10 Thoughtful Matching Tattoos For Best Friends


Isn’t it rightly said that your best friends are your soulmates? It is not difficult to guess that you must have shared everything with your besties, whether about your first crush or your darkest secrets.

To honor your friendship and years-long comrade needs appreciation and celebration, and what better way than to get matching tattoos? 

We know that the couple’s tattoos are quite in-trend and is common to see celebrities spotting similar tattoos with their lovers. But matching besties’ tattoos is something that people are going crazy about in recent times. 

It glorifies your friendship with your BFF and helps you remember the good times you had with them. Not to mention, it acts as a great representation of your unbreakable bonds. 

Furthermore, getting a tattoo adds a charm to your personality and makes you stand apart from the crowd. 

10 Thoughtful Matching Tattoos For Best Friends
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10 Best Friend Matching Tattoos

We know you are as excited as us to scroll down to have a look at the most appealing matching tattoos. We promise you that you will love each design that commemorates your true friendship with your bestie. Have a look-

1] Matching Letters Best Friend Tattoo

Matching Letters Best Friend Tattoo
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Letter-matching tattoos are the best way to express your affection toward your bestie who has never left your side. It gives enough room to choose certain letters, or quotes that best describe your friendship.

You can announce your affection towards each other without actually saying anything. How cool is that?

2] Incomplete Quotes Matching Tattoo Design On Arms

Incomplete Quotes Matching Tattoo Design On Arms
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One of the coolest matching tattoo designs with your bestie is to get inked half of a particular quote to make it look complete when flaunted together.

It rightly showcases your importance in each other’s lives and reflects that you both are complete only when you are together. Well, we do not think, there is anything cuter than this.

3] Pinky Promise Matching Best Friend Tattoo On Elbow

Pinky Promise Matching Best Friend Tattoo On Elbow
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Just like your age-old friendship and commitment between you and your bestie, a pinky promise tattoo signifies your pure relationship. Pinky promises are considered in high regard when we talk about these kinds of promises.

Interestingly, it is believed in Japan that if someone breaks a promise, then their pinky finger will be chopped off in return. So, it is considered to be the most important promise that cannot be broken just like your friendship.

4] I Love You Sign Language Matching Best Friend Tattoo

I Love You Sign Language Matching Best Friend Tattoo
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Whether be it in any language, “I Love You” holds a special place in everyone’s hearts. These soothing words are not only calming to one’s ears and heart but also symbolize great attachment to each other.

It is quite common to say I Love You ” to lovers, but friends too deserve the same affection from their besties.

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5] Skull Sailor MatchingTattoo Design

Skull Sailor MatchingTattoo Design
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Skull sailor tattoo design for best friends is an unusual tattoo choice. But if you are looking to add some extra elements to your tattoo, you can definitely go for this.

Though the skull symbolizes different meanings in different religions, it largely means the unpredictability of life and the need to live it to the fullest.

6] Beatles Matching Tattoo For Best Friends

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What better way to show your common affection towards a legendary band like The Beatles than by getting similar tattoos? You can choose to get it on the same placement or different, depending on your preference. This tattoo is a must for besties who share a common interest in music.

7] Knots Matching Tatto Design On Wrists

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Knots are a symbol of endless friendship and love, which truly depicts your undying affection and love towards each other.

It is a perfect representation of an unbreakable bond between friends and lovers. It can also be considered as the number 8, as it looks similar to that which symbolizes eternity, and unity.

8] Matching Butterfly Tattoos On Shoulder

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Butterfly tattoos are widely loved by tattoo enthusiasts because of the aesthetics that it exudes.

If you are someone who believes in the concept of resurrection, you and your bestie can get inked with either black or colorful hues. They are also considered lucky as well.

9] Bold Matching Cartoon Character Best Friend Tattoo

Bold Matching Cartoon Character Best Friend Tattoo
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Do you share a common love towards a particular cartoon show with your BFF? Then get it inked. Yes, it doesn’t only showcase your friendship but also makes you look carefree and fun.

The best thing about getting cartoon tattoos is that it never gets out of style. Donald Duck, Cinderella, Noddy, Tom, and Jerry are still fresh in all of our minds.

10] Cage Bird Matching Best Friend Tattoo

Cage Bird Matching Best Friend Tattoo
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Though this tattoo design is mostly preferred by lovers, it isn’t a strict rule friends should not get one.

No doubt a dove is significant of love, victory and peace, but it is also indicative of simplicity and commitment. It demonstrates your true affection and love towards your bestie.


1)What Designs Look Good In Matching Tattoos For Best Friends? 

While choosing a pattern for a matching tattoo design with your bestie, it is best to go for the ones that you both unanimously agree upon. It completely depends upon your preference whether to go for small or big designs. 

Stars, anchors, flowers, lettering, hearts, quotes, emojis, or even your favorite cartoon characters are some of the most popular tattoo designs to go for.

We have curated some of the best matching tattoo inspirations for you and your bestie to get inked. 

2)Which Is The Best Placement For Matching Tattoos For Best Friends? 

Tattoo placement is a very important factor when deciding to get a tattoo. When it comes to getting a matching tattoo with your bestie, the placement becomes all the more important.

You and your best friend can either choose the same placement or a different one depending on convenience and pain tolerance level. 

You can get inked on the wrists, the back of the neck, arms, shoulders, and even ankles.

Choose the tattoo placement that gives you enough opportunity to flaunt and show off the unbreakable bond with your bestie. 

3)Do Best Friend Matching Tattoo Looks Classy? 

Yes, absolutely. Just the way a couple’s tattoos look classy and never fail to attract the attention of the onlookers, the same way, matching tattoos for best friends look a class apart.

You can go for designs that are aesthetically pleasing and look elegant.

Monochrome colors such as classic black tattoos never go out of style and add to your overall personality. 

4)Which Matching Tattoos To Go For In Case Of Different Gender Friends?

Some tattoos look extremely appealing to a particular gender. You can go for letters, quotes, numbers, celestial bodies, etc. to make your tattoo less loud and obvious, and it can be worn by any gender. This is because they are not exclusive to any gender specific. 


Matching best friends tattoo is in trend right now you should not miss an opportunity to illustrate your love towards your partner in crime.

Getting a tattoo will not only strengthen your bond but honor your togetherness and undying affection towards each other. 

We hope you get inspiration from our curated list and serve your purpose of deciding the best tattoo design that you can match with your bestie and flaunt. 

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