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Hello World, this is Sweety Joshi, founder of the That Grateful Soul.

Friends, That Grateful Soul is the Lifestyle blog, which shares top-notch articles related to Positive Vibes, Beauty Tips, Lifestyle and Food & daily life things.

Every post that we publish on the ThatGratefulSoul is well researched and verified on personal experiences.

Our research work is available for free in the public domain of our blog section; it means our readers need not to pay anything for reading our published article.

However, our blog makes money through affiliate programs. We promote only those products and services, which are already used by us or investigated by us. Hence, our blog has affiliate links.

If you click on those link and makes a purchase, we make a small commission from them at no extra cost on you. Through our affiliate links, our primary motive is to educated people regarding the services available for them in the market.

Please feel free to ask your questions if you want to know anything about this. We appreciate you taking your precious time to read our Affiliate Disclosure page.

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