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ThatGratefulSoul was founded on a mission to spread positive vibes and give suggestions regarding Fashion, Beauty, Productivity, and lifestyle to women! We help girls to Be their best version.

We do accept Sponsored Posts, Brand Collaborations, and partnerships with the brands.

Why Work with TGS?

  • Genuine audience: We got the best shares and engagement every time we post something on our blog. Logically shares are the thing that proves content is trustworthy, informative, and helpful. And we got you covered in this. 
  • Brand Awareness: This is the main goal of any brand. Creating awareness is such an important part. We get numerous of visitors to our blog every month from the IN, US, UK, and CA. This will help your brand connect with new customers.
  • Social Media: We give evergreen blog post promotions to every brand accordingly. We have over 500k+ views on Pinterest [People mostly come here to discover and shop for new products]. So this is a win-win situation already. 
  • We not only promote, we build: We always put content that doesn’t sound like an ad copy only. We provide value to our readers and let them know about a particular brand or product to create real trust and awareness. This method creates a legit authority of a brand and the brand can make loyal customers. 

If you find these points helpful for your brand then do Email us at info.thatgratefulsoul@gmail.com for your interesting proposals. 

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