Why Ottawa’s “Quality of Life” is Rated So Highly


As the nation’s capital, it might be expected that Ottawa has a lot going for it, but this city has so much more going on than you could believe. From the great job market to far more affordable housing than most major cities, anyone who visits Ottawa falls in love with this city on sight. 

These are some of the top perks that make so many people want to live here, and why you might want to consider this city home as well.

Why Ottawa's "Quality of Life" is Rated So Highly
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Affordable Living

The cost of housing in Ottawa is number ten on the most expensive cities in the country: but that’s after falling behind affordable cities like Edmonton and St. Johns. Living here allows you to live in a major city without paying the insane major city costs of living in Toronto or Vancouver. This will enable you to invest in larger real estate and other life opportunities you might not have been able to afford elsewhere.

Incredible Arts and Culture

The arts and culture here are amazing. Ottawa takes its history seriously and is open about the people who have lived here for far longer than Ottawa has been a city. Beyond this, it delves deeply into the art of every culture that has lived here and currently lives here. This allows for a multifaceted cultural experience that helps you feel like part of a community even if you’re new to the city.

Fantastic Job Opportunities

There’s plenty of work to do in Ottawa, which means that if you find that you don’t like one job you’ve been hired for: you can easily move on to another position to try something else. Although you may not feel comfortable skipping between jobs in some major cities, Ottawa’s job market ensures you’re safe to do so until you find a role that speaks to you and you want to build a career out of.

In Touch With the Political Sphere

As the capital of Canada, it’s no secret that Ottawa is in touch with the political world. Living here means getting to know more about candidates, getting in touch with what the community needs, and feeling like you’ve made a tangible difference when you help change things for the better. Living here offers something that not many other places get to provide in that way and is far more affordable than the capitals of most nations.

Distance to Top Destinations

Some of the best destinations in Canada are within driving distance of Ottawa real estate. So whether you want to explore the incredible city of Toronto, or you’d rather see the gorgeous Niagara Falls, there’s nothing quite like Ottawa to make you fall in love with the areas surrounding it. After all, every perfect city has great vacation options!

Ottawa is a City Unlike Any Other

Ottawa prides itself on its incredible quality of life, so of course, plenty of people want a slice of that! Get to know Ottawa, and you’ll fall in love with this amazing city.

Why Ottawa's "Quality of Life" is Rated So Highly
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