Ubtan: Recipe, Benefits, And Uses For Radiant Skin


We all know that our grandmother’s “Gharelu nuskhe” or natural skincare remedies are more effective than expensive facials and creams. Just like our grandmother tells us to massage our hair with hot oil for healthy and shiny hair.

Similarly, they made a skincare recipe called UBTAN to get flawless skin and radiant skin. If you know about Ubtan you know all the benefits of it and what wonders it does to our skin But if you are unaware of this like what Ubtan really is, I’m here to tell you.

Ubtan: Recipe, Benefits, And Uses For Radiant Skin
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It may sound weird but whenever I go to attend any wedding I always use these Ubtan skincare recipes. My mom always tells me to use ubtan for my skin.

My Grandma, my mom, my aunts all are huge fans of ubtan including me. And so it’s a natural skin care recipe I never forget this to use it whether it’s a family function or a b’day party (lol)

Ubtan is such a savior for me. It’s an instant, easy, and natural skincare remedy which makes our skin brighter, clearer and glowing. we have Ubtan. You may have no idea about Ubtan. Let me tell you.

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What is UBTAN? 

Ayurveda also recommends the use of ubtan for thousands of years. If traditionally seen, ubtan is the oldest and most pure type of cosmetic in the world and I also believe in this. Not only me but many Bollywood stars also use this remedy to get radiant and spot-free skin.

In simple words, Ubtan is a traditional skincare recipe that is used by many people in India (mostly) on the wedding days of the groom and bride to look more glowing. It is also used as an herbal bath powder.

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Basically, Ubtan is a paste of natural ingredients like Gram flour (besan), Turmeric (Haldi), Sandalwood powder (Chandan), Rosewater, And Milk that gives an instant glow to our skin. It’s easy to make and apply.

Why Use UBTAN?

First of all, it’s a super easy and natural remedy so there is no issue of any side effects. Effects of ubtan are only best, best and best. The tradition of using ubtan in India is thousands of years old. Ubatan has been used not only to enhance the bridegroom’s form in marriage but also on newborns.

It prevents excessive skin dryness and skin pigmentation. It also helps to maintain the pH balance present in the skin of the body. We can easily make our skin from ingredients like Turmeric, Gram Flour, and Rosewater and prevent skin from damage.

If the paste is applied once a week, then it can get rid of every skin problem. It can be used for the protection of skin. Ubtan is all one skincare remedy. The best part is that it does not take a lot of money to make this. You don’t have to spend much money on this like expensive creams. So it’s better than any cream

Ubtan gives your skin a natural glow. Want to know about more Benefits of ubtan? Let’s talk…

Benefits of UBTAN:

There are numerous benefits of using ubtan as your skincare routine.

How To Make UBTAN At Home:

It’s so easy to make UBTAN at home. It doesn’t take hours to make this. I use ubtan once a week and trust me it’s really easy to make and use. To make shiny and beautiful skin, ubtan which is made from household things can be used. Ubatan is considered very beneficial for the skin. Learn how to make ubtan at home.

Let’s make it. You will need:

Making Method:

Take a bowl and Just mix all the ingredients. Then make a thick/Perfect consistency paste of it. Your ubtan is ready my darling. 😄 Isn’t this so easy? Obviously, this is.

Method Of Applying:

Now take a small quantity of ubtan paste and apply it on your face and neck using your fingers gently. You can also use it on your whole body. There are no worries about using this. After applying it all over, let it dry for 15-20 minutes.

When the paste gets dry, wash your face with normal or cold water. And Ta-da. Just go see your face in the mirror and admire yourself.

How Often Can We Use This Ubtan Remedy?

I use ubtan once a week but you can apply this twice a week for better results. It depends on your time. It’s okay to do it once a week as in my opinion.

This is the traditional ubtan recipe, you can also add other ingredients like Tomato juice, lime juice, orange peels, almond powder, wheat flour, and neem powder.

Ubtan According To Your Skin Type:

See friends we have different types of skin like dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. So for these all we have to choose the perfect ingredient that will benefit your skin effectively. Now let’s talk about ubtan according to skin types.

1. Ubtan For Oily Skin:

My skin type is acne-prone and oily skin and I make my ubtan something like this:

People with oily skin like me should make their ubtan that contains ingredients like curd, besan, Haldi, lemon, etc. They’ll help your skin to reduce the oiliness and get your fresh skin.

2. Ubtan For Dry Skin:

For dry skin, you can try adding ingredients such as honey, milk or milk cream, and curd. These ingredients moisturize your skin and prevent roughness.

3. For Normal Skin:

Having a normal skin type means that you have a good PH-balance. When making an ubtan for normal skin, you can include ingredients like bananas, lemon, turmeric, besan, honey, yogurt, etc for glowing and smooth skin.

Now if you haven’t that much time to make this beneficial ubtan then you can try readymade ubtans too that will save your time and also they are natural. I’m recommending you top 5 ubtan powders, you can try them if you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

As I told you Ubtan is a skin care recipe which is made in a thick paste form from besan, milk, turmeric, sandalwood powder and Rosewater.

Yess! Patanjali made it at a very cheap price. You can check here

Tamil – Uṭal tuṭai.

Telugu – Śarīramunu śubhra paracunadi.

Final Words:

I hope all your queries regarding Ubtan got cleared in this article. I tried my best to sum it up. If you have any questions just ask me in the comment section. Meet you soon! Have a lovely day ahead. Follow me on Instagram for daily updates.

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  2. I love using ubtan and it’s one of the greatest blessings we have got from our grandparents. I have oily skin, so lemon helps my skin alot. Thank you so much for this one. And , you have covered everything nicely.

  3. That’s so amazing collections of ubtan for glowing skin. The ubtan face pack will be the best choice without any harmful chemicals that enhance our skin.

  4. Ubtan is something that my Dadi and Nani have been using from their younger ages..and they believe it as the secret of their beautiful skin😍 Just like you mentioned it has got super amazing benefits for our flawless skin❤️


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