17 Trendy Red Christmas Nails Ideas


Holidays are great fun when you have something to compliment with, just like red nails compliment Christmas. Its difficult to predict the exact date and day as to when painting nails started.

However, one thing for sure is red ruled always. From Valentine’s to Christmas red remains the first choice.

You certainly have a huge colour palette to choose from. But, what colour red can add to your nails, does nothing else can. Red Christmas nails have always been a classic choice for the holiday season.

They are easy to do, fun and complement the spirit of Christmas. Red Christmas nails are also versatile enough, for your favourite Christmas DIY nail ideas.

Rich, bold and elegant are the words that define red Christmas nails.

red Christmas nails
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If diamonds are a woman’s best friend, then red nails are partner in crime. You can be both classic and chic with red Christmas nails on.

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What does red nails portray?

Santa Nails
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A blend of Christmas and red nails is an interesting one. It symbolises fun, power, strength, status. From royalty to runways red nails have rocked now and then.

It became a symbol of glamour and sophistication when was opted by many Hollywood beauties during 1920s.

Red nails remain a timeless classic for anyone who wants to add elegance and sophistication to their look.

In comparison to other colours, red with its different shades can be your ally in any situation.

Here Are Some Red Christmas Nail Ideas For Christmas 2023

1. Glam Red Christmas Nails:-

Glam Red Christmas Nails
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If you are a fan of celebrating festivities but with a hint of glamour added then this is for you. Nails are done in beautiful red and clear shades, followed by a coating of glitter and white snowflakes.

Enough glam to make you stand out at any Christmas party. This manicure will make your Christmas go ALL GLAM! One pro tip here is do not opt for this if your nails are short in length as the design won’t fit in completely.

2. Mismatched Red Christmas Nails:-

Mismatched Red Christmas Nails
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Red Christmas Nails are fun to play with. A little mismatch here and there and you are good to go. The funky combination of red tartan, winter red, reindeer and snowflakes makes it worth.

It will add that Wow factor to your 2023 christmas look. The nails in this manicure are done with cute designs on the top such as reindeer and snow flakes.

Nail paint used in this manicure are red , red tartan and pink matte. Cute enough to compliment the spirit of Christmas.

3. Festive Shade Red Christmas Nails:-

Festive Shade Red Christmas Nails
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This manicure will adorn your nails with different shades of festive red in combination with white snowflakes on them. And, with silver white ribbon on red nail. A colour combination perfect for Christmas 2023 and many more.

4. Gold and Red Festive Nails:-

Gold and Red Festive Nails
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This is a perfect pick for you, if you are looking for a cute combination of gold and red christmas nails.

In this manicure, one nail which is covered with gold glitter, few are painted red, one is painted gold glitter bauble and other with golden white stars.

5. Red Christmas Nails:-

Red Christmas Nails ideas
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Traditional Classics and perfect to symbolise Christmas. They feature everything that reminds you of Christmas. Nails painted in red are then painted with white snowflakes baubles, red and white stripes.

6. Fun Red Christmas Nails:-

Fun Red Christmas Nails
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Snowflakes, gold glitter, candy canes, Christmas decoration bauble nails, blue base nails with red bauble, and reindeer design are all that this manicure has to offer. Perfect for representing that fun-loving Christmas spirit.

7. White Sweater, Penguin and Shimmery Red Christmas Nails:-

White Sweater, Penguin and Shimmery Red Christmas Nails
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This one is particularly for you if you are looking for some cosy red Christmas nail designs. This manicure will paint some nails with sweater stripes and two with little baby penguins, while the other remain in cherry golden red.

8. Gonk with Sparkly Red Christmas Nails:-

Gonk with Sparkly Red Christmas Nails
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Popular Christmas décor brings good luck as per folklore and absolutely great for adding to your Christmas red nails. This is what Gonk is all about.

This nail art would paint all your nails sparkly red and leave just one small part of a nail for gonk to be painted on it.

It’s an absolute delight to have that small beard, hat and round noise painted on that sparkly red nails.

9. Gingerbread, wavy lines and tiny dots:-

Gingerbread, wavy lines and tiny dots
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Don’t worry if you are not a huge fan of glitter or intricate patterns. We have got you covered. White wavy lines and tiny dots over red nails and a gingerbread man with a pink drop are what this manicure is about.

10. Santa Claus Suit Red Christmas Nails:-

Santa Claus Suit Red Christmas Nails
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How about a combination of elegance and holiday spirit for this Christmas? Well, this manicure features decorations such as a Santa Claus Suit in gold, red, and white.

A pro tip here is adding a black drop to these nails to get that dramatic look.

11. Hand Painted Poinsettia:-

Hand Painted Poinsettia
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This is one of the most elegant red Christmas nail manicures. In this nails are painted with nude accents and designs such as poinsettia flowers are drawn on it.

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12. Holly Red Christmas Nails:-

Holly Red Christmas Nails
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Holly is another important element of Christmas. In this manicure holly features are drawn near the tips and cuticles, keeping the white background as base.

13. Red and green Christmas Nails:-

Red and green Christmas Nails
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Many of us love choosing a combination of red and green polishes for Christmas. You can see various manicures which use a combination of these for the base and then topped with designs such as candy, and reindeer.

You can also choose a mani that gives your nails a contrasting sparkle and matte design.

14. Red and green stiletto Christmas Nails:-

Red and green stiletto Christmas Nails
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You can visit your favourite mail artist and try these Christmas-themed patterns. This good set of stiletto Christmas nail designs would be a hit at your Christmas party.

15. Keeping short and sweet:-

Keeping short and sweet
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If you are not a fan of long Christmas nail designs, then you can just try these medium-length Christmas nails, which will catch anyone’s and everyone’s eyes.

Red and white Christmas Nails:-

With red and white being a classic Christmas combo, you can go with a minimalistic look of just using dual shades with shiny nail polish.

16. Snowflakes with red tips:-

Snowflakes with red tips
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This mani look mentioned below has beautiful snowflakes with red base and red tips to highlight.

17. Santa’s Hat French tips:-

Santa’s Hat French tips
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Loved by all who are die-hard fan of minimalism. This manicure will give you a wonderful minimalistic French hat design at the tip of your fingers.

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FAQs about red nails:-

1. Why red nails?
→ Red as a colour attracts people and creates es lasting impression.
2. What is the Red Nail theory?
→ As per Robyn Delmonte, if you wear red nail polish, you are likely to attract suitors
3. Can wearing red nails help you manifest your dreams?
→ Wearing red helps you to be confident and hence progress easily towards your dreams, both consciously and sub-consciously.
4. What are a few mistakes to avoid when wearing red nail paint?
→ Do not ignore your skin tone, Do consider the occasion, do not neglect your nail length and shape, do not skip a base coat, and do not neglect your nail health.
5. Which is the best red nail polish for a medium skin tone?
→ Thick coral, warm orange and red with a little pink
6. Which is the best red nail polish for an olive skin tone?
→ Go for warm tones such as orange and tomato y reds
7. Which is the best red nail polish for dark skin tone?
→ Deep red shades are perfect for dark skin tones


Christmas paints the town in red, white, and green. You can do the same with your nails too. With this read handy now we know how nail art can add up to your whole Christmas look.

Now, with your Christmas list checked and the Christmas nail tutorial by your side, this Christmas will be a memorable one.

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