Honest Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review: My Experience


Concealer use is essential to my daily makeup routine because I have genetically inherited dark circles.

Although I’m generally satisfied with the concealers I now use—Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer for special events and Bareminerals Bareskin Concealer for everyday wear—I’m always on the search for better and more effective ones. variations to test.

The Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, which was just released, will be the subject of this review.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review
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Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

Product Description –

This full-coverage 2-in-1 can sculpt and illuminate while masking flaws. In order to rapidly brighten and hide blemishes, dark circles, and acne, the long-wearing, moisturizing solution delivers natural, radiant coverage on all skin types.

While minimizing redness, pores and fine wrinkles will appear less visible. It works as a creamy highlighter or contour stick and may be worn 1-2 shades lighter or darker.

Its lightweight, blendable composition and tapered wand applicator are perfect for precision sculpting. This nutrient-rich concealer, which is made with rejuvenating Amazonian clay, mango seeds, and shea butter, promotes skin elasticity and clarity with each use while preventing wrinkles.

Use the all-in-one Quickie Blending Sponge (available separately) to apply for quick skin tone correction and a finish that is dandruff-free all over. devoid of gluten and animal testing, vegan.

Price: $24

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My personal Tarte Shape Tape Concealer experience

Packaging – The little plastic tube is convenient for storage and transportation. Additionally, if the tube is clear, you can see the product’s color, which is usually helpful when you have a variety of colors.

It might be convenient to apply concealer under the eyes with the doe foot applicator’s huge size, but it can also be difficult to apply concealer precisely where you want it to go on problems like acne.

Shades – It’s not surprising that Tarte’s 30 concealer shades cover a wide spectrum of skin tones given that the company has already faced criticism for its shade selections.

We hope that everyone may find a hue they like from the wide choice of shades.

Application – I use a moist Real Techniques Sponge to blend this Tarte Shape Tape Concealer after dabbing it around my eyes and on any other places I wish to highlight or provide extra coverage to, like acne.

It hides everything, so I encourage you to apply it sparingly, especially if you don’t like to look faultless.

As a result of its thickness, I’ve found that a moist sponge works best for creating a creamy, even, crease-free finish rather than a brush.

Using a Real Techniques Powder Sponge and either Too Faced Sheer Powder or Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder, I set my concealer.

Texture/Consistency: This is not a corrective fluid. Although it may feel a little heavy on the skin due to its thickness, I don’t mind because it gives me the coverage I want and doesn’t cling or droop.

Miscibility: It’s simple to distribute and mix this concealer. I have to move swiftly since I find it takes quite a while.

I like to mix it in using a Beauty Blender, and I’ve never had a problem with it being uneven or not providing me with uniform coverage.

Blanket: Even more than the UD Naked concealer, which from my perspective is already so rich, I am astounded by the concealer’s full, pigmented coverage.

I’ve discovered that the thinnest coat (so a little goes a long way) enables me to attain incredibly opaque coverage that is sufficient for me to forgo concealer on top.

I can use both to conceal my imperfections and under-eye circles. For people who don’t often appreciate such robust covering, this could be a disadvantage.

I don’t feel the need to use powder to set it as it sets. This Tarte Shape Tape Concealer dries so dry and matte that adding extra powder makes the area look dry and cakey, which is why I don’t think it’s appropriate for baking.

I’ll merely dust on a thin layer of powder—I love Charlotte Tilbury’s airbrush flawless finish powder—and that’s all.

Finish: This concealer provides a fully matte appearance.

Can remain: The best-staying power I’ve ever experienced with a concealer was with this one.

I wore it for a maximum of 8 to 9 hours without any signs of fading, creasing, shine, or touching. I’ll use my regular to oily eye region as an example.

I adore this concealer all around. It might easily take the place of my beloved UD Naked Skin Care concealer, but this Tarte concealer has the advantage over my UD due to its superior staying power.

I think this is an extraordinary item and would recommend it.

Wear – If you observe, this mixture applies extremely smoothly and evenly, and I’ve discovered that it lasts incredibly well.

For a few hours, it holds off any dry acne well, and it doesn’t build up beneath the eyes all day.

Even after wearing it for more than 12 hours, the coating will withstand wear well and just slightly melt.

TARTE Shape Tape Concealer | Light-Medium Honey
  • Shade 27H Light-Medium Honey - Light To Medium Skin With Peach Undertones
  • Full coverage with flawless matte finish
  • Conceals all imperfections & doubles as a contour/highlight product
  • Creamy, easy-to-blend formula won't flake or crease Nourishes with mango seed & shea butters Helps illuminate skin for a lifted effect
  • Always formulated without: Parabens Mineral Oil Phthalates Triclosan Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Gluten

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer's advantages:

  • Prolonged.
  • complete and total coverage.
  • A little bit is often enough.
  • super-matte appearance.
  • doesn’t wrinkle or collect in fine lines.
  • even the deepest dark rings are covered.
  • A powder setting is not necessary.

The disadvantage of Tarte Shape Tape Concealer:

  • It is not a lightweight concealer; on the skin, it can feel a little heavy and thick.
  • For oily eye areas, it dries to a highly matte finish that works, but for dry skin, make sure to fully moisturize first.
  • Use a sponge rather than your fingers to blend instead. Due to how rapidly it dries, blending it with your fingertips may result in an uneven finish.


There’s a good reason why the beauty world loves this concealer so much. It has good coverage, is long-lasting, and is smooth—everything a concealer fan could ask for.

I emphatically encourage you to attempt it on the off chance that you haven’t as of now (for reasons unknown), as you will not be grieved.

The rest will be dealt with assuming that you tread carefully.

Sweety Joshi
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