Essie Nail Polish Fall 2023


Essie is a well-known brand of nail polish recognized for its wide range of high-quality formulas.

Essie Weingarten founder of Essie aimed to create a line of nail polish that would offer long and lasting wear.

The brand also looks into smooth application with vibrant colours and this has been going on since 1981 which was the time of establishment.

The Essie nail polish for fall 2023 is not an exception among all collections so far as they introduced this collection for both old and new users.

In a pool of so many unfamiliar faces, there is this soothing and reliving feeling you get when you finally find a familiar face.

So it is for nail polish shopping when you go to a nail polish store. There is something comforting about recognizing the colour on the wall of polish at the nail salon.

What is even more soothing is that can you put your trust in a particular brand as you try to shop for a new nail polish in a beauty aisle. Essie nail polish fall cannot be overly emphasised on how reliable they are.

Essie nail polish
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When summer transitions into autumn, whether your preference is a classic, dry quick or long wear, there is always a bottle of Essie nail polish just waiting to be worn.

This season brings you a variety of options, the “step out of line” collection for fall 2023 is a season that asks that you come as you are to express yourself all night long with all these six new muddy fall shades for the season.

This new collection is a symbol of personality, so go ahead and be forthright about how you feel using any of these six new Essie nail polish shades’ limited edition fall 2023 edition.

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Essie nail polish Autumn 2023

“Step out of the line” Essie nail polish collections are in different shades of colours, the collection is a combination of dark shades and soothing neutral tones whose duality is captured on the nails.

Essie nail polish collections
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And so there is no time to keep wallowing in your worries, quit the bottle up. tomorrow is a new day so leave all your worries on the dance floor and dance till dawn in these bold shades.

1. Step Out of Line

Essie Step Out of Line
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“Step out of the line” is a richly dark indigo blue nail polish with red undertones.

If you’re looking to go for dark colours this autumn season then this is a go for.

It is a daring and bold color that reminds us to embrace life’s contrasts and not be scared to be a little unconventional.

2. Lights Down, Music Up

Essie Lights Down, Music Up
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This shade of brown is a cross between brown and reddish mauve. The perfect warm tone compliments the residue of the summer glow.

It’s not just about wearing it, you’re also setting the mood for an unforgettable night out.

Since part of this season is about boldness, this shade from the collection is one of what you need. It symbolizes authority and bravery and also signifies an earthy and energetic woman.

Yes! So turn the lights down and the music up because you’re energetic!

3. Meet Me At Midnight

Essie Meet Me At Midnight
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This quick dry olive green rather than emerald isn’t your regular green nail polish, it is daring and the yellow undertone adds a touch of warmth making it multifaceted for all skin tones.

Using this Essie nail polish just feels perfect for the sweater season. This shade of the collection reflects an earthy and adventurous tone.

Do you want something new? Then trying this out will leave everyone green with envy.

4. Full Blast

Essie Full Blast
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One can never go wrong with red regardless of one’s skin tone. It just matches perfectly in any season.

Essie’s deep ruby red nail color comes packed with a lot of confidence and nothing is more classic for transitioning into the autumn season.

Not only does it symbolize confidence but also, daring and passion. This shade is perfect for a vivid crimson holiday.

5. Dance Till Dawn

Essie Dance Till Dawn
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In all the cheerfulness and joy of the autumn season, Essie’s nail collection brought in “Dance Till Dawn.”

This shade of the collection signifies a radiant glow of happiness and also your playful side. If you’re a lover of neutral then this is for you.

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6. Underground Ball

Essie Underground Ball
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Autumn is not complete without a shade of deep purple. This shade of Essie is unique, artistic, and a color of maturity. This nail color has a captivating tone such that the creamy texture glides on smoothly.

It signifies that you’re not afraid to stand out in the crowd, it is a kind of shade that demands attention and makes a bold statement and that’s exactly what the season is about.

Essie Nail Polish for Winter 2023

The Essie Nail Polish for winter was inspired by the cold weather and the brand just knows what the season needs and this is exactly what we have been waiting for. and we cannot be happier.

Essie Nail Polish for Winter 2023
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7. Just Chill

Essie Just Chill
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This is a dry-quick medium purple crème formula with flawless coverage. Intensely pigmented radiant finish. It has a stress-free application and is a must-try if I must finish.

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8. Temperature Check

Essie Temperature Check
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This shade is a metallic blue/silver and I mean what is a winter season without a shade of blue in it? Make sure you’re not afraid to express yourself and dive into the coolness of the season with this shade of blue.

9. Put It On Ice

Essie Put It On Ice
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A dark blue crème, the darkest shade of all in the collection. It’s a bold and cavernous shade as well. A “never go wrong” part of the collection. Do you like bold? Then you should try it.

Essie Nail Polish for Spring 2023

You just can tell it’s the spring season when flowers start to bloom in your garden and the birds chirp in the trees.

Spring is simply that season that bursts with high and lively colours, so why shouldn’t your nails join in this fun too?

Join in on a season to say “yes” to the things that bring you happiness and leave the guilt behind!

So, purposefully forget to set your alarm and get your beauty sleep in with these warm Essie nail polish collections for spring 2023 because yes! You deserve it.

Essie Nail Polish for Spring 2023
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10. Snooze in

Essie Snooze in
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There are many reasons as to why “snooze in” is a must. They are high with a glossy shine finish. They provide flawless coverage along with outstanding durability.

They are vibrant yet subdued, they are simple with a soft and sweet look.

11. Unguilty pleasure

Essie Unguilty pleasure
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This is a teal green vegan nail polish with a blue undertone. It is just like the ocean, quiet, relaxing, free and all about nature.

This shade of Essie nail polish in spring 2023 reflects a season of no regrets and of course, life is too short to leave in guilt, so leave the guilt behind with this seal green vegan nail polish.

12. To me, From me

Essie To me, From me
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This is a deep indigo vegan nail polish with a white undertone. This shade is more mature than chic, less drama and shows your happy side.

If your choice this season is more of elegance than chic then it is for you.

Essie nail polish summer 2023

Essie nail polish summer 2023
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The summer collection features six rich saturated cream sheets all in a more primary colour palette.

For this collection, Essie says “Embrace your inner Kidult with six joyful saturated shades.”

By seeing these colours you can already tell this collection was inspired by those bright toys of our childhood all around.

13. Grass Never Green

Essie Grass Never Green
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This is a gorgeous pigmented and smooth shade, and it’s easily opaque in just two coats. Also, be careful with the pigments as they can come as a warning.

It is recommended that you pull down on the nail to remove it instead of twisting the cotton ball.

14. Push Play

Essie Push Play
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Push play the namesake of the collection is lovely and bold and just speaks for itself. It is a deep rich combat blue cream and they are just perfect for warmer months like this.

15. Sunshine be mine

Essie Sunshine be mine
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Sunshine be mine, a bright sunshine yellow cream. This shade of yellow is pure and does not lean to orange or green just yellow.

Most yellow formulas can be tricky to formulate what is an exception which two coats you are good to go? It is just so feminine and unique.


1. Why Should I Love The Essie Brand?
Essie is known for its high-quality nail polish and Essie’s nail polish h fall 2023 is not an exception. Each shade is carefully selected and crafted to deliver rich vibrant colours that last.

Whether you are a fan of bold statement-making hues or prefer more subtle neutral tones Essie has something for everyone in their collection.

2. What Is So Special About Essie Polish?
→ As a leading nail polish industry, Essie formulates their full portfolio as 100% vegan, with no animal-derived ingredients. They also remain committed to no animal testing.

3. How Long Does It Take to Cure Essie Nail Polish?
→ On the first clean, your base coats will take about 1 to 2 minutes to dry up each thin coat of Essie polish. It is recommended that you apply two coats which will take a few minutes to dry.

4. How Long Does Essie Nail Polish Last?
→ When properly cared for, Essie nail polish can last for as long as two years. Ensure that you secure your nail polish airtight after use.

Also, an Essie manicure using a gel sitter will keep your fingertip glossy and pigmented for about two weeks at a time.

5. Why Does Essie Nail Polish Peel Off?
If your nails are too moist or contain too much oil then they are prone to peeling off much sooner than they should.

Cleaning your nails with alcohol pads or nail polish remover before using the nail polish can help solve the problem.

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