10 Most Beautiful And Elegant Nail Art


Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around trendy nail art designs. They have emerged as the new fashion must-haves for trendsetters.

Maintaining well-kept hands and nails was once a part of hygiene but has now dominated the fashion industry. It is now looked upon as a trendy necessity. 

The fun part about nail art is that it is not only limited to nail colors or shapes but is now way beyond that.

Cute and miniature patterns, prints, and art have taken over the domain of nail fashion. Surprisingly, it has given rise to taking care of and styling the most neglected part of our body. 

Nails are making a tremendous advancement in fashion and we suggest you should not stay behind in this fashion game.

To help you choose the trendiest and most elegant nail art designs, we have listed some of the best options that can make you look effortlessly chic. 

10 Most Beautiful And Elegant Nail Art
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10 Most Beautiful And Elegant Nail Art

Gone are the days, when unchipped nails were the only prerequisite for groomed hands. Now, this isn’t the case. You must wear trendy nail art to keep yourself ahead in the fashion game. Let us have a look at some of the jaw-dropping nail art designs.

1] Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Cherry Blossom Nail Art
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Cherry blossom nail art is a perfect blend of beauty and art. The small flowers of the Cherry Blossom are artistically painted on the nails creating a mini nature environment on your nails.

It gives a romantic and cool vibe to your personality, showcasing that you are an ardent nature lover.

If you want to jazz up the look a little more, you can paint the pastel colors on a darker color of nail paint to make it look more astounding.  

2] Skull Nail Art Design

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Skulls mostly are thought to be associated with ghosts and evil spirits. This is why they can act as great props if you have to attend a ghost or scary-themed party.

It will add up to the whole theme very nicely and works great on Halloween Eve as well. You can also wear a skull nail pattern irrespective of any occasion or theme to create and mysterious aura around you. 

3] Dark Ombre Nail Art

3] Dark Ombre Nail Art
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Ombre nail art is the most classy option out there that never goes out of style. If you want to wear a classy nail art design but are not sure about which one to go for, then ombre art is the safest alternative.

They look super cool, edgy, and captivating at the same time. You can either go for light ombre shades that go almost pale at the end, depending on the nail paint color, or a darker shade that looks dual-toned. The choice is yours!

4] Marble Nail Art

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The best thing about marble nail art designs is that the patterns can be created by a novice as well. You do not need to spend money on expensive salons doing marble nail art.

The patterns can be created with the help of a toothpick when swirled around a few drops of nail paint. Play around with different colors to get the desired result and flaunt the trendy nail art. 

5] Sunflower Nail Art

Sunflower Nail Art
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Doesn’t sunflowers scream summer to you? If it does, then wear the most summer-appropriate nail art design on your fingertips.

You can either go for yellow flowers on the nails or first paint it with black nail color to add flowers over it. They not only add a pleasant aesthetic to your fingers but also help brighten up your mood.

Add some cheerful vibes to your overall personality, elevating your look, and making you look sleek and subtle.

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6] One Stroke Acrylic Nail Ar

One Stroke Acrylic Nail Ar
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The one-stroke nail technique involves blending, shading, highlighting, and creating patterns in just one stroke. It is done with the help of a slant brush for proper application to achieve the perfect result.

One can go for various designs as long as it is viable with the one-stroke technique. Try this interesting concept with acrylic nail paints to give your nails a brighter appearance.

7] Diamond Studded Nail Art

Diamond Studded Nail Art
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Let’s accept that every one of us like a bit of bling and jazz in our monotonous lives. Then what is better than to add diamond studs to your nails?

Several people find it a bit tacky and old school to attach rhinestones as a piece of nail art but it can still look if you know how to play around the patterns. Style them aligning with trendy patterns or add just a few studs to achieve a minimalist look.

8] Heart Shaped Nail Art

8] Heart Shaped Nail Art
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There would be hardly any person who would not be able to associate hearts with their true emotion. Synonymous with love, hearts can be replicated on your nails, making you look a cheerful and loveable person.

They are one of the most popular designs that go never out of style, adding a romantic and flirtatious aura around you. Get these adorable nail art if you are facing difficulty in choosing which design to go for.

9] Gingham Pattern Nail Pattern

Gingham Pattern Nail Pattern
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Gingham nail art is one of the latest additions to the world of nail art. If you are someone who does not want a loud design and wants to go minimalist with their nail art, then gingham is the pattern to go for.

These patterns not only look good on clothing but on nails as well, and exudes a cool vibe. It is because gingham and plaids are often associated with cold weather, as most woolen clothes have this kind of pattern.

10] Funky And Bold Nail Art

Funky And Bold Nail Art
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If you have a bold personality and are not scared of trying out loud patterns, then you go for graffiti nail art. Y

our nails act as a perfect canvas to showcase your boldness and fearless attitude and give you a cool look at the same time. This has been quite trending recently which makes it a must for you to try out graffiti nail art.


Though nail art is a new thing, well-kept nails have always been an integral part of one’s grooming. It boosts your confidence and enhances your personality.

Nail art has been a savior for those times when you do not feel good about yourself. It makes you feel cheerful and gives you various designs and patterns to choose from.

Make it a point that when you hit a salon the next time, do not just stop at a manicure but try out different nail art designs like chevron, plaid, graffiti, hearts, etc. to make your nails more beautiful. 


1] What is the meaning of nail art? 

Nail art is a creative technique to decorate your nails by adding colors, letters, patterns, and embellishments to them. 

2] What are some of the most elegant nail art designs?

Some of the most elegant and trendiest nail art designs are Gingham, Chevron, Plaid, and Hearts. These designs are timeless and never fade out of trend and stay classic forever. 

3] Are there any benefits of nail art? 

Nail art acts as an extension of your personality by voicing your inner feelings through designs, patterns, and embellishments. It not only adds beauty to your fingers but also makes you stand out from the crowd. 

4] Why do people do nail art? 

The art of adorning nails has attracted people for centuries. It not only makes you look attractive but is believed to uplift your mood and give you the confidence to walk on the track of individuality, apart from making you look like a glam doll. 

5] Can men also have nail art? 

Yes, absolutely. Nail art is not inclusive of any gender. Men can go for gothic, skull, or graffiti design as their nail art. 

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