11 Trendy Square Fall Nails With Guide


The world of design and colour choices are almost endless. Who would have thought Square fall nails could come back in vogue much less to the red carpet? Take a look at the red carpet these days and you will see many people sporting square nails again.

Just like everything else in fashion, old becomes new, and square fall nails are sure to have the spotlight this fall season.

Square nails are loved for their versatility as they can be styled as both striking and bold or minimalist and low maintenance depending on your personal style.

Unlike coffee nail designs, it is easy to create square nails at home. What you majorly need is a nail file to give your nail the proper square shape.

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If you want to add a little bit of spice to your square nails yet still keep it simple and clean, shiny coats of gel polish are ideal for this type of nail and perhaps you like the idea of a full nail art.

This article will explore the perfection of square nails for this fall season.

What Are Square Fall Nails?

This shape of nails is self-defined as the name sounds “square”. Square fall nails show the square feature at the top of the nail. They are flats with straight and shaped edges.

“Square nails are typically seen as stylish and clean but also low-maintenance” founder of nail care brand- ciate London Charlotte Knight explains.

What Does Square Fall Nail Portray?

You are not shy of expressing your ideas and personality if you’re a lover of squared nails, Square nails are definitely the type to give you confidence to help in every way needed.

Square nails are business-like, if you are a lover of square nails then there’s a tendency that you are an ambitious and a goal-driven person.

These nail types are less task such that you can freely and easily handle things either at work or at home, it is also less eventful but rather a stay-focused kind of style.

They are practical styles that give room for design and creativity, it is a little wonder why goal-driven people are more drawn to it.

Here Are Some Square Nail Ideas For Fall Season 2023

I am sorry almond girls! But I think its either you sit this one out or join the team of the season (Square fall nails).

1. Classic French Manicure

Classic French Manicure
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It is no news that French manicures are classy and simple and even better when on short nails. They are by far one of the best options and combinations.

The slim line just looks the sleekest on a straight and smooth square tip.

Another reason to opt for a French manicure on square fall nails is that the tip lines are easier to apply on a square fall nail compared to applying it on an almond-shaped nail.

2. Square Brown Nails

Square Brown Nails
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In the season of fall, brown is one of the colours that steals the hearts of nail enthusiasts and how can it not? I mean it’s such a unique and elegant colour and people can see it for what it is.

Square brown nails are one of the all-time best and delicate designs you could ever opt for. When paired with gold jewellery its essence gets even more revealed, it becomes a classy and expressive look without even trying hard.

3. Vibrant Burgundy Square Nails

Vibrant Burgundy Square Nails
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Burgundy square nails are a must for the fall season and we cannot be happier about it.

This nail type gives a more mature look than chic. So if you want something less chic then burgundy is just perfect.

4. Square White Nails

Square White Nails
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These nail types also fall under the “not trying hard business woman” style. They are classy and full of energy.

When opting for this design of square fall nails make sure to pick a creamy white rather than just plain bright white that most times took tacky.

5. Shiny Gold Nails

Shiny Gold Nails
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If you’re looking to spice your nail look without design then shiny goal nails are a go-for.

They are more classy compared to the other nail ideas that might be more about stylish and chic although the creamy white nails are an exception.

Shiny gold nails are all about old money aesthetics and this gives it an edge to be exceptional and when in the square fall nail design.

6. Nude-Natural Like Nails

Nude-Natural Like Nails
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Nude nails look more like natural nails, painting this type of design is effortless. Not trying hard, simple and clean. If you’re into less drama this season then nude-natural nails are a good option.

“Gray and taupe neutral colours are the new nudes for fall,” says Bachik. People often get worried about their hands looking “dead” when they use a certain kind of nude depending on their skin tone.

So, endeavour to pick vibrant look nudes like a grey or taupe shade that has pink-lavender undertones.

7. Red Square nails

Red Square nails
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Red as a colour in fashion is naturally a seductive colour, the deal with red nail theory suggests that red nails attract more romantic partners than other manicure choices and this cannot be denied.

Also, the shape of your manicure matters if you’re going for a seductive look, pointy red nails are rather discordant and can draw the wrong attention.

On the other hand, simple squared red nails will get you the attention and stares you need.

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Do Square Nails Break Easily?

Just like every other nail square, fall nails can break under certain conditions. Regardless of how strong the nail might be it is prone to break if not well handled.

“Doing the dishes, lifting a box or even tapping my nails the wrong way have caused them to break in the past,” shares Rita Remark, Essie’s Global Lead Educator and Nail Artist.

Are square nails out of style?

Absolutely not! Square nails are still very much in style and I think they will last much longer in the culture than we expect.

The aesthetics of these nails have been revived and now stand out to be a popular culture.

Square red nails are showing up in sophisticated environments like the rep carpet and even on runway shows.

Contrary to popular opinion, squared-shaped nails are just as feminine as squoval nails.

What are the best extensions for achieving long squared nails?

There are several nail extensions, like acrylic nail, dipping nails also known as SNS, hard nail, poly gel nail, soft gel nails.

However, back in time squared nails were created using acrylic nails. But since then the nail industry has upgraded to include multitude of options for long nails.

According to Seney, Gel X tip are a good option due to their durability.

However, bear in mind that all extensions are under the risk of breaking or chipping if not carefully handled.

” My main tip for avoiding breakage is to make sure you have a great nail foundation and application,” Sterling says.

She also advised using gel overlay for square nails rather than acrylic.

What art style works best with long nails?

Short nails plead to be kept simple most of the time, unlike long squared nails which you can be fluid with.

Long square nails are the perfect base for a number of nail art designs but with classic French nails you can never go to work.

“My favourite is a deep French design which features the inner part of the white tip curve under a “U” shape, Seney says.

Long squared fall nails have been made to look bad; they have mostly been linked to “edgy street” looks. However the look has a tendency to become the next big manicure trend.

“I think everyone should try long squared nails at least once. If you’re nervous, start with gorgeous nude then branch out to different styles,” Sterling says.

Here Are Some Top Design For Long Square Nail in Fall 2023

8. Glossed tip

Glossed tip
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Coffee brown are great options for long squared nails for fall. These nail designs look classy and chic at the same time.

I used my most favourite dark chocolate brown gel colour Osiris from the Après Nail French Manicure Gel Cairo Set,” says Sanchez.

“I used this shade as a matte base and topped it off with Après Nail’s Non-Wipe Glossy Top Gelcoat to create a glossy French tip. Says Sanchez.

9. 3D Sculpt

3D Sculpt
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3D is quite modern. The flower on it creates an abstract 3D design on top of the nail giving it a fascinating texture as it looks chic and playful.

10. Tropic Tips

Tropic Tips
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This nail design seems to be a mood lightener. When bright and vibrant colours are put together it makes the nail fun, energetic and a beautiful sight to behold and just perfect for summer.

“I used Après Nail’s Gel-X Square Long Tips along with Color Extend Gel Bottle Edition in Insatiable to encapsulate a variety of dried florals,” says Sanchez.

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11. XL-3D Squared nails

XL-3D Squared nails
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This design has a bit of drama, so if you don’t like drama this might not be for you.

The length adds a bit of drama to the design. The 3D effect also added a bit of drama to it giving it an Egyptian colour combination is a good option for chic style.


Despite square nails being one of the top list of trends this fall season, it just might not be for everybody as the shape may not properly complement a certain hand shape or lifestyle.

For those who can rock square nails, let it be known that it has the potential to make your nail appear longer and elegant.

Looking ahead, we anticipate that the popularity of square fall nails will continue to rise. New modifications and variations on how to enhance this classic nail might come up sooner than we expect.

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