10 Legit Ways To Make Money For College Students


Being a college student is a beautiful life. But do you know that there are so many ways to make money also by being a college student?

You already read my most viral article one side hustle for women and you loved it. This article will be about the best legit ways to make money for college students. I also found this great article on web hosting business income that you can check out.

Today you have a lot more opportunities of earning and make money while at college than before.  Of course, you can make money by renting your car, and renting your working space. But also you can make money with other things or with just a good smartphone. I’m going to tell you about it in this article.

Most people spend money blindly on the things that they don’t need in college. However, the best way to earn money is to save and invest in the right things.

legit ways to make money for college students
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10 Legit Ways To Make Money For College Students

Finding a money-making opportunity that accommodates is very challenging but not for those passionate enough. In this article, I’ll tell you not 3-4 ways but 10 ways to make money in college.

So, let’s learn some of these awesome legit ways to make money for college students –

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1. Freelance Web Developer

Are you interested in web development? Can you provide your services to others? If yes, then you can quickly make money by web development. 

Web development is the most excellent way to make money for college students. As you don’t require any coding skills, there are lots and lots of tools out there.

You can easily make websites with WordPress, Wix, or Shopify. A lot of college students are already making close to around $50/hour by working online.

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How to learn Web Development?

If you are passionate to learn web development, you can easily learn it from YouTube. Or you can do some paid online courses from Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare. Just start learning and apply your skills in the actual work.

How to find the first clients?

There are many freelancing sites like Fiverr and UpWork where you can find clients and can make money. However, web development is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make money in college.

For example, you study from 9 to 5 at college, so, in the evening you can either watch Netflix. Or dedicate your time to work online and provide web development services.

2. Become a Social Media Manager

Who knows social media platforms better than a college-going student? Nobody knows Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn better than a college student. 

Social Media is the new reality of today, therefore, many small to medium-sized companies are hiring marketing teams.

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You can simply approach people and ask them about your services. 

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to make money for college students. As you are earning money by having fun on social media. Just kidding! 

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work. Yes, you have to work a lot. Social Media Marketing requires a lot of hard work and consistency since you cannot expect results in a single day.

How to get started?

You can find clients on Fiverr and UpWork and offer them your services. Or you can directly approach people by sending them emails or DMs on Facebook or Instagram.

When you start to approach people you’ll see that a lot of people already wanted your skills. Soon you’ll find that you are earning handsome money by just being a college student.

3. Start a Blog

Blogging is the best way to make money for college students. However, blogging requires a minimum amount of investment and the return on investment is way too high.

It also doesn’t take much of your time, you just need to dedicate an hour to your blog.

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Blogging can make you earn as much as $500/month. I know some people who are making $1000/month just with their blogs.

How to get started?

To start a blog, you need a good domain name and hosting.

You can simply start it with a blogger or if you want your blog to look more professional, you can make it with WordPress, and its very easy. You need to publish articles and apply for monetization. Ad Network Ezoic gives better revenue with an added advantage as it has mediation options, i.e., it pays the amount whichever is higher between Ezoic & AdSense.

4. Sell Digital Products

Selling Digital Products are becoming very popular ways to make money for college student. Etsy is a very popular platform to sell any type of digital product.

Now, you might be thinking that what kind of digital products you can sell. So, you can sell over 20 different types of digital products including, Templates, Online Courses, Ebooks, Planners, Journals, Checklists, Fonts, Digital Artwork, and many more.

Why are digital products popular?

The reason of becoming digital products popular because of many reasons like:

It doesn’t require inventory. You can sell as many products once you created them. No need to worry about delivery.

So, start creating and selling your digital products and make money by being a college student.

5. Content Writing

Do you love to write things? Then, you can become a content writer and sell your content writing services. 

Content writing is the art of expressing your thoughts by writing in your own words. Many people constantly look for people who can write things for their blog posts, social media platforms, etc.

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If you are a college student and have this passion for writing, you can start freelancing as a part-time job.

You might be wondering where you can offer your services. So, there are multiple platforms where you can sell your services.

You can either create your website or a Facebook page to make a portfolio. Or you can simply make your portfolio on UpWork and Fiverr.

Both of the ways work best if you do it properly. An average content writer charges up to $50/hour (depending on your skills).

6. Start a YouTube Channel

Are you fond of making videos online? Do you love to watch others’ videos? Then, why are you not starting yours?

Videos are the most-watched content on the internet more than texts and images. And this is the reason why videos and video platforms are growing rapidly.

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YouTube is the perfect platform or the best way for those who want to make money by working online or a college student.

I know some people who are earning as much as $500/month just from YouTube. So, it has huge potential.

But yes, just like any other profession, it too takes a lot of time and effort to get any result. You cannot expect 1000 subscribers in a day. 

You need to observe how the YouTube algorithm works and how are people making this much amount of money. The more you develop your skills, the more you will be able to grow in your life.

7. Video Editing

If you don’t want to start your YouTube channel, but still wanted to do something in this field, you can provide video-editing services.

People know how to make videos but not many people know how to edit videos professionally. Therefore, you have a wonderful opportunity here that you can start approaching YouTubers and offer your services.

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If you are a college student, you study 9-5, then you have your evening to dedicate to video editing services. Then, you can start emailing or approach YouTubers on Instagram for your services.

There are some popular tools for video editing like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Wondershare Filmora, Adobe Premiere Pro, and many others. If you have already some knowledge of these tools you can start approaching people right away.

Or if you don’t have any idea, you can still learn them on Skillshare, Udemy, or even on YouTube.

The best way to approach anyone is by creating a portfolio first, then approach anyone. In this way, you are not supposed to be an immature video editor otherwise people wouldn’t like to take your services.

Create a professional portfolio for yourself such that you build trust in people. Video editing has been growing and is very popular among freelancing sites like UpWork and Fiverr.

8. Sell on Etsy

Do you know that Etsy is the world’s no. 1 platform to sell hand-made products online. Yes, if you love making crafts at home you can still make money from it.

This is one of the best ways to make money for college students because you don’t require extra time to work online. Whatever you have already made you can sell them on Etsy and make money.

You can whatever you want: wall hanging, coffee mugs, decorations items, or even gift items. If you love to make hand-made goods, Etsy is for you.

On average, an Etsy shop owner can make between $100-$500/month. So, you can make a good number of pocket money.

Remember, that the money you will earn is equal to the amount of hard work you are putting on. But it also depends on other factors like your uniqueness in products, demand for your product, and the effort you are putting to sell.

So, all things will come into place when you work harder and smarter.

9. Sell your Designs Online

Just like hand-made products, you can sell your designs also. There are some platforms like Creative Market and Etsy where you can sell designs.

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You might be thinking about what kind of designs. Designs can be of anything like your digital artwork, your drawing, any form of vectors, templates, etc.

The best part about selling digital products is that you don’t need to worry about inventory and delivery once you create them. You just create them and keep making money.

You can use the free tool Canva or if you have some knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator you can use them to create your designs.

10. Become a Facebook Ads Expert

There are about 1.6 billion people connected to small businesses on Facebook pages, which is why companies are constantly looking for professionals who can handle their Facebook.

So, now you can imagine that there is a huge opportunity in Facebook Ads. The main advantage here also is that you can learn this skill from YouTube or paid online courses like Udemy and Skillshare.

But, how to get started? Once you gained some skill in Facebook Ads, you can start to approach people.

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The best way is to make your portfolio on different social media platforms. This would be the perfect source of income as a college student.

Facebook has way more opportunities than you think because so many people run ads but they don’t see any results. If you learn it properly and start giving them some results, you can’t imagine how much you can earn.

So, it depends on your skills and application.

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Final Words

Finally, all the ways mentioned above to make money for college students would only work if you first learn some skills and then approach any client.

Do not trap in get rich quick scheme, you will definitely fail. Success is all about working harder and expecting results after that. 

Therefore, always work harder.

Once you enter into this freelancing world, you’ll soon realize that you can learn so many things. And when you start to learn different things you’ll become more skillful and successful.

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About The Author

I'm Nancy Misra, an Enthusiastic Blogger, Influencer and YouTuber.
I love to share my ideas about online businesses and I always try to provide valuable information to my readers. To know more about me you can visit my blog at MyBusinessRoute.com

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  3. This is such a useful article. Kids these days need such kind of guidance so that they can start early with their earnings online

  4. Technology has advanced so much, and today, young people are so tech savvy that each one of your 10 tips is absolutely do-able. One can get started with most of them right away! Great list!

  5. I really like all these amazing options. These are best money making ideas college students. Great thoughts.

  6. Hello Nancy, all great gigs for college students to start making income online. Especially, blogging! When you start it, you don’t just end up with a blog but you also will be rewarded with many other career opportunities if done consistently and with patience.

    For instance, I know people who have started with a small blog are now turned into full-time freelancers and business owners including myself; blogging is truly fascinating and life-turner for sure.

    You’ve summed up some of the top and best earning sources for college students, good work!


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