The Latest Handbag Trends to Follow in 2022


The handbag market is constantly growing and changing. Women are looking for new ways to carry their purses without sacrificing style or comfort. This has led to many recent trends in the handbag industry that are expected to continue for several years.

Experts like Hand Bags Glamour recommend looking for these trends when you’re shopping for a new purse. These trends will help you stay trendy and increase the utility of your purchase.

latest handbag trends
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Here are some of the trends to watch out for in 2022:

Crossbody Clutches

Clutches are very practical, but they can be tricky to carry around for some women. New alternatives and designs have replaced the traditional crossbody clutches. 

These bags appear to be smaller than traditional clutches and come with many functions. They offer extra compartments and pockets to store essential items. This is a perfect option for professional women who need to carry their phones, keys, makeup, and other accessories on the go.

Designer Satchel Bags

Satchels are another popular option that is expected to take off in 2022. This bag has been considered a workhorse for many years, but it took an exciting turn this year. The satchel style was once limited to specific brands and materials, but now they can be made of different fabrics and patterns. 

You can select the size, shape, and color to match your style. According to experts at Hand Bags Glamour, square satchels with detachable straps are quite popular among women.

Bejeweled Handbags

Handbags covered in glitzy jewels are not new, but they will be on-trend for years to come. This year, the jewelry featured on handbags was more delicate than ever before. Women were looking for a way to accessorize their bags without making them too flashy or unattractive. 

This year is all about the subtle look, and it is expected to carry on into 2022 as well. Women want their handbags to make a statement, but they also want to blend in with the crowd when necessary.

Signature Tote Bags

Signature bags are still on-trend in 2022. The designs of these handbags have changed quite a bit over the years, but they are still just as popular. These bags feature cotton fabric and stylish colors. The material used to make these handbags is sturdy and can survive years of wear.

The designers use different details to embed their signature styles in these bags so that you can spot them from far away. You can find these bags in any color or pattern that suits your style.

Coated Canvas Bags with Top Handles

In recent years, the trend has been for women to carry handbags that have a combination of top handles and long straps. You can choose a bag made with a coated canvas material that is sturdy enough to last for more than just a year or two. 

They are fashionable and practical at the same time. This bag comes with top handles and reinforced seams, so they are expected to be on-trend for many years to come. 

It will be interesting to see how these trends take shape in 2022, but one thing is sure; it will be all about practicality and durability rather than style alone. More brands are focusing on comfort and longevity, so you can expect to see these trends on the runway for many years to come.

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