How to select Kanchipuram sarees?


After devoting a lot of effort working with classic silk sarees, given below are a few points on how to tell if a saree is genuine Kanchipuram silk. How to spot authentic Kanchipuram silk sarees when you buy Kanchipuram saree online and as well as offline? 

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Kanchipuram apparels are by far the most coveted silk sarees in the world and a revered Tamil Nadu art form. They are not only exceedingly beautiful and gleaming, but they are also extremely expensive.

The silk sarees come in a variety of colors and patterns. Merchants will readily fool clients if you don’t have the foggiest clue to detect unadulterated silk saree. This blog will assist you in determining the authenticity of the Kanchipuram silk saree. Here are a few key points that will assist you:

Kanchipuram sarees are known for having a distinct zari edging. This distinguishes these sarees from the many different silk sarees created in India. The zari outskirt is created by weaving a silver strand more than a silk string as well as immersing it in pure gold.

The use of tried zari (the electroplating of copper cable with silver) is now commonplace. To make zari, attempted zari is much less costly than unadulterated silver string.

Although when you buy Kanchipuram saree online, this will not be possible. However, when you buy it offline, remove a few strands from the twisting and weaving and start a fire near the end of the strings.

When the fire has died out, you’ll find a cinder bundle that has been abandoned. Hold this orb in your hand and press it to get a sense of how it smells. You will explore the odor, such as the scent remnants of duplicated hair or replicated cowhide.

Looking for loose zari ends in the saree is another more superficial and more practical examination. Zari is formed of silk chiffon string that has been twisted with a silvery series and then dipped in gold.

If, after removing the zari, you discover that such silk string isn’t red but rather white or another shade, you may be confident that the saree you’re buying isn’t an authentic Kanchipuram Silk saree.

With this eye test, one of the most effective methods of distinguishing genuine Kanchipuram silk sarees turns out to be straightforward. Another indicator is that the saree’s border and body are completely different colors.

You can get a lower quantity that uses artificial zari but has the same designs. To spot a false zari work, take a close look at the color of the finished piece. It is one of the relevant ways to tell the difference between a real and a fake Kanchipuram silk saree.

The cheapest and the best place to buy Kanchi saris is just where they are made. The location is a little less than three hours away from Chennai.

However, be wary of autos or taxi drivers that want to take anyone to a saree shop because it’s conceivable they’ll send you to a place where they’ll get paid for bringing you business.

In addition, there are various businesses in Kanchipuram that may sell fraudulent silk sarees, so do your research ahead of time or ask a trusted local to direct you to a good shop.

The ring check is the simplest and most reliable way to tell if a saree is genuine Kanchipuram silk. Pass the whole silk saree through the aperture of a wedding ring. Undoubtedly, a saree that readily slides through the ring is authentic.

Genuine and authentic silk sarees are only worth the money whether they are accurate and true. With fake Kanchipuram sarees becoming more common in the market, avoid being duped using the methods outlined above to identify a genuine Kanchipuram saree. When buying Kanchipuram saree online, keep your eyes peeled for the best saree in the store.

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