7 Beautiful Ways To Style Black Kurti


So you want to style your plain black Kurti? Yes, I know black Kurti looks so classy and elegant but how to style black Kurti that will make your look more gorgeous? As the saying goes When in doubt, wear black.

style black kurti
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Black is everybody’s favorite color as far as I know. Whether it’s a plain black tee or a black Kurti. These are essential items that should be in your wardrobe. You can style your black Kurti in many ways and can slay every time you wear it. Let me tell you those 7 beautiful ways to style black Kurti.

1. Style Your Black Kurti With Dupatta:

Dupatta is something like a scarf that is simply draped on Anarkali suits, gowns, and Kurtis. Dupatta gives a beautiful and outstanding look to any dress we wear like it gives a new and unique look to any outfit. It also gives a traditional look so you can style plain black Kurti this way too.

style black kurti
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You can pair a yellow or pink or any contrasting color dupatta with your black Kurti. Dupatta will make black Kurti more attractive. It will give a traditional and modern look at the same time.

This will make a perfect ethnic style which you will absolutely love. And you can wear it to any festival and family functions. This is my favorite way to style a black Kurti.

2. Pair Black Kurti With Denim Jeans:

Denim looks so cool and it’s also comfy. If you want a trendy look then you can go for denim. You can style your black Kurti with a skin fit and ankle-length denim jeans. Or a black kurti with blue jeans never fails to impress. 

This is the Best combination with black kurti.

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Try different shades of blue and you can also try grey that will make a perfect combo. The lighter the better.

Because black is a dark color and we should pair it with a light bottom. It’s better that you don’t wear black denim, it will look all black and if you like black on black style then you can go for it.

You can also wear silver jhumkas with black Kurti and denim jeans that will look fabulous and will give you an Indian plus super stylish look.

3. A Traditional Look With Jacket:

You can pair black Kurti with a beautiful phulkari jacket or can also denim jackets too but it will look more beautiful with a patterned jacket with bright colors.

black kurti with jacket
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This will look greatly impressive. You can style this look at any festival. And you can also wear it to family functions too.

It will be a comfy and beautiful black Kurti look. At the bottom, you can wear leggings or jeans too. You can also say this is an indo fusion look that will rock at any festival.

You can try this is as your wedding theme or any family function theme with your cousins. Trust me you will really gonna feel this unique and memorizing moment.

4. Style It With A Long Skirt:

If you are still thinking what to wear with black kurti? Then you can simply style your plain black kurti with a skirt. 

Yess! Skirts are really a beautiful way to style black Kurti.

long kurti skirt
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Pick your favorite skirt and style it with your black Kurti. Yellow, green, red, and pink are the colors that will look so vibrant with black Kurti. And then wear some colorful jewelry like colorful jhumkas and bangles.

It will really look so pretty. If you don’t like this look or feel awkward to you then you can tuck your Kurti in the skirt and that will be converted into an A top and skirt.

So you can also wear a black Kurti as a top. So it will be an amazing look and also a unique way to style black Kurti.

5. Try Different Bottoms:

Go trendy and unique with bottoms like you can wear pants to style your black Kurti.

Styling it with pants is a great Plain black kurti combination too. 

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You can also try palazzo of any color, try white this will look more gorgeous and Perfect combo. You can wear simple leggings too if you want more comfort.

Also, I wanna add one more thing here try your own combining of colors and make an elegant Kurti idea.

In this, you can apply many colors of your own choice.

Take your time and start refreshing your wardrobe and find your best combo for your black kurti.

6. Style With Dhoti:

Why not convert your black Kurti into a beautiful suit?

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Black is the easiest color to play with as it blends with almost everything. Depending on the occasion type you can style your black Kurti. 

If you want a traditional and gorgeous look at the same time then you can style your black Kurti with dhoti or pajama and carry a contrasting color dupatta with this.

It will surely be a perfect traditional look. You can wear mojari with this and also can wear golden color jewelry that will look awesome.

7. Slay With A Scarf:

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Scarf and Dupatta both are different, Dupatta has more length than the scarf, not a big difference. So You can style your black Kurti with a colorful scarf.

There are many ways to style a scarf like the knotted one, twisted one, and many more.

This is a great way to style black Kurti in a simple and funky way.

Wrappin Up

I hope you got your answer of what to wear with black kurti. I have told you about 7 ways to style black Kurti. with contrasting dupatta, denim jeans, phulkari jacket, long Skirts, pants, palazzos, dhoti, and cute scarfs. Hope these ideas help you. I already cover the best outfit ideas for the first date . If you have any questions then let me know in the comment section.

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Hello Happy readers! This is Rituparna Guha. I write about Positivity, self-care, Simple and effective beauty secrets, today's fashion, and trends. Basically, I'm a girl who has a passion for learning something different and new. I really love to be innovative and creative. Hope you enjoy my company 🙂

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  1. I love black color and black kurti is the most beautiful outfit one can have in their wardrobe. I usually love styling it with colorful duppata and sometime a indo western look with a denim jacket. Will try other styles too. Thank you sweety ♥️

  2. Love all the styles .. this is so cool
    .. u can style one plain kurta in so many ways .. I am sure everyone carry one black or white kurta in a wardrobe . Thanks


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