Key Questions You Need to Ask Before Booking a Yard Sign for Your Event


Greeting someone on their special day is the most basic way to express your warm wishes and affection. It has a positive impact on both individuals immediately. Birthday greetings play a similar role.

They let the celebrant know that their friends, family members, and colleagues love them. One of the best ways of greeting someone while surprising them is ordering a yard card for them.

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It is a thoughtful gesture that will win their hearts at once. They will even appreciate you for having given so much thought to the occasion. But before you go ahead and search for “yard cards near me,” here are a few questions you need to ask. 

What are Yard Cards?

Yard cards are displays usually made of corrugated plastic with fluted channels that stand on wire ground stakes. They are used for various purposes, including birthdays, graduation ceremonies, baby showers, and special occasions. Some companies rent them out for a fixed price. They offer you the option of designing them in any way you want. You might even get ideas for a specific banner by going through their website.

How Does the Process Work?

The entire process is easy and organized. You must first decide on a date on which you need the yard card. The company might ask you to fill a form with details like your name, email, phone number, address, and unique requirements. After you have filled out the form, representatives from the company will contact you and install the sign by themselves. They will also take down the banner after the celebrations. It is as straightforward as that. 

What is the Total Cost?

The cost of getting a rental sign depends on two factors: location and what type of sign you want. The size, graphics, color, and other factors will play a role in determining the overall cost. If you wish to have additional phrases included, that could cost you extra. However, you could always contact the company before placing your order if you are unsatisfied with the price mentioned.

Do You Need to be Present During the Installation?

A lot of sign rental companies will not require you to be present during the installation. You merely have to decide the date and time. They will arrive with the necessary equipment during the setup and removal. However, they might inform you a few minutes before their arrival.

Will the Sign be Weatherproof?

You should always ask the service providers if the sign is weatherproof. What happens in case there’s a downpour? Will the banner survive the impact of powerful winds? You could also ask them what happens if there’s a cancellation. Will they provide a refund or reschedule the installation?

Can You Design it the Way You Want?

A card service provider will generally offer you the option of designing your card the way you want. That means you can decide the color, graphics, size, and font used in the greeting. If those options are not available, they should tell you everything included in a customized order.

How Early Do You Need to Book a Sign?

It’s a good idea to ask the company how early you should book the sign. That will avoid inconvenience for both you and the company. If you are ordering it during a festive season, you should always order it well in advance.

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