Jigsaw Costume List For Women


Are you hunting for a Halloween costume? If not, someone who is a die-hard fan of Jigsaw Billy and gets tired of searching for suitable costumes?

Without a doubt, it is a complicated task to find something chilling but irregular in this spooky season while screen ghosts and traditional ghosts walk all around.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about spending money on a one-time-use costume if you are, and we have a great collection of jigsaw costumes for you that people may not expect you to bring from your wardrobe.

Maybe you should show them what the woman Jigsaw Billy looks like. Then, what were we waiting for?

Jigsaw Costume List For Women
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Want to know about Jigsaw Bily?

Saw is a bizarre chill-thriller series of serial killings. There are eight series of movies from 2004 to 2023, and every one of them makes sure its fan base has a tight grip.

The movie holds a complete trap with alarming movement. It never fails to put you on edge and make you too anxious in every scene that passes.

Every scene makes your soul fall into the trap with actors, which is why it is even more horrible. In one of the parts, they made live 3D screenings feel like a personal experience through movies.

Jigsaw Annabella costume:

Jigsaw Annabella costume
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Are you a fan of horror and thriller types of movies? Then we find something similar to your taste. How about a jigsaw costume with an Annabella touch?

To recreate the costume, we need a white long-sleeve shirt and a waistcoat to make this combo perfect. Do we need any hairdos for it? Yeah, any bop cut, a hair wig, and the red bow.

While doing makeup, make sure something scary touches Annabelle. We should not forget the jigsaw spiral on cheeks on white or pale skin.

We need puppet red lines from the corners of our lips. Yeah, That is how Jigsaw Billy looks. Right? We need some props—yeah, any fake knife—and “before you die, make your choices” signs. Yeah, that’s what our jigsaw Annabella wants to say.

Schoolgirl jigsaw costume:

Schoolgirl jigsaw costume
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What do you think about the jigsaw schoolgirl costume? Look at this collection of red and black stripes. That checked skirt perfectly goes with that long-sleeve or any blouse-sleeve shirt.

You might not use any other necktie but an iconic billy-red bow on the neck.
If you want, try different types of coats that can also go well with this jigsaw costume. Do you want to try two bony tails on this costume?

Do some minimal innocent-scary schoolgirl makeup with it. Finally, wear traditional black shoes and white gloves while on a crime scene.

Are you bringing the school bag with creepy medicine? Do not bring any red liquid to the water bottle. You got it?

Professional Jigsaw costumes

If you want to try a jigsaw costume on a professional look, here we go.

Jigsaw teacher costume:

Jigsaw teacher costume
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The silhouette teacher makeover is not complicated in this costume to make the perfect puppet jigsaw teacher costume.

If it is Horrier, Thirller, or Zombie, Abandon School is a prime site. Trying a jigsaw teacher costume is not a bad idea.

The perfect teacher coat with a white blouse in that red bow can be a go-to base outfit. For a face makeover, as long as it is a puppet, Then make sure something is a zombie puppet.

Finally, the white tights can make some chill with the back shoes on this jigsaw costume, Right?

If you want any property, you can use puzzles or trap toys for it.

Bartender jigsaw costume:

Bartender jigsaw costume
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Do you want to try something charming to match up with a jigsaw costume? Want to try a jigsaw costume on a bartender?

We need a long-sleeve white front button shirt and a red bow for the base outfit. A black coat on white will be a perfect fit. Is it possible to find black tights and Mary Jane shoes, We Made Bartender costume, but a jigsaw makeover?

Do some face-making, but do not forget to add charm to it. Do you want any problems? Bring a jigsaw mask or a “play me” sign.

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Sexy jigsaw costumes

Are you looking for sexy costumes with a creepy jigsaw theme? Then look at the below.

Sexy jigsaw costume:

Sexy jigsaw costume
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Are you looking for a sexy, creepy jigsaw costume? Then we might check out the wardrobe to make it perfect. Right away? I think you might hang on the white long-sleeve somewhere in the wardrobe.

Check out the front button type; we should make it sexy.
Now we are looking for a slim-fit overcoat to match it, but we are looking for a black one.

Do you think those black mini-shorts can match our ideas? Yeah, it seems to be.

We should find the bow. If you want to bring a purse, you should make sure of the theme color.

We’ve finally put on our heels. I think with high or kitten, as long as they meet the theme colors. What about the face? We tried sexy and saw, right? So make it a little scary and sexy. Look for it.

Leather sexy jigsaw costume:

Leather sexy jigsaw costume
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Do you think a sexy but gangster vibe will work at the Halloween pub party? Then fine. We know it’s not that complicated to make. Here we go.

If you find something iconically attractive and gangster-like in a jigsaw costume, Then we need some leather-sexy outfits.

A black leathery mini-shirt with a short and tight jacket will work but don’t forget to wear a bow.

If you want to wear tights, choose something red to display. As long as we want to try something intimidating. but creepy, go for heels or laced booties.

They will work well. Jigsaw spiral makeup? Yeah. Do you have any props? Any traps or word signs like “wanting to play a Game” would work well with this costume.

Casual, sexy jigsaw costume:

Casual, sexy jigsaw costume
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Are you looking for a casually sexy yet chilling jigsaw costume type? Then here we find something for you.
It is easier to find bralettes in Wardore, right?

Some long-sleeve front button white shirts with any casual shrug in black or white can work for this Jigsaw costume. If you can find fishnet overlays, we made it.

We know we need some elegant but chilling types of jigsaw puzzles for this time. We need to wear some booty kinds of heels.

Do you want to carry any movie props? How about some puzzle-shaped handbags? If you say yes, right? Then you should bring one.

Cute jigsaw costume:

Cute jigsaw costume
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We intend to change the theme to a different costume. Then, are we going to avoid cute jigsaw costumes? In movies, most of the time, naive things turn into something horrible.

If you find this suitable expression in a jigsaw costume, you are right.
Whatever costume you find cute, then bring it, but make sure it has a black, white, and red theme. But we gave one to you.

Using Lotita set dresses in red and black can be used to make this costume. Choose what suits you: lots of work, less, or plain. Find a bow for it to make something cute but scary.

Long tank top jigsaw costume:

Long tank top jigsaw costume
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We know jigsaw costumes are simple but can make a cold run through your blood. But sometimes we may not have enough time but want to make something not basic but use something basic.

As a last-minute decision, we also want to find something simple. Yet, Do not simply in a jigsaw costume. If you can find a slim fit-tank top, here we go. That is it. We need to find long-shocks to wear.

If you think kitten heels or court shoes work with this jigsaw costume, bring them. It makes this jigsaw costume perfect.

But don’t forget to stick with the color theme. Ok.If you can find a music player, bring it with you. Here, Finally, make our minimal outfit but a jigsaw costume.

Simple casual jigsaw costume:

Simple casual jigsaw costume
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Here, We have one more casual jigsaw. We don’t need any special outfits to make this work here; we only need a white shirt, a white blouse, or a long shirt.

Then, if you can find some gloves in white or red, yeah, please. Casual black pants go well with it.

Finally, we need some makeovers, such as messy hair. For facial makeup, we now need scary, playful looks.

Do you want props? Try a jigsaw puzzle like the picture; it is a fine choice. Or some fake injection tubes.


While Halloween comes once a year, We should take part in it to make some time together with enjoyment. Yeah, that is why we made their entire long run for you to give inspiration to make your Halloween week simple and effective.

Maybe you find the tour around the wardrobe a bit tiresome. It is worth it. Right? That way, if it makes you happy and makes your memories on Halloween, you can find inspiration or costume inspiration from these articles.

Finally, if you think about it, why do we need so much for a one-time play? You can use it in pubs, parties, front doors like children, and unforgettably on social media. Then what now?


1. Can you recommend any central item about the costume?
→ Jigsaw puzzles, music player, jigsaw puppet dolls, jigsaw bicycles, and jigsaw masks are must-try for combos with these costumes

2. Is the Jigsaw series a real one?
→ Yeah, it got inspired by a real-life serial killer.

3. Is the jigsaw costume a good choice for Halloween?
→ It is likely one of the popular serious get-your-heart-fan bases for its puzzle and thrilling movement.

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