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This is Sweety Joshi, Founder of Thatgratefulsoul. I am from a small town of Rajasthan, India the country of culture and civilization!

Basically I am a girl with creative mind, A strong Positive Mindset and has Passion of learning something different and new. I like to be innovative. I love to help people when they are in problem or in adverse situation.

I always believe in Karma. It is said that the more you do good to others, the more God will bless you. I am just following this rule in my life 🙂

How ThatGratefulSoul Begins:

I have always preferred my studies first. I am from a small town so no one told me about these blogging things. You can imagine that there is not that much awareness about blogging and all the things. I just have the social media platform Instagram by this I learned many things I came to know about worldwide trends and lifestyles and you know all the things.

After my higher secondary education, I felt that I need to be self-dependent then I searched many things like how to make money online and watched so many videos on YouTube and visited different sites every day I also filled surveys ( haha :p I know this is not a genuine or right way to make money but I did) I told you this because I wanna Loyal with my readers.

By Researching the internet and YouTube videos I came to know there is a platform named blogging. So I started to gather more information about blogging and then my closest friend told me about this. He is a Cyber Security expert so he has good knowledge about this. Actually, he is the one who introduced me to Blogging. I am so grateful for him!!

So ya I decided to share my little world with you all where I spread my Positive energy and happiness that brighten up your day for sure 🙂

For Readers:

As a teenager I have many experience of Teenage world no doubt you have too but trust me I’ll always give my best suggestions to you coz I suffered a lot and this is real thing 🙂

There was a time when negativity surrounded me,I lost myself completely for other people,I forgot my worth,But I was always brave so I fought and won. I always believe that If You stay positive in the worst situation then no one can defeat you 😉

Here I came to know about the power of positivity. We have an instagram page too where we spread Positivity and Love:)
I am immensely obsessed with Instagram and spend time in searching for new opportunities and things on the internet to learn something fresh and innovative!!

I am here to talk everything about Lifestyle. Be it some unique outfit inspiration, Beauty Tips/hacks and Makeup,Diy home decor, Healthy Food, Best Travel destinations, Fitness and workout. You can say all about Lifestyle.

And the Important thing is There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. I experienced lot of things and I know the smallest and greatest things about this! So briefly here is a combination of positivity, Lifestyle and productivity 🤝✨ 

Final Words:

I always hooked on make-up, Fashion, Skin-care and Styling ideas! I love writing, dancing, singing, solo travelling, playing the piano and badminton, taking photos of nature (especially when I see a pretty cloud, haha). I like meeting new people and help them. I really don’t like it when people complain about the situation in their life. See guys Everybody has their ups and downs, and that’s what makes us tougher!! all the time I keep hope and faith 🙂

I am humbled and grateful for your valuable time 🙂

Sweety Joshi

Founder of ThatGratefulSoul

ThatGratefulSoul is a second home for many girls across the globe. We love to spread positivity by giving them suggestions about lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Interviews, happiness, Side Hustle, Self-care, Travelling and many more. Thanks for being part of Thatgratefulsoul family. Here are some social icons.

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