idea for persons who have any physical ailment.

4. Read A Personal Growth Book:

A Book a day keeps problems away! haha. It’s my new quote yo! Reading is the best part of my day. This includes my daily morning routine. I’m currently reading “Good Vibes, Good Life” by Vex king, and trust me guys this is the best book ever, I personally recommend you to read this book once. You can also check my previous article on 11 Must read books for students, for getting more ideas about books.

5. Join A Class or Learn A New Skill:

it’s quite hard working but it’s good for you and your future. You can learn content writing, designing, Oral and written communication skills, and many more.

6. Organise Your Wardrobe:

Do you ever get stuck between your busy schedule and a messy wardrobe? I do man 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 ALWAYS! Then my Mamma Always says “Sweety it’s time to clear out this mess neither I’ll slap you lol (I’m still a little 1 year baby for her😂)

So ya! This is a thing which you have to do once a month, explore your old clothes and new ones, you can also try out your dresses and you know give compliments to yourself. (Sure thing)

Note: You can get many more outfit ideas here on my youtube channel.

7. Mini Dance Party:

I always do this when I’m not in the mood. Actually, I love to dance and when something bad happens to me or someone calls me then I’ll always choose this method to make me feel calm and energetic at the same time! I often go to my room and start dancing in front of a mirror.

8. Take Some Selfies :

Haha! Who else doesn’t like this? I just love to take selfies. When I’m feeling bad and not in the mood to smile then I simply open my Snapchat camera, choose different filters and start posing like Miss Universe 😂

9. Do Something Nice For Others:

Be that kind soul that makes everybody feel like somebody! On my Instagram @Thatgratefulsoul, many people dm me and say that please give us a shout out and without any sec. Without expecting benefits or results I gave them a story shout out! I don’t claim that I’m that good, no ways!

It’s just an example and nothing. But when I do these kinds of things my soul automatically glows from inside and this is the real thing. Try this please, this is so peaceful!

10. Go For A Long Walk:

People who still enjoy just going on walks and talking for hours are my favorite! Walking not only Refreshes your mind but it is also advantageous for our health.

So stop scrolling your IG feed again and again. Give time to yourself too. Just go on a long walk…

11. Try A Face Mask:

Pampering our skin is the best self-care Idea of all time. Try sheet masks which will give you a natural glow!

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Face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to help you with your skin concerns. The right face mask can help hydrate skin, remove excess oils, and help improve the appearance of your pores and moisturize it. 

12. Watch Your Favorite Show:

I know I know you are busy. But Kindly watch your favorite show for only 30mins. A day. Trust me it’s work. This is my personal favorite. When I feel tired and you know like noooooo this work! Ughhh..

Then I always take a break and watch my favorite show named Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma- this is an Indian comedy show which I love to watch and you can also watch this with your family. It’s a super popular show. You can Watch”Shinchan” also 😂 that 5-year-old guy will make your day for sure. Well.. it’s your choice.

13. Sing Your Favorite Songs:

Idk if you are good at singing or not. But you should sing a song every day. It can’t make you a singer lol 😂 but ya! It’s quite amazing!

14. Spend Time In Nature:

Nature is a great place to heal and recharge. I totally agree with this. Go outwards. Explore trees, dry leaves, butterflies. It’s so peaceful ❤️ there are many things to learn from nature.

15. Get in 10 min. of Sun:

I don’t know about you but I like the Sun more than Moon. Soaking in the sun for a while is good, especially during the winter season. I know that you will say tan gets done by this method but in the morning staying only 10 min.

The Sun gives you freshness the whole day.

16. Do Some Gardening:

Gardening is a new hobby for everyone nowadays. Even mine too 😉 Remember “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”.

17. Try A DIY Project:

Simply DIY means, DO IT YOURSELF. There are many DIY ideas available on YouTube. You can try them.

18. Call Someone You Love:

girl call self care
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This is also a good idea. If you feel good to talk with your loved one then go for that.

19. Take A Hot Bath:

I’m not saying bubble bath here, just a warm water bath is enough for relaxation.

20. Nail Paint:

Colour is a Power which directly influences the soul. Try some bright colors like yellow, blue, red, green. And also try some patterns and prints. I have a very bad experience with nail paints 🥺

21. Look at Old Photos And Videos:

I usually do this thing. I kinda believe in memory. Memories mean a lot to me so I always capture some Beautiful moments of my life and just feel them again by opening the book of memories.

22. Write 5 things You Love:

Take a diary and make a list of the things which you love. It helps you to find yourself and your choices. It will help you to stay positive in your bad times.

23. Brush Your Hair or Try New Hairstyles:

Experiment with your hairs, make a good hair day look. Don’t be stuck in that boring bun all the time which is going to be our universal hairstyle 😂 Try some new hairstyles.

24. Spending Time with Friends:

A sweet friendship can refresh our soul. By gossiping by meeting our friends it’s quite amazing.

25. Try a new Food Recipe:

Just open the youtube and search about this and you’ll get lots of videos. Try the delicious food or some pre-made meal(hygiene), eat it, and take a quick nap 😂

26. Write Yourself a Love Note:

I know it seems weird but It’s pretty amazing. You can write a note to yourself, give some compliments to yourself.

27. Rearrange a Room in Your Home:

A room in the house which is dirty or which is not organically organized should be cleaned and arranged properly. This is also a way to impress your Mommy 😂

28. Do Something Creative:

There are lots of creative things to do. You can try Painting, Sketching, Embroidery, Making Paper Flowers, Hand-Lettering/Brush Pen Calligraphy, Give writing short stories a try, or can learn martial arts.

29. Message an Old Friend:

Sometimes it’s good to remember our old school friend to which you do not talk much. Ask them their condition, remember the old school talk.

30. Read Poetry:

I do not know if you are interested in poems or not. I don’t because I don’t understand that complicated words lol But I try many times to understand a particular poem. Sometimes I feel a wonderful feeling from poems even without understanding that.

31. Create a Bucket List:

I personally do this! I love Making travel destination lists where I want to visit once in my life.

32. Hug Someone:

What’s more good than this? I’m a cry baby like when something bad happens to me I always run to my Mamma and just hug then and cry. Then she holds me and brings me back as always.

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Hugs release Oxytocin. Oxytocin is often called the “love hormone,” and it’s released when we cuddle or bond. It’s the reason why being hugged feels so good. So when you’re feeling down, give someone a squeeze and feel your mood lift.

33. Practice a Favorite Hobby:

If you have any hobby or something you like to do then you can practice it by doing more and more. I love to sing and dance so I often do this. Once a day is compulsory for me I’m loyal to my hobbies too!

34. Go on a date with Yourself:

You will find it strange to hear this but I have done this when there was no one walking with me, I would go alone, sit in my favorite coffee shop and enjoy cold coffee and a yummy cheese grill Sandwich.

Sometimes it is also good to do so. You should try this. This is in the list of my personal self care Ideas.

35. Make A list Of Short-term and Long-term Goals:

This not only makes you more productive but it also gives you strength and courage to do something in the future! You can also write some self care Ideas!

36. Wear Your Favorite Outfit:

Nowadays everyone has heaps of clothes and one of them is our favorite dress, which we feel comfortable and great by wearing.

37. Declutter Space:

Choose a corner or place of the room that is not organized or where all the stuff is mixed, separate all the things from it and use it in the right place which is not useful.

38. Write out Your Thoughts:

This is kinda relaxing and a fun thing to do! I usually do this in my diary. I write About my life, my experience, etc.

39. Play With an Animal:

When I look into the eyes of an animal. I don’t see an animal. I see a living being! I see a loyal friend. I feel a soul.

40. Drink Some Tea/Coffee:

A warm cup of coffee or tea in the winter season is like wwooohhhhohhhh! 😌(Personal experience lol)

41. Treat Yourself to A Home Spa:

Taking care of your skin is also important. Take a small spa at home, you can try steaming too!

42. Go Cycling or A Bike Ride:

If you like some physical activity then this is a good self care Idea. This Refreshes your mind and also burns some calories to maintain your body weight and mass!

43. Create a Map of Your Dream Home:

Everyone has their own dream that my house should be like this. You should draw a good map with a pen and paper. This is an interesting task you should do.

44. Solve A Puzzle or Sudoku:

My Mamma yet used to do this in daily newspapers. It boosts your thinking power and also a brainstorming idea!

45. Spend Time with Your Family:

Family is like music. Some high notes, some low notes, but always a beautiful song! I really enjoy being with my family. Especially My dad! He is so funny like he always tries to make me smile❤️💫 And Grandparents are the best blessing of the lord to us. When they tell the old things and give life lessons, then all the problems go away, all seems easy.

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This is the beauty of Family! Nowadays children are just left to make new friends on social media. Hey friends, see the people of the house too, listen to them anytime. Friends are temporary also some are fake but a family is a family.

Family members, also say that it is only for our good. That is why sit with them too. Will support you in dilemmas.

46. Play An Instrument:

If you have any musical instruments like piano or guitar, play that, learn new tons and music. Don’t worry if you don’t have an instrument. There is an application that is so amazing which I personally use.

It has all instruments including guitar, piano, drum kit, violin. The name of the application is “WALKBAND”. If you love music then I would really recommend you this Guitar Theory Revolution E-book.

47. Try a Body Lotion:

With a lovely fragrance lotion, you can convert your bad mood to a good mood. And you can also take care of your skin as well you can also try some essential oils like Lavender, Sandalwood, etc. I have also written an article – Best Skin Care Products for winter. You can also check these. 

48. Design Something:

I often do this! 5 times a day 😂 I love to design pins, banners, logos. I find joy in this. You also can try this. That’ll help you to learn something new and Yess! It makes you SUPER CREATIVE FOR SURE! You can use Canva, it’s free and outstanding for beginners!

49. Start A Compliment Jar:

It is very easy. You have to take a bottle or a jar and whenever someone praises you or gives a compliment to you, you have to write it on a small piece of paper and put it in that jar.

Very soon your jar will be full. And when you feel bad, take out a paper from that jar and read it. You will start getting good vibes on your own.

50. Go to Church/Temple/Mosque/Gurudwara:

Have you ever thought that when you go to any religious place then you start getting good vibes without doing anything on your own? You start feeling positive.

This is because people have already spread strong positive energy in those places. Which also makes you feel good. That is why all your problems will go by visiting such places.

51. Smile and Laugh More:

Always remember Life is beautiful, and there’s so much to smile about! So SMILE! ❤️

Best Self Care Apps

If you haven’t that just time then there are many apps that can help you in self-care.
✔️ Tiny routines
✔️ Pharm Easy (Leading Medicine ordering app)
✔️ Headspace: meditation and sleep
✔️ Daylio( this is my personal favorite)
✔️ Gratitude- Journal app, daily zen dairy
✔️ Calm – Meditate, sleep, relax
✔️ Mindfulness with Petit bambou
✔️ I am – Daily affirmations reminder for self-care
✔️ Lifesum- Diet plan, macro calculator, and food diary
✔️ Innerhour self care therapy – Anxiety and depression
✔️ Jar of awesome – Mindful Life diary app
✔️ Presently: A Gratitude journal

Best Self Care Books 📖

There are many books out there that teach us the real meaning of Self-care. I have listed the top self-care books below. Have a look! You can get all these books on amazon

✔️ The Art of Extreme Self-Care – Book by Cheryl Richardson
✔️ The Little Book of Mindfulness
✔️ Book by Patrizia Collard
✔️ Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India, and Indonesia – Book by Elizabeth Gilbert
✔️ Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams – Book by Gala Darling
✔️ Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-acceptance – Book by Rosie Molinary
✔️ Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person – Book by Shonda Rhimes
✔️ Feeling Good Together: The Secret to Making Troubled Relationships Work- Book by David D. Burns
✔️ Mastering Your Mean Girl – Book by Melissa Ambrosini
✔️ The Power of Positive Thinking – Book by Norman Vincent Peale
✔️ The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are – Brené Brown

Best Self Care Songs 🎵

What’s better than Music? Music has the power to refresh our soul and heart! Listen to this self-care songs playlist once:-

✔️ This is believe by Hillsong worship
✔️ Who Says by Selena Gomez and the scene
✔️ Mr. Brightside by Boyce Avenue
✔️ Scars to your beautiful by Alessia Cara
✔️ Brave honest beautiful by Fifth Harmony ft. Meghan Trainor
✔️ Unstoppable by Sia
✔️ Your grace is enough by Matt Maher
✔️ I will rise by Chris Tomlin
✔️ Try by Colbie Caillat
✔️ Dancing Queen by ABBA

Some Self Care Quotes And Captions

Here are my favorite self-care captions and quotes which I always used to put on my IG story to inspire other people! Self care captions –

Final Words

So ya! I hope this article will bring some values and Positivity to your life! And hope you find some good self-care Ideas in this.  If you enjoyed reading this then please do share! Self-care is so important for all! Don’t forget your Air mask.
Love and light ✨

Best Regards 
ThatGratefulSoul ❤️️

Sweety Joshi
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Sweety Joshi

Sweety Joshi is the chief writer and editor of this website and the creator of hercreativeblog.com With years of experience, she has developed a unique voice that resonates with her readers. Sweety is passionate about exploring new ideas and sharing her expertise on beauty, health, fashion, and lifestyle topics with others.

25 thoughts on “51 Authentic Self Care Ideas You Should Try Right Now”

  1. Hi Sweety,
    What a wonderful article you have composed. Now, more than ever, we do need to practice self care. The 51 suggestions you have given us are so helpful, especially for those who are not doing anything for themselves. For me, it is taking a break from the day and sitting by the beach (yes even when its cold outside….I sit in my car). Something about the ebb and flow of the water brings me peace.
    Self care is so important especially if one is running their own business. It is so easy to get caught up in our daily tasks, that sometimes we forget about ourself. If one is an entrepreneur, blogger, marketer, etc. we have to realize that we are the most important tool for our business. Without self care, it can lead to procrastination, depression, etc.
    Thank you for a most wonderful post!
    -Donna Merrill

    • Respected ma’am, I totally agree with your opinion that we are the most important tool for our business.
      I’m so glad that you liked my this post. Thanks a million for your kind words and appreciation! ????❤️

  2. I love reading your blog because I am a self-obsessed girl and most of your tips are my daily habits. But somewhere we have to keep reminding ourselves to live happily. In today’s world, self-care is an important thing and everyone should do it. Keep writing girl, love to read your blogs.

  3. See lots of options you have given…just loved those…we all need to know our pleasure of areas..yes it’s really important.. thanks dear…For me gardening, gratitude, cooking and singing..what’s your self care list?

  4. Self care is such a struggle for me. I have practiced meditation for years. I used to meditate and exercise regularly. That’s sort of my self care. Or taking a bath or listening to music. I have found that I have slowly phased that out. And honestly, I can tell. I get more migraines and stress headaches when I don’t make time for me. I love you list and the reminder. It’s hard to make time for yourself when you’re busy.


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