3 Best DIY Scalp Scrubs To Get Healthy Hair!


Hair is the pride of girls and we do everything for beautiful hairs but sometimes those remedies or salon treatments work and sometimes don’t. But wait have you ever dreamt of a healthy scalp? I know your answer. Often, we skip paying attention to our scalp.

Listen! Roots play a Major role in building a strong tree.. and the same applies to hair. If hair roots are strong and healthy then your hair will also be strong and healthy.

Diy scalp scrubs
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In this article, we are gonna talk about 3 DIY scalp scrubs that will clear the dirt on your hair scalp and make them more beautiful than ever. We will also discuss what scalp scrubs are, why scalp scrubs are important and what are the benefits of DIY scalp scrubs.

Let’s get started!

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What Are DIY Scalp Scrubs?

Do you know scrubs? Scrubs are used to exfoliate our skin. Scrubs helps to remove dead cells from our skin and make it softer. Scalp scrubs are also the same. Diy scalp scrubs remove dirt and greasiness from hair and promote hair growth.

Diy scalp scrub
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So like face scrubs like scalp scrubs. Simple right?

The scalp is actually the part of your head from where the hair grows. Because of this, if you want to keep your scalp healthy So it is very important to exfoliate (Scalp Exfoliation). With the help of exfoliation, the dead skin cells, dust, and dirt, etc., which are on your scalp, are removed.

Exfoliating the scalp freshens your scalp like your skin And helps the hair grow. Many people take care of their hair but forget to take care of their scalp. And because of this, the dead layer keeps gathering on the scalp and the hair grows less.

Why Should You Try DIY Scalp Scrubs?

We exfoliate our face, knees, elbows, lips, and feet but not our hair scalp? Why? The truth is, every new hair grows from the scalp(hair roots) and not from the ends.

So that’s why it’s really important to have a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp will allow your hair to grow long, strong, and bouncy. See we know that exfoliation removes dead skin cells from our skin and promotes cell repair. Your scalp is also skin and it also needs exfoliation.

We use a variety of hair products like hair, shampoos, hair conditioners, hair serum, and whatnot. There are many harmful ingredients in some of these kinds of products that we all know. It gradually weakens our hair roots and makes our hair dull and flat.

If your hair looks frizzy and lifeless or maybe you’re noticing a little more grease than usual, it’s time to try some DIY scalp scrubs to make your hair shiny again.

A healthy scalp also means healthy hair. so it means if your hair scalp is healthy your hair will be the same. So instead of spending your money at a salon, I suggest you try out these easy and effective DIY scalp scrubs.

Benefits Of DIY Scalp Scrubs?

1. Remove Dead Layers:

With the help of DIY scalp scrubs, you can remove dirt, excess oil, and dead skin in the head. Not only this, but your hair roots are also getting strong and hair growth increases by DIY scalp scrubs.

One thing to always remember is that if your scalp is clean and healthy only then will your hair grow and it will look shiny. scalp scrubs detox your scalp well. If your hair is already healthy then scrubbing will make it even better.

When you don’t clean your scalp properly, dirt, dust, and dandruff start to solidify. Apart from this, we use many different hair products such as hair gels, sprays, Those that block hair follicles. This further prevents hair growth. Scrubbing your scalp helps remove dust, sweat, and dirt.

2. Improve Hair Growth:

Scalp scrubbing involves removing dead skin cells present on the scalp. It provides a clean and healthy place for your hair to grow. If your scalp has dust, dirt and polluted air, it is impossible to grow new hair.

3. Prevents Dry Scalp And Dandruff:

Dandruff begins to accumulate in the form of flakes on the skull. Due to this, your hair does not get natural oil. Exfoliating your scalp prevents dryness and dandruff. This allows the scalp’s natural oils to nourish your hair and keep them healthy.

4. Makes Hair More Shiny:

Exfoliating the scalp clean hair follicles. This not only makes your hair grow but also makes it shiny.

How To Use DIY Scalp Scrubs?

Scalp scrubs are really easy and fun to use. Before you shampoo and condition your hair, simply wet your hair with normal water. Then divide it into two sections, and then apply a small amount of the DIY scalp scrub directly to your scalp with your fingers.

Repeat this process three or five times if needed. Gently massage that scrubs all-around your scalp(don’t rub it just massage it nicely) and then washes your scalp. After this, your hair will be feeling more beautiful and smell good.

There are many scalp scrubs available in the market but if you don’t wish to use those chemicals then you can make one for yourself at home.

1. Brown sugar + Jojoba oil

What you will need:

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How to make this DIY scalp scrub:

☞ Benefits of this diy scalp scrub

2. Olive oil + honey

What you will need:

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How to make this DIY scalp scrub:

☞ Benefits of this diy scalp scrub

3. Oatmeal + brown sugar + hair conditioner

What you will need:

scalp diy
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How to make this DIY scalp scrub:

☞ Benefits of this diy scalp scrub

How often should you apply your diy scalp scrubs?

You can use these DIY scalp scrubs once a month. Because our scalp skin is sensitive so just use it once a month.

Do and dont's in dry scalp scrubbing:

1. Before applying the scrub, make sure that your head is clean. If a styling product is installed, clean it thoroughly.
2. Massage is necessary after applying the scrub, so lightly massage with the fingers.
3. Make the hair slightly wet before scrubbing. Do not apply the scrub on dry hair.
4. After scrubbing, always wash the hair with normal water.
5. Keep the scrub for at least 15 minutes, do not rush to wash hair.
6. If you have scalp problems like acne, eczema, psoriasis then please ask your doctor before using these DIY scalp scrubs.

Final Words:

So ya, I hope you liked these 3 amazing DIY scalp scrubs and will try too. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Here are some of my self-care ideas you should try to feel good about. Pin this if you found this helpful.
Thanks, see ya soon! ❤️️

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  1. Really loved how detailed this scrubbing process was explained. I also use olive oil+ salt. Its also a scalp scrub!👍

  2. Wow, this is so useful for me. My hair always need some extra special care. Now I am following other hair care methods, but this scrubs would be really helpful. I will give them a try. Thank you for this.

  3. The DIY scalp scrubs you shared are excellent. But what if one has the hair-fall problem? scrubbing the scalp with hair fall issues will not weaken the roots more leading to more hair fall?

  4. Hi dear, these DIY Are awesome and easy to do at home. I did not try scalp scubing treatment till now as it may increase hairfalls.
    But I will try this time from your lists.

  5. I didn’t know much about scalp scrubs so this was interesting. I like the idea of this on a self care day. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl


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