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Hey,I'm Sweety Joshi!

Founder and creative soul behind  thatgratefulsoul.com   I’m from a small village  of  Rajasthan,India.

I am a girl with a creative mind, A strong Positive Mindset and a Passion for learning something different and new.(I appreciate myself because if I don’t who will right?😚😜)

I like to be innovative. I love to help people when they are in trouble or in adverse situations.


My Blog story....

I have always preferred my studies first. I am from a small village so no one told me about these blogging things.

You can imagine that there is not that much awareness about blogging and all the things(still not).

I just have some social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. By these two I learned many things. I came to know about worldwide trends and lifestyle and you know all the things.

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By Researching the internet and YouTube videos I came to know there is a thing called blogging. I found this interesting.

So I started to gather more information about blogging and then my closest friend told me about this.

Actually, he is the one who introduced me to Blogging. I am so grateful for him.

I started writing blog posts and made some blog graphics, social media posts and all for another blog. I was doing this because I wanted to experience it first. I did it for 2 months.

Everything was good and then an accident happened to me. Nothing much but I just got some fractures in my legs.  (I shared about this is my this POST)

And As a result That old blog failed. I can’t say it failed because I learned so much from that blog. But I decided to start over again with blogging.  Because, Life is tough but SO YOU ARE!

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And guess what..............

I created thatgratefulsoul in 2020. (an unforgettable year). With this blog I help girls who are struggling to find budget friendly Fashion and beauty products + Some Life saving productivity tips and tricks for a Boss babe life

As a middle class girl I know how hard it is to manage everything especially as a teenager.

But A great lifestyle is for everyone, right? I want to make it as approachable as I can.



In the Fashion category I write about some styling ideas (that are practical) ,some Fashion hacks (that can be weird but look elegant), Budget friendly outfit finds (My Main Goal).

In the Beauty category I share Simple and effective home remedies, hair care routine,pocket friendly skin-care and make-up products+Do some honest product reviews.

In this Productivity Category I talk about Glow up, personal development, self awareness and much more motivating content to get your sh*t together. 

So all I can say is Here at thatgratefulsoul.com you will find a small lovely world of Fashion ,Beauty, Productivity and Lifestyle.

It’s been a year and half now since I started this small blog. Recently My website was awarded by Bluehost in their “WordPress Creators Awards 2021 for India” Yes we got 6th rank in all over India in blogger category. This is my first ever blogging award (tears in my eyes).

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I never thought my blog baby would get this much honour and attention. I’m so so grateful for all the love and support I’m having from all bloggers and my audience obviously!❤️

If you are still reading my this little introduction I want to gift you something 🥰

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