Interview with Khushboo Joshi: Miss Maharashtra 2018-19


Hello and welcome back people to the Interview Series by ThatGratefulSoul Family. Today our guest is very special. She is Khushboo Joshi, Crowned twice as Miss Maharashtra 2018-19. She also leads NCC National Parade in Rajpath in 2015. She also featured in many newspapers. She lives in Thane, Mumbai. Where her native place is Jeeravala, Rajasthan. 

So, Let’s go to the interview:- 

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 Presenting Khushboo Joshi

The astonishing Khushboo Joshi who has crowned twice for Miss Maharashtra 2018 and 2019 and the winner of Miss India hot shot 2018. She also represented India for NCC as a parade commander in 2015. She is such a kind soul and believe in live and let live. She has a charming personality and a mesmerizing smile.

She comes with a hand full of experience and skills in Singing, Dancing, and Kick-boxing. She is a complete package of Power and Beauty. She is a multi-talented kit.  She has a warrior spirit and a soft heart!

You can find Khushboo Joshi on :

Gallery from Khushboo Joshi Miss Maharashtra

Interview with Khushboo Joshi, Miss Maharashtra

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Sweety: A brief introduction about you?

Khushboo Joshi: Hi sweetie, giving you a brief introduction about me. My name is Khushboo Narayan Joshi. I graduated in accounting and finance and I was parade commander for 2015, national parade commander for NSS Content in 2015. Also, I am crowned twice and miss Maharashtra. I love dancing. I’m a trained dancer I used to teach at kasber dance academy as well as I have done partial Kathak in my former years of life.

Apart from that of I’m a strong believer and say कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन which means you keep on doing your duties and your hard work and don’t wait for the results because it will be definitely good if you’ve worked really hard. I believe in persistence, consistency, and self-confidence. I think that is what keeps me going so yeah I think that’s a brief introduction about me thank you.

Sweety: How you were crowned twice as Miss Maharashtra’s first runner-up! What’s your strategy?

Khushboo Joshi: Yes I was crowned twice as Miss Maharashtra 2018 and 19. So both the time my strategy is very simple, that is to keep believing in yourself, try to express your all qualities to people in such a way that they feel that you’ve done some things really like you portray yourself truly good in front of people. 

Never lose your confidence no matter how many competitors are there you should never see how competitors are working rather you should see how you are working and how hard you are working on yourself so I think what is important is not only hard work but also the way you portrait yourself in front of people because that is what that make you judge like people will judge you on that basis that is more important.

I think that was my strategy to give out all my qualities all my answers all my expressive qualities, everything in the way that judges actually can judge me really well, everything I possess and I think that was my strategy is to keep working hard, be consistent at everything that you do so I think that was my strategy and that’s how I even became Miss Maharashtra.

I concentrate on my fitness a lot, I’m a fitness freak actually. I love dancing and never feel that you are actually low or You are not capable of all other competitors. Think that you are actually equal to them or maybe even better than them only that will make you feel and believe in yourself and make your dreams come true.

Sweety: Who’s your inspiration?

Khushboo Joshi:Many of people would say name of someone else but for me, my inspiration is always been both my parents. I have tried to gain both good qualities as well as bad. Learned from their bad qualities and got good things from good qualities.

Good qualities as my dad is a very diplomatic thinker and very good at the execution of work. So I think I learned that from him. Expressive as I said earlier in Miss Maharashtra Strategy. And from my mom what I learned most is do not stop believing in yourself.

Like she is a complete person who will keep on believing no matter how pessimistic the environment is. No matter what is air in the environment. But she always will be optimistic. Always stay Bindaas and keep doing your work. So I think that is it My both inspiration is my parents that looking at them inspires me in every way.

Sweety: What is something you’re Proud of?

Khushboo Joshi: The thing that I’m proud of is of course myself. Yes, you should always be proud of yourself. It should not be over pride but you should always be proud of yourself to a limit where you know that you can push yourself your qualities and everything and on top of everything the most important thing is when you be proud of yourself you know that you’re going to do things which will not degrade your qualities as know you always do things which will keep making you proud.

So I think one should always be proud of themselves rather than being proud of anyone else because that is what will keep you on going if you think you are not proud of yourself and you’re proud of other people around you.

You will feel like oh.. you are degrading yourself in front of them so I think I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of the way my parents brought me up my bringing up of course I’m proud of that if they wouldn’t have brought me up like this I wouldn’t have been who I am today.

Sweety: Tell us about your Hobbies.

Khushboo Joshi: Okay talking about my hobbies I love dancing, I love adventure, I love fitness, I love exploring new places, I love traveling, I love to read books. I actually spend most of the time of my days reading books. I read a number of books.

I have whole storage of books if you can come and see. I love books I love dancing yes as I said I love tracking a lot I love skating and definitely I love swimming a lot.

Sweety: What’s your Favourite travel destination?

Khushboo Joshi: My favorite travel destination, okay of course it has to be Jeeravala Parshvnath. That is my village. I love going there. It’s like the most relaxing place in the world. I love to go there, the environment takes me near to nature, it takes me near to my family.

Of course, there are many other destinations that I would love to visit which I haven’t visited yet which would be Bora Bora Island, NewZealand. I think that would be my destination for life to visit. But if you tell me my favorite destination right now of course it has to be home it has to be Jeeravala.

Sweety: I saw your vlogs, those are amazing!! When are you bringing your next vlog?

Khushboo Joshi: My next Vlog I’ll be bringing soon currently I’m not traveling anywhere because of the Coronavirus. But I had traveled to Dubai but because of the lockdown series, I couldn’t shoot anything that I wanted so I had to cut down my vlog and as soon as the pandemic ends.

I think I’ll start vlogging again and I think the next one would be Jaipur definitely because I’ve shifted to Jaipur and I love the city so I think that would be the next vlog.

Sweety: Are you finding your dream job or are you creating it?

Khushboo Joshi: Of course I’m creating the dream job of mine which is not Vlogging. There are many things that I have to do. I think that will be a secret and in a year I’ll be someone that I’ve dreamt of.

I believe in not sharing my dreams like this because I think these dreams are something which you keep to yourself and you keep on saying it every day to yourself and once it comes true then let people say that yeah she got what she dreamt off so I think I’ll hold on to that topic as soon as my dream over, I think everyone including your Blog gets to know thank you.

Sweety: What is your favorite topic to talk about?

Khushboo Joshi: Favourite topic to talk on. I was born a girl so I think every topic is my favorite. Mostly I like to talk about intellectual things. I think that is my weakness and intelligence attacks me. Being intelligent and being intellectual is two different things.

Being intellectual is having knowledge about things are going in the world and how you think, what is your opinion about it so I think I love to talk about all the current affairs going on in the world right now I think that is what is my favorite topic if there is someone who can talk to me about current affairs news and all the wars going in the world on the peace treaty or something else and what is going on Israel and what is going on China or GDP economics or politics or anything. I would love to talk about those things I think intelligent and intellectual things actually attract me so that is my favorite topic for sure.

Sweety: In your point of view Who would be called an honest social media influencer?

Khushboo Joshi: I don’t actually follow most social media influences but currently my favorite if you see I really like the work of Larrisa D’sa. She’s amazing. What I like about her is that she’s always very optimistic as she travels a lot and explores the world. She’s living her life to the fullest and most of it what is important is she’s very consistent she’s come from the scrap to the dog.

 I’ve followed her since the very start so I think yeah she’s the one who I actually like. The qualities are really good and the way she’s pursuing her career inspires me sometimes to be consistent so yeah I think she is one of the Vlogger, I would really like and I really get influenced off.

Sweety: What do you do to impress others Deliberately?

Khushboo Joshi: If my qualities and my perception and the way I execute myself, impress other people I would be happy, but then I would not take any efforts as such to impress anyone.

If someone sits with me and he likes my quality, great good for him because he gets impressed but because I don’t believe in judging people, I don’t believe in being judgmental myself. So I don’t think that one should be focusing on impressing other people because it is not really important how to impress someone else rather you should focus on how to grow every day. 

If you’re growing every day if you’re doing things constructive work to build your personality, I think you don’t have to find ways to impress people automatically they get impressed and why do you want to impress people who really wants us to impress them then who are they to judge us.

I think I don’t want to impress anyone. I would rather focus on growing myself. And everyone has their opinions and People will make opinions about you. So it’s okay you don’t have to impress anyone. All you have to do is be proud of yourself and keep growing and be impressed with yourself. I think that is important.

Sweety: You Represented India for NCC as Parade commander in 2015! After that why did you decide to do modeling?

Khushboo Joshi: I was parade commander in 2015 and after that I decided to do modelling. It was not a choice of career actually. It just happened by fluke. My mom actually had filled up a form for me to miss India and then I went there. She always thinks that I have these nice beauty qualities and have that confidence when I carry myself truly nicely in the field of fashion. So she filled up the form and Then I got the title of Miss India hot shot 2018 which was again good.

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Source: Rajasthan Khoj Khabar

I think that was a good turn in my life because somewhere it built me to get more confidence and made me grow in public speaking a lot. And I think that was important but it was not a choice of career. It just happened with Fluke and I just kept on going on with the flow. Again I have come back to my normal life and I feel happy about it. I feel happy that I was a model and I can call myself that I had the face of doing modeling for a while.

Sweety: Do you speak any other language?

Khushboo Joshi: Yes. I speak a lot of languages actually but they are all Indian. I speak Hindi, English, Marathi because I was a citizen of Maharashtra and of course Marwari (it’s my mother tongue) and Gujarati then I speak little, little of all the languages that are french, a bit of tulu because my college was Kannada medium then Punjabi.

I can speak them all but the major language are English, Hindi, Marathi Gujarati and Marwadi

Sweety: Who is your celebrity crush?

Khushboo Joshi: Do not having any celebrity crush to be honest with you because I’m not a social media follower a lot by myself but if you see my celebrity crush that has to be Narendra Modi. I think he is a celebrity and I have a huge crush on him.

I love the way he lives his life and I love the leadership that he has, that he possesses. Actually, I have met him in 2015 during my parade and he has his courage, magic personality and I also have a crush on Indira Gandhi.

I know these are political people but I really have a crush on them and Indira Gandhi was a woman who actually made India what it is today. Ya, of course, she had some bad qualities but I don’t want to go on them. But with her good courage, magic personality and with her good Powerful leadership. So ya! These are the two celebrity crush right now.

Sweety: What kind of goals do you have for the next year?

Khushboo Joshi: I think next year is going to be very busy. I’m right now planning to travel to foreign countries next year with my job. That is, I’m right now learning jewellery as well as I’m planning to do my future studies because that is something that I’ll never leave.

I just want to keep on studying every day. So I think that’s it. I’m planning to do some future travelling and learning more about jewellery because right now I’m into fine jewellery. So ya! I think I’ll be doing that. Let’s pursue study and let’s pursue a career. Always stay positive in every situation. It is important I think.

Sweety: Who motivates you when you’re in trouble or nothing goes right?

Khushboo Joshi: Who motivates me when things go wrong is that I have to be my parents. Ahh… I’m a cry baby when something happens I run back to them and they help me out in everything, every damn thing that I have issues with.

I think parents are the ones whom everyone should run back to because they exactly know what we might be thinking and they have gone through all the experiences in life or someone elder figure in your house, you should go back to them rather than Going to any other kid.

Because I think they are someone who gives their opinion or gives us suggestions on the basis of their experiences and their knowledge. So I think they are the best people I go to and whenever I have issues I either run to my parents or I go and talk to my brother.

So these three people in my life have actually always kept me motivated and let me have gained my Trust back again when I lose it. So I think they are my parents and my Brother.

Sweety: If you had 5 minutes and the whole world was forced to listen, what would you say?

Khusboo Joshi: This is a nice question. If I had 5 minutes and people were forced to listen to me, I think I would just tell them one simple thing which would note even take 5 minutes.

That would be Please Please Please forget sake and maintain peace in the world. If you see it’s a time of pandemic and still, people are fighting, dying, and doing what not all around the world. For political reasons for economical reasons and for not.

I don’t know what God knows what are the reasons. I just want to Request everyone to maintain peace and Please live together. Live and let live, I think that is the best policy. So that we all can leave peacefully in this world. It’s made for us and let’s make it a nice green, healthy, peaceful World.

I think that is the only thing I would like to say to Everyone. I think that is Something that everyone knows but no one wants to do. Everyone just wants to live the life they want. So… This is something that we all know and I would say the same thing.

I don’t have anything else to tell the world, what they should do or what they should not do. But I think humanity can be human. That is what we are born with. Let’s just follow humanity and be peaceful and live and let live.

Sweety: Any message to our readers?

Khushboo Joshi: To the readers of miss Sweety, I would just like to tell them that keep following her, keep blessing her and keep reading her blog she is a sweet little girl who is actually trying to do something different and keep her leg in a place of the front the world of social media.

We are very proud of you sweety I am happy for you that you doing something like this it’s something very different and also I would like to tell the readers that keep reading,

it’s good for health and thank you for listening and reading my interview on this blog. It’s great pleasure that I can be ah. I was able to Catch the eye of the people in this interview. It’s a very neutral interview that I have given because this is who I am.

I am a very neutral person. I don’t have judgemental views and opinions but thank you so much. Keep reading her articles. Have a good day and a good life thank you.

Final Words:-

So here we finished an amazing interview with an amazing girl. Hope you enjoyed this interview and take some lessons and inspirations which may be helpful to you. Thanks a bunch for being with us and giving us your valuable time. It means a lot to us.✨

✍ Stay Blessed and Keep reading. Also, Catch us on our Instagram I always keep you updated there. 

Best Regards 🙂 

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