10 Trendy Butterfly Neck Tattoo Designs For Women


The popularity of butterfly neck tattoos is nowadays widely increasing and attracting a lot of people, toward it, especially youth. They are seen as both a fashion statement and a means of self-expression. 

Body art is not a new concept and has been a significant custom in various communities and religions, especially tribals. They used tattoos as a means to tell about their past.

Now people get tattooed to express their beliefs, opinions, and affection for their loved ones, or just as an extension of their personality. 

It gives individuals an opportunity to embark on uniqueness because of the different patterns, designs, and themes they choose for their tattoos.

If you are confused about which design to go for then we would suggest you choose a butterfly design as it is a trending choice for tattoo enthusiasts

10 Trendy Butterfly Neck Tattoo Designs For Women
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10 Trendy Butterfly Neck Tattoo Designs For Women

Here, in this blog, we have listed 10 amazing butterfly neck tattoos for women which will act as the best source of tattoo inspiration for you. Have a look-

1] Minimal Butterfly Neck Tattoo For Women

Minimal Butterfly Neck Tattoo For Women
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If you are getting a tattoo for the first time and are not sure of which design to go for, it is safe to choose a simple and minimal design, such as this one. It looks dainty, cute, and beautiful at the same time. The design is very subtle and does not look over the top. 

2] Dual Colored Butterfly Neck Tattoo For Women

Dual Colored Butterfly Neck Tattoo For Women
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A dual-toned butterfly neck tattoo is a notch higher than a minimal tattoo. If you want a minimal design but still aiming for a colorful look then you can with a dual-toned one.

This does not look flashy because only two shades of color are used in dual-toned tattoos. You can go with several dual-color combinations such as purple-pink, red-yellow, black-magenta, etc. 

3] 3D Butterfly Neck Tattoo For Women

3D Butterfly Neck Tattoo For Women
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3D tattoos are quite in nowadays as they give a realistic look and make the person the highlight of the crowd.

They look amazing and very unique, giving the person wearing the tattoo a distinct look from others. The technique of shadowing is used to give a real-life touch to the body art.


4] Gothic Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Gothic Butterfly Neck Tattoo
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Gothic butterfly neck tattoos create a dark and mysterious aura around the person wearing this tattoo. It successfully illustrates the turmoil that is going on inside you from which you are trying to break apart.

It can be resonated with a butterfly that is breaking from a cocoon to spread its wings to fly.

5] Butterfly Outline Neck Tattoo

Butterfly Outline Neck Tattoo
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The butterfly outline neck tattoo is a very contemporary design and is getting popular due to its simple yet bold pattern.

It can be combined with names, letters, numbers, and even other tattoos, without making you look over the top. Opt for this tattoo if you do not want a colorful one but like bold patterns. 

6] Vibrant And Colorful Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Vibrant And Colorful Butterfly Neck Tattoo
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Colorful, vibrant butterfly tattoos are for those who believe in going all about and are not scared to go bold.

It speaks largely of your fearless personality and talks volumes about your belief in the concept of freedom and independence. These bold tattoo designs are a perfect choice for extrovert people. 

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7] One Sided Wing Butterfly Neck Tattoo

One Sided Wing Butterfly Neck Tattoo
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Butterflies are a sign of joy and prosperity. If you deal with depression or other mental ailments, then getting a butterfly tattoo can boost your confidence and enhance your self-esteem.

It helps you muster up the courage on tough days and makes you feel better about yourself. Consider getting a butterfly neck tattoo if you struggle for inspiration to go about your daily life. 

8] Jet Black Multiple Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Jet Black Multiple Butterfly Neck Tattoo
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If one tattoo is not for you, then you can go for more than one. Multiple butterfly tattoos enhance your beauty and give you a vibrant look.

You can go for similar-looking tattoos or different colors. If you want a subtle look, then a black multiple butterfly tattoo will serve the purpose for you. 

9] Butterfly Tattoo On The Side Of The Neck

Butterfly Tattoo On The Side Of The Neck
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The side of the placement is one of the most painful placements to get tattooed on. If you like to be adventurous and are not scared of the pain, then you can go for a butterfly tattoo on the side of your neck. You can add up stars or fairies to give it a more attractive look. 

10] Vintage Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Vintage Butterfly Neck Tattoo
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Vintage butterfly tattoo is for the ones who like art and creativity. Get tattooed in vintage colors, designs, and patterns to showcase your love for classy and creative art creations. Besides butterflies, add leaves and plants to give it a more fancier look. 

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What Is The Meaning Of Butterflies Tattoos?

Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures around us. They are one of the most preferred choices among tattoo lovers not only for their aesthetic beauty but also because of their unique symbolism. 

They are associated with good luck, vitality, happiness, rebirth, new beginnings, etc. Butterflies are considered to be lucky in most cultures and are often referred to as the ‘breath of life’. 

In Japanese and Chinese culture, it is symbolism of joy and prosperity and most people keep butterfly-shaped objects in their homes for good luck.

They are also women’s favorites as they give them a feminine look because of the presence of colorful wings. 

Which Is The Best Placement To Get A Butterfly Tattoo?

The placement for a butterfly tattoo should depend on your comfort level. If you want to flaunt it off every time, irrespective of the outfit you wear or the hairstyle you keep, then the neck is the placement to go for.

If you want to hide your tattoo, you can easily cover it up with an open and flowing hairstyle. It is not possible with most other tattoo placements.

Are Butterfly Neck Tattoo Painful?

The pain regarding neck tattoos varies from person to person. If your pain tolerance is high, it is going to hurt only as much as getting a tattoo on any other body part.

If the pain bothers you, you can get the tattoo on the back of your neck, as it pains less because of the presence of more fat and muscle. 

Furthermore, the area where you are getting tattooed will be layered with a numbing cream to numb the area of pain. This will make pain go away in a few minutes and will not be a problem for you anymore. 

So, if you are deciding to get a butterfly neck tattoo, you do not need to bother about the pain. 


Seeing the popularity and craze for butterfly neck tattoos, we are sure that they are going to stay here for a long time.

They actually have been a part of the tattoo industry for a long time and are considered to be one of the classiest tattoo options. 

We hope you like our listed butterfly neck tattoo options and it inspires you to get one. 


1] Do butterfly tattoos have any symbolism attached to them?

Yes, butterfly tattoos have been considered a symbol of love, prosperity, joy, rebirth, and youthfulness, across various cultures and communities. 

2] Is getting a butterfly tattoo a good idea? 

Yes, butterfly tattoos are very trendy and are in huge demand among tattoo enthusiasts. It is surely a good idea to get one. 

3] Are butterfly neck tattoos painful? 

The pain completely depends on your pain tolerance level, but to avoid a lot of pain you can get tattooed at the back of the neck. It pains less there as compared to the sides of the neck. 

4] What are some of the most popular butterfly neck tattoo designs?

3D butterfly tattoos, gothic butterfly tattoos, and colorful butterfly tattoos are some of the most popular and trendiest butterfly tattoo designs. 

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