How to get the Clean girl makeup look: a complete guide


Today I’m going to show you how you can get that viral Clean girl makeup look fast. 

I remember seeing TikTok and some YouTube videos on clean girl aesthetic. It was super confusing because they are using expensive products and not everyone can have that right? 

But don’t worry. This is a no-nonsense guide. I will cut out all those expensive products and BS and show you exactly how to achieve that clean girl aesthetic look with affordable products. 

Clean girl makeup look
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In this post, you will learn the entire process of a clean girl makeup look with a real step-by-step guide.  

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What is the clean girl makeup look?

So, let’s understand this term first. For me, this Makeup look comes in very handy and effortlessly. If you are someone who doesn’t like glam makeup and prefers minimalism, this is for you ladies! 

A clean girl aesthetic is a total vibe for me. I mean it just hits differently. It’s not like some regular makeup with foundations, this product, or that product. 

In simple words…

Clean girl makeup look = Minimalistic + Classy

This kind of Makeup focuses on the quality of our skin first. You can get that model-off-duty look just after applying it. 

That’s really fun and I’m just so excited to tell you how you can get that best clean girl makeup look. 

So here’s your clean girl makeup tutorial: 

The Clean Girl Makeup Aesthetic Tutorial:

Follow our clean girl makeup tutorial below based on my research and expierence. 

Skincare First

As I said before clean girl’s makeup look includes skincare too. Skin care plays a huge role in achieving this look. 

Here are the basic steps to prep your skin before applying any makeup product. 

Exfoliate: To remove the dead skin cells and achieve that natural glow. 

Hydrate: This will make your skin look natural and glowy. Use any lightweight gel moisturizer to prep your skin. 

Protect: Sunscreen is definitely on the list to achieve this clean girl makeup look. You can use any gel transparent sunscreen with no white cast to look natural. 

Clean girl Make-up

Now let’s start with the makeup. 

→ Concealer: This is the main product to get this look. You do not have to put on any heavy foundation on your skin. grab a lightweight concealer of your skin shade and apply it under your eyes, Chin area, underneath your brow bone, Forehead, and on the nose, Corners of the mouth.

Now blend it nicely. Remember blending is the key to getting the perfect makeup base. 

how to apply concealer
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→ Cream Blush: Now apply cream blush on your cheekbones to feel sunkissed. You can blend upward for more lift. Do not forget the nose tip. 

→ Lashes: 3rd step is to make your lashes look clean. How? apply your favorite mascara or you can also curl your lashes. 

→ Brow: This is the best part. Grab some vaseline and an eyebrow brush to set up your eyebrows. This will look your brows neat and shiny. Groomed brows frame the face.

→ Highlight: Next, put on a creamy highlighter on your cheekbones and nose tip. 

→ Line your Lips: Now it’s time to give all focus to your lips. Apply a natural shade of lip liner and coat it up with a lip gloss. 

Clean girl hair

Now to elevate this look make a sleek bun or any claw clip hairstyle. This will give you a chic yet classy look. 

Clean girl makeup products

As I said before I will not recommend you any expensive product to get this look. Here are some of my favorite products to achieve this clean girl look. I personally use these products and I hope you like them too. 

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Clean girl makeup look
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