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Hello all,

I’m here today to give you a survey on a hair item I’ve been utilizing a ton of late. Yes, the thing that drove folks insane over a year ago is the Moroccan oil treatment.

At the time, I didn’t have it because I stuck to my personal hair care routine and refrained from joining the “Moroccan oil” frenzy.

However, my hair has been acting strangely lately, suddenly being frizzy and too dry (not to mention shedding).

I finally acquired this “magic bottle” thanks to the suggestion of a friend.

Moroccan Oil Treatment Review
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Moroccan oil treatment review

True, it was a magic bottle, but did it work for me? To learn out, read the review.

What the business claims:

Get the hair you’ve always wanted—silky, shining, and healthy-looking. The product that invented oil-based hair care and started the worldwide craze for argan oil is the Moroccanoil treatment review.

A pioneering hairstyling base, functions as a conditioning, styling, and finishing tool. This truly transformational hair treatment detangles accelerates drying time, and increases shine, leaving hair nourished, manageable, and soft with every use.

It is infused with antioxidant-rich Argan Oil and shine-enhancing vitamins. surpass all others.


$44 per 100ml (or) Rs. 2880 per 100ml

The packaging:

The healing oil is packaged in a glass bottle with a pump. I adore pump dispensers because they are so easy to use, give me complete control over how much product I want, and eliminate any concerns about contamination.

Description of the product (texture, colour, and scent):

It has an orange-yellow colour, an oil-based consistency, and a very smooth, non-sticky feel. It smells like herbs.

Product specifics:

Arabic for “Moroccan Oil Treatment”


A special blend including antioxidant-rich argan oil rapidly absorbs into hair to enhance manageability, add shine, and condition it for the long term without leaving any residue.

How to use:

After shampooing and conditioning, add a large amount of oil to dampen or dry hair and style as usual.


A clear, odorless silicone-based oil known as Cyclomethicone is frequently used to carry fragrance or essential oils and provide a smooth sensation. It swiftly evaporates and doesn’t have any moisturizing qualities.

A silicone-based polymer called dimethicone is utilized in personal care products. It can fill in fine wrinkles and makes products spreadable (commonly used in foundation). It likewise makes a layer of insurance on the skin.

Argania Spinosa Seed Oil: Wealthy in cell reinforcements and antibacterial mixtures, argan oil is produced using the seeds of the Argania Spinosa (argan tree). Due to its versatility, it tends to be utilized to feed and safeguard the skin, hair, and nails.

Linum usitatissimum seed extract: Flax (often referred to as common flax or linseed) has a binomial designation of Linum usitatissimum. moisturizes the skin and improves the appearance of dry, damaged hair.

Butylphenyl methylpropional: This synthetic fragrance ingredient, which is colorless and has a powerful flowery scent, is primarily utilized in cosmetic items.

A manufactured compound called benzyl benzoate is utilized as an additive, dissolvable, counterfeit seasoning fixing, and enhancing fixing.

Alpha-Isomethylionone is a drab fluid that is added to lotions, bubble showers, hair care items, and face ointment to confer fragrance.

Aroma, D&C Red No. 17, and D&C Yellow No. 11 are extra fixings.

From my experience:

I’ve already said that I have curly hair, therefore I now need to comb it every year. I color my hair every two to three months because it has also gone grey.

I have to frequently use hair irons, color, and re-bond because of this, which damages my hair.

I have therefore been using this Moroccanoil treatment. for the past two months. It makes my hair smoother and easier to handle each time I use it.

I need an oil serum for my dry hair to manage the frizz and flyaways.

I adore its heavenly aroma, which lingers for a very long time. Although the oil has a thick consistency, hair quickly absorbs it and does not feel weighed down by it.

I used this oil to give my hair a healthy shine after each hair wash. In terms of frizziness, it does control frizz, but only to a certain degree.

One bottle of this oil can last between 8 and 9 months depending on consumption even though I use it three times per week and only use around 1/4 of the total amount.

This oil works well on both moist and dry hair, as I’ve experienced. Before flat ironing my hair, I applied this oil; it helps the iron move through the hair more easily.

Two pumps of conditioner are more than enough for my shoulder-length hair.

Overall, I like this hair oil, but the price is high, and there are comparable/better options on the market for a lot less money.

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Moroccanoil Treatment, Travel Size, .85 Fl. Oz.
  • A multitasking hair treatment infused with argan oil to promote a healthier look and feel. Use as a styling routine foundation or to refresh second-day strands
  • Conditions, smooths frizz and flyaways, detangles, and boosts shine by up to 118%.*
  • English (Publication Language)

What I appreciate about Moroccan oil treatments are:

  • broken ends and smooth frizz exquisite smell
  • not alcoholic
  • Both dry and wet hair can use this.
  • suitable for all types of hair.
  • Antioxidant-rich argan oil.
  • Sustainable

What I dislike:

  • High-priced glassware
  • (Only accessible in well-known lounges)

Finally, consider:

It’s everything in the “My Experience” section. Nothing he did impressed me. As excited as I was to give softness and gloss to my hair, I threw the product away after reading the ingredient list.

In the long run, this product does not help or repair hair. It also costs an absurd amount. I don’t mind spending extra money if the product is effective.

I would have expected a genuine miracle in a bottle for that amount of money, but this is not it.

Pure argan oil is what I would prefer to use because it will at least save and repair my hair. It is a product that has been advertised.

I still use it, but I only use it as a serum to control outbreaks. It pains me to see the product laying around after spending so much money on it.

Sweety Joshi
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