21 Last Minutes Makeup Hacks For Beginners


Hello pretty girls! Hope you all are doing well. So In today’s article, I’m gonna tell you some next-level simple face makeup tips and smart beauty tips that will make you more gorgeous than ever as well as save your time and money. Here are 21 last-minute makeup hacks for beginners that will surely help you whenever you need to do makeup and you in a rush.

See every girl is beautiful even without makeup. But makeup can enhance your beauty which is already within you. Don’t know how to apply makeup? Or a beginner in makeup? Haha. I can feel you girl!

makeup hacks for beginners
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I have also been there once like I’m also not a makeup professional or makeup vlogger. Just makeup novices we all.

In weddings,I didn’t do makeup and the look was always simple. Ya! No doubt simple is also beautiful but you should always learn,explore and try new things to” be your best version”: it’s our tagline also you can learn through some makeup tutorials or catch a guide,idea on instagram or on YouTube(many makeup artists out there) which I used to do in my free time.

😄 Let’s get started with those 21 makeup hacks for beginners.

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Makeup hack #1

Struggling to apply lipstick without a smudgy feel? Take a simple earbud and place it between your lips. And then apply lipstick as usual. After then remove that earbud from your lips and you will find a Perfect stroke of lipstick.

It works very well with liquid lipsticks. It’s a makeup hack for beginners for a perfect application of lipstick.

Makeup hack #2

Choosing the right tone foundation is as important as choosing the right partner If your tone is dusky and you are applying porcelain shade then it will look so horrible. Seriously it is. That’s why always choose a foundation that will fit your skin color so you will look natural and beautiful.

Now, how do choose the right color foundation? Maybe you try any foundation tone on your arms to check whether it matches or not. But that’s not a good way to know your perfect foundation tone.

Instead of testing on your arms, you should check it on your neck and jawline areas. That’s a great and real way to find the best and perfect tone of the foundation for you. So from the next always test the foundation on your neck.

Makeup hack #3

Imagine you are just sitting on your sofa watching tv with your hairy legs. And your boyfriend is at the door Or coming to surprise you in just 10mins. What will you do with those hairy legs? Of course, you need waxing for that. But in 10mins you can’t prepare for waxing.

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I have a hack for that. Go to your Washroom, pick your regular conditioner, apply it on your legs and just shave it with your mini razor. And you will find silky, smooth legs in just 10mins.

(Tip: Always use body lotion after shaving your legs.)

Makeup hack #4

Only having lipstick in your makeup pouch? Don’t worry. You can convert your lipstick into eyeshadow and blush. It’s called one product makeup which is my favorite. I always do this. First, apply lipstick and then take a little amount of lipstick on your fingers.

Gently spread it on your eyelids. Next is take the same amount of lipstick and apply it on your cheekbones with a makeup sponge, makeup brush, or beauty blender and you’re done. To cover the redness you can use bronzer for coverage and mett look.

Makeup hack #5

Troubling to remove your nail paint? It always happens. Now the nail paint hack is when you apply nail paint always use PVA glue.

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How? Here it is- First apply PVA glue on your nails then let it dry for 2mins after that apply nail paint. And when you change your mind or want to switch to another interesting color or nail style then just remove it from your fingers without any nail paint remover. It’s an easy removal scheme.

Makeup hack #6

Eyebrows are thin? And having no eyebrow pencil? Ughh.. let’s make an organic brow pencil girl😉 Take almond to burn a little part of that safely or in low flame and then take that almond ash in a small bowl.

Now apply it with the help of a brush or pencil. You can also apply with your fingers too. And you just made your organic eyebrow pencil.

Makeup hack #7

Ever struggle with dirty makeup bags? Like when you go in any function with your bags and then you see your makeup pouch get dirty with some creams and foundations because their caps are open up and all creams spread down in your bag? It happens.

Now what you have to do is whenever you pack your makeup in any bag. Before that open the cap of a particular product and place a little piece of polythene bag on it.

After that close it with a bottle cap and you are done. No stress of makeup now. This is one of the perfect makeup hacks for beginners and also for foundations.

Makeup hack #8

Mascara is also an important part of makeup. But I know it’s also a difficult task. When we apply mascaras our eyelids also get colored by that mascara😂

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See for this I found basic makeup tips for it. All you have to do is take a spoon, apply it to your eyelids, and then do mascara without any tension. You can give as much volume you can because all colors of mascara will only affect the spoon, not your eyelids. No excess mascara. So it’s one of the easy makeup hacks for beginners.

Makeup hack #9

A perfect winged eyeliner is a big concern even eye makeup is too. 😂 we often try to make it perfect but always it turns into one side perfect and a second side thick one. Now you can apply a perfect liquid eyeliner by Bobby pin. Yes, you can.

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See you need one Bobby pin and just your favorite eyeliner. Now paint Bobby pin’s corner part with eyeliner and then place it on your eyelid corners. And then merge it with your eyeliner which is on eyelids slowly. And you got a perfect winged eyeliner.

Makeup hack #10

One more Bobby pin hack is you can also contour your nose by a bobby pin. Just place a Bobby pin between your nose line or contouring area and fill the gap with a contouring stick or contour powder. After that blend it smoothly And you get perfect nose contouring.

Makeup hack #11

Face contouring is a really great part. You can also contour your cheekbone line with the help of a Bobby pin. As I said in that nose contouring you have to do the same. Just blend it nicely.

Makeup hack #12

 Is your beauty blender or sponge months old and dirty? You can use balloons instead of beauty blenders to blend creams and foundations nicely. Blow up a balloon (small size) and use it as a beauty blender.

Makeup hack #13

Now another makeup hack for beginners is an upper lash lift. To give volume to our eyelashes you need a hair straightener and an earbud. Take an earbud, place it or give slight heat by hair straightener for 5-10 seconds, and then apply it like mascara. Your lashes will lift up after this.

Then apply your favorite mascara to it. And Woohoo! Eyelashes with more volume.

Makeup hack #14

Eye bags or spots? And no time to cure it? You can cover it with these simple makeup hacks for beginners. Take a lipstick, apply it on your eye bags gently, blend it nicely, apply concealer on it then just blend it again and apply makeup as usual.

In this way, you can cover your dark circles. The step of the concealer is because it covers the redness from the edge.

Makeup hack #15

Here is a foundation hack. Normally foundations are in glass bottles or something like that. Then how can we use the full product? If they are tube then we can cut them and can use the rest foundation too. But we can’t break a glass and also not place our finger inside the bottle to take the foundation out.

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Then? You need a straw for it. Take a straw, cut it from one side and then scoop product within. Not so empty foundation after all😉

Makeup hack #16

Broken powder or broken compact? I have got you. I saw this hack on YouTube. Now how to fix it? Just crush like a powder you’re compact and then rub alcohol on that and mix well. Let it dry. And your problem gets solved.

Makeup hack #17

Want perfect contouring? Take your contour stick and draw a “3” shaped line. Now blend it gently and you are done.

Makeup hack #18

Want to make your hairlines look good? Use an eyebrow pencil for it. Make small lines with this along with your hairlines and spread it. You will get natural-looking hairlines.

Makeup hack #19

Don’t have a highlighter? I also don’t have🤪 use vaseline as my highlighter for years and years.

Take a small amount of vaseline petroleum jelly and apply it with your fingers gently on your cheeks, nose tip, and eyelid area. You will see magical results for sure.

Makeup hack #20

We can’t go to weddings without makeup 😂but we also can’t pack 5-6 bottles of makeup or creams you know. They are made up of glass and we can’t take a risk.

It’s about 2-3 days of functions and we can’t take that much makeup with us. So for this, you can fill your primer and foundation in contact lens cases if you have it, or you also a specky Becky like me. It’s quite easy and space-saving.

One more contact lens hack is when your old mascara doesn’t work then you can fill it with some drops of contact lens solution. It will start working for sure.

Makeup hack #21

The easiest way to apply lipstick is to place dot – dot line on your lips and then mix it gently through the dots. This is one of the best makeup hacks for beginners.

The Final Words

So I just hope that you guys liked my article “21 last-minute makeup hacks for beginners that will save your time.

Also, subscribe to our mailing list to get updates and Infos regarding the latest trends and basic makeup tips and tricks. Thanks for your company, see you soon. Have a good day 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Hello Happy readers! This is Rituparna Guha. I write about Positivity, self-care, Simple and effective beauty secrets, today's fashion, and trends. Basically, I'm a girl who has a passion for learning something different and new. I really love to be innovative and creative. Hope you enjoy my company 🙂

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  1. I’m the person who always in rush so these makeup hacks are so helpful for me specially that bobby pin hack for eyeliner.😀😀

  2. Most of these hacks really work .. I have tried them. Also for under eyes we need to use an orangish lipstick for it to cover dark circles👍


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