How to Choose the Perfect Macrame Cord For Your Needs?


Macrame is a weaving technique where knots are tied into the rope and then twisted around themselves to form intricate designs.

The resulting product looks great and adds comfort to a room, especially if you attach a hammock to it.

In addition, macrame cord can be used to tie together decorative elements and give them a cohesive pattern.

Macrame Cord
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Ever since ancient times, people throughout the world have created decorative patterns from a rope. However, macramé has gained popularity in modern society due to its versatility.

It not only offers relaxation and comfort, but it can also be readily transformed into lovely ornaments.

Below are some of the things you need to look for while choosing a Macrame cord.

What to look for while choosing a macrame cord?

Material composition

The macrame cord’s composition is essential. Macrame artisans used to be huge fans of fibers like hemp and jute.

However, the development in popularity of nylon and satin rayon macrame cords, which are constructed of man-made fibers, was driven by their accessibility on the market.

I advise using nylon as your first material because it is simple to unravel if you tie a knot incorrectly.

Check the stiffness

The macrame cord must be adaptable enough to curve and bend as specified by the design. When crafting a bracelet or necklace, it is advised to use a thinner macrame cord.

For instance, cotton embroidery cord is supple and highly flexible. Leather can also be used, but make absolutely sure it is no wider than 2 mm. You shouldn’t buy a thin cord because it won’t hold up well over time.

Instead, you should opt for a thicker cord that is made from high-quality materials.


The next thing that you have to consider is the size of the cord. You should buy a cord at least 2 meters long so you can make more knots.

It’s important to note that the length of the cord depends on how many knots you plan to make.

So, if you’re planning to make only two or three knots, then you can get away with buying a shorter cord.

However, if you’re planning on making dozens of knots, you should definitely go for a longer cord.


Another thing that you have to keep in mind is the color of the cord. As mentioned earlier, each type of cord comes in different colors.

Therefore, you should consider this before purchasing any cord. For instance, if you’re planning a party where you want to display macrame, you should probably go for a bright-colored cord.


Certain macrame cords have a harsh texture that might irritate the skin. Making bracelets and necklaces using hemp or copper cord is not advised.

The fabrics recommended for usage were silk, nylon, cotton, and satin rayon. Leather is an option as well because it gets softer with usage.


The next thing you must remember is the cord’s price. You shouldn’t spend too much money on a cord because you can find cheaper alternatives.

However, if you want something that looks good and is durable, then you should invest in a higher-priced cord.


You have to check out the packaging of the cord. When shopping online, you should always check out the item’s packaging.

This way, you can see what kind of protection the package provides. For example, if the package is sealed, then it means that the cord inside is safe.

On the other hand, if the package isn’t sealed, then you should be careful when opening it.


The cord’s thickness is often described as millimeters. Consider if a cable can be placed into beads, buttons, or other embellishments before purchasing one.

Larger embellishments can be required for cords with more than 4.0 mm diameter. For micro-macrame items like bracelets and necklaces, a good-sized string should have a diameter of less than 2.0 mm.

The Bottom Line

Macramé has been used since ancient times to fashion clothing and accessories. Even though this technique has existed for centuries, it continues to develop and evolve daily. Today, this craft is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide.

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