Why Homeowners are Increasingly Adopting Ceramic Plates


It might be difficult to imagine a time when crockery didn’t exist. Not only are items like plates commonplace in every home, but they have also evolved, with various items used to make them attractive and enhance their properties.

Among the sea of materials, ceramic has emerged as a popular choice among the masses. In fact, many homeowners utilize ceramic plates for their everyday needs. Naturally, this popularity poses the question: Why is a ceramic plate so sought after?

Well, there are multiple answers to this question, right from the properties of the material to its design. Read on to find out!

ceramic plates
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The Appeal of Ceramic Plates

The history of ceramic dates back to about 24,000 BC, when humans used it to make statues. However, the material began to be used for wider applications as time passed, finding use in spark plugs, fiber optics, and race car brakes, among others.

Out of these, one of the most widely used forms is the ceramic plate. The non-porous and intrinsically hygienic nature of the product makes it a safe surface from which you can ingest food.

Furthermore, most ceramic is also heat friendly, allowing you to heat your food on the stove, microwave, or the oven, without fear of the dish breaking. Combined with the material’s durability, ceramic plates are the perfect addition to a house.

Despite these features, does this crockery attract significant buyers? Let’s analyse some statistics to find out.

The Australian Market

According to Trend Economy, the exported value of ceramic kitchenware from Australia was USD 3.44 million in 2020. More surprisingly, this value was a mere 7.33% of the total ceramic exports sent by Australia to other countries.

Based on this data, it is safe to assume that ceramic kitchenware, especially plates, is in high demand. Apart from their functionality, ceramic plates also offer different colors, allowing you to match them with the color tone of your space.

But why does the color of your dinner plate matter?

The Relevance of your Dinner Plate’s Colour

The modern era places an unignorable emphasis on design. In addition, the psychology of color states that certain hues evoke specific responses. For example, green and blue are associated with calmness, while a neutral tone like grey encourages serenity.

Taking this into account, you can conclude that the color of your dinner plate is responsible for setting the mood of your entire table setting. This is especially valuable during group dinners, where the hues can influence the mood and direction of the dinner conversation.

For dinnerware, the ceramic plates usually have one of the following tones:

  • White-colored plates allow the food to take center stage while highlighting the color contrast of the food items with the white backdrop of the plate.
  • Earthy and rich tones sign toward naturalism and an environmentally conscious host. These hues allow you to highlight the nutritional value of the food along with its tones.
  • Pastel tones like mint green help emphasize the preparation of the food, giving off a retro feel while you dine.

Choosing the right color for your plates can often set the mood for the evening. That’s why it is vital to keep a handy collection so you can utilize different shades as required.

Summing Up

Fortunately, Australia is home to various suppliers who can offer a wide variety of plates for your dinner table. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which one fits in your home and complements your dinner table.

So, browse through your favorite hues and get your ceramic plate today!

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  1. I have always loved eating in ceramics. But little did I care about the hues. reading about the importance of hues in ceramics while serving food has actually opened up a whole new concept for me. Thank for sharing this article.

  2. I never knew so much abour ceramic plates … although I still prefer Stainless steel plates may be because of habit and easy maintenance. But thanks for the content


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