Top 10 Vaseline Body Lotions That You Must Try Once

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VASELINE: Familiar? Of course! Who doesn’t know this amazing brand? In case you don’t know I will tell you(I’m not gonna send you on Google to search this) I’m here right.

Okay, First of all, I would like to tell you that today we are going to talk about Vaseline body lotion and their type! I have been using Vaseline body lotion and petroleum jelly since childhood so you can trust me and also this brand!

vaselin body lotions
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Let’s talk about the Vaseline brand first.

Just as toffee flavors come, so too do body lotion flavors. You can also say type. Vaseline body lotions have many flavors. Let’s discuss….

1. Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Body Lotion.

This Vaseline body lotion is for all skin types. It gives us a light feeling. It’s a non-sticky lotion. It has a quick absorption formula. It contains vitamin B3. Along with Vitamin B3, which is known to inhibit the production and transfer of melanin, it brings back skin’s healthy radiance.

Triple sunscreens provide brightness protection by blocking UVA and UVB rays to protect your skin’s brightness from future damage. Use every day to help heal

2. Vaseline Intensive Care Deep moisture Body Lotion.

Get soft, smooth skin all day long by applying this Vaseline body lotion. It contains Glycerine and Vaseline jelly.

3. Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Fresh Body Lotion.

Aloe vera means nourishment! Vaseline® Intensive Care Aloe Soothe – with 100% pure aloe vera extracts & microdroplets of Vaseline jelly, restores skin’s moisture & helps maintain 24-hour hydration in the skin.

Aloe vera has long been used as a home ready to deal with dry flaky skin. Aloe vera is an effective skin-conditioning that calms the skin and leaves it feeling deeply moisturized.

4. Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Glow Body Lotion.

This is my favorite Vaseline body lotion and I’m gonna review this soon in my upcoming articles!! This suits well for dry skin. This Vaseline body lotion restores glow to dull and dry skin. It comes with pure cocoa, Shea Butter, and Vaseline jelly. This Vaseline body lotion reveals skin’s natural glow and locks in moisture!

5. Vaseline Calming Lavender Body Lotion.

This is for naturally calming and healthy skin. It comes with 100% pure Lavender extracts.

6. Vaseline Derma Care Advanced Repair Body Lotion

Reasons to try this Vaseline body lotion is it heals very dry skin in just 5 days and it’s clinically proven. This is dermatology tested. This Vaseline body lotion comes with a light fragrance and nongreasy formula.

When your skin is very dry, it can tighten and develop micro-cracks in the upper layer, leading to irritation and itchiness. It’s best for sensitive skin.

7. Vaseline Healthy Bright Complete 10 Body Lotion

This gives you 10 in one skin benefits. These are:

8. Vaseline Revitalizing Green Tea Body Lotion

This Vaseline body lotion is for naturally refreshing and healthy skin. It comes with pure green tea extracts. It refreshes and deeply moisturizes skin and also 24-hour moisturization.

9. Vaseline Ice Cool Hydration Lotion

This rapidly cools the skin by -3°C. It’s lightweight and nonsticky. It freshens and hydrates skin. It’s perfect for summer mostly.

10. Vaseline Sun + Pollution Protection Spf 30 Body Lotion

Pollution makes our skin so dull that we all know. Everyday exposure to the sun’s harsh UV rays and city pollution can leave your skin dry, damaged, and uneven toned. This vaseline body lotion gives you protection from pollution. It protects from sun damage.

Final Words! 

So ya! I have told you about 10 types of vaseline body lotion!! Now you select what you prefer! No. 4 is my favorite and gonna review it soon. And you can also check my article on Amazing Winter skincare products hope you will help. Stay tuned, stay connected!!

Thanks for reading 💛💫 Stay Positive Keep Smiling and Hustling.

Sweety Joshi
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Sweety Joshi

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vaselin body lotions
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14 thoughts on “Top 10 Vaseline Body Lotions That You Must Try Once”

  1. Wow sweety this is very helpful review to all. My personal favorite is cocoa Vaseline. It makes my skin super soft and I’m crazy for that choclate aroma.

  2. Hey sweety, agree with your all tips because I am using no 10 product since 3-4 years and it works effectively. Specifically in summer time I use this product on a daily basis. So here 10/10 for your review article💯👍keep exploring 😊

  3. I have tried mostly all except blue one .. this brand is old and superb .. I have dry skin so that’s why I have tried many but the cocoa one is much better

  4. These body lotion looks best for those with dry and sensitive skin. It absorbs into the skin without leaving the skin greasy. It keeps my skin moisturized, soft and smooth. Great thoughts.


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