Remodel Your Bathroom with These Fabulous Trends


A perfect blend of durable materials and exquisite bathroom design is essential to building your dream bath space. Such a combination enables you to create a long-lasting, unique interior that elevates your mood.

For simplifying your thought process, this article includes trends in modern bathroom designs that you can consider. Notably, each design facet is distinctive and suits the requirements of different homeowners.

To choose the best design trends, you can leverage the steady Aussie bathroom products market that is growing at a rate of 6.3%. However, the extensive industry consists of several options that can make you feel a tad confused.

Remodel Your Bathroom with These Fabulous Trends
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Trend 1: The Plaster Wall Design

This type of modern bathroom aesthetic is suitable for mid to large-sized bathrooms. In this interior style, you can mainly use concrete and Plaster of Paris as the primary materials.

To accentuate the design, focus on keeping simple and flat surfaces. Here are some main benefits of such a bath look:

  • The interiors are easy to clean and maintain.
  • You receive proper ventilation.
  • There is ample space to accommodate big basins and tubs.
  • The bathroom appearance is simplistic.

Overall, this trend is worth considering if you intend to remodel your bathroom into a minimalistic space.

Trend 2: The Ceramic and Glass Combo

Some modern bathroom designs aim to eliminate any need for painting. In such cases, the designers can suggest an exclusive use of ceramic tiles.

Tiles offer a wide variety of color combinations and flexibility. In addition, they come in attractive designs and sizes. 

Here’s what this modern remodeling trend offers:

  • The entire look of your bathroom appears spacious.
  • There is a minimum requirement for maintenance.
  • You can experiment with modernistic tile designs.

To complement the tiles, experts at CM Glass in Miami, FL suggest using glass shower doors and mirrors. Also, you can install finger tiles to add texture and depth to your bathing space.

Trend 3: Decorative Wall Panels and Wallpapers

Wall panels are long vertical units that can augment the look of any interior. These are made from PVC, wood, or any other lightweight metal.

In the case of bathrooms, you must choose waterproof PVC panels. Also, the design will include smart placement of these units at suitable locations. To complement the panels, you can use bathroom wallpapers near the mirror.

This design trend offers the following distinctiveness:

  • The bathroom looks offbeat.
  • You can rely on the panel durability with proper use.
  • Remodelling such bathrooms are pretty simple.

Moreover, this modern design trend shifts towards creating an unconventional bath space.

Trend 4: The All-glass Look

If budget isn’t a concern, you can go for the glorious large glass and mirror surface design. This trend adds finesse to your bathroom, accentuating all the essential features.

Here’s what the glass design trend offers:

  • This style is suitable for small bathrooms.
  • You only need to add products like a basin and tubs to elevate the aesthetics.

Timely cleaning is essential for this type of bathroom. On the other hand, you won’t need to think about colour combinations in such an interior design.

In a Nutshell

Change is necessary for all aspects of life. Focusing on interior design, you should consider combinations while recreating certain spaces.

Bathroom remodelling has a tremendous scope. So, pay attention to your budget and space availability. For small bathing units, you can go for the all-glass look. On the contrary, choosing a minimal concrete design is suitable for large bathrooms.

So, choose bathroom designs that can reflect your sense of fashion and add to the overall convenience.

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  1. The bathroom is one part of the house where we can relax and leave all the trouble behind the door. There are a lot of things that we can do to make our bathroom more comfortable like adding a bathtub or a Jacuzzi but not all can afford that. These smart changes in the bathroom that your article suggests can be easily incorporated when redesigning the bathrooms.

  2. A lot of us while doing the homes focus on the core rooms and ignore the bathrooms. A well designed bathroom really enhances your overall house look, these tips are very handy.


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