5 major benefits of influencer marketing in 2022


Ever heard of Influencer marketing? Of course you have! Because this industry is booming. Especially from the past 2 years. The growth and development of this market is amazing. For example Rory Mitchell said it all in his story about how he manages to be an influencer and content creator from 2016.

If you don’t know anything about it, don’t worry! In this post you will learn about what is influencer marketing and what are the 5 Major benefits of influencer marketing.

What is Influencer marketing?

: Basically, Influencer marketing is a part of social media marketing. It’s done by a third person which is called an influencer known as a social media star. 

Influencer marketing is similar to word-of-mouth marketing.

Let’s understand this in simple words.

Suppose you are A brand/company owner and you want to expand your brand awareness through social media.

So what you do is you start searching for the people who have a community related to your product. And who have a great presence on social media platforms. Then you contact them and talk about your brand and products.

Those people (Influencers) will promote/recommend your products to their community or engaged audience through their feed in exchange of cash and free goodies.

That’s it! This is called Influencer marketing.

So why do people do this marketing more than paid ads marketing? Because it’s more converting. It is more beneficial than any other kind of social media marketing.
Let’s understand how?

Here are the 5 Major benefits of influencer marketing:

[1] Helps reach out to the right audience: Yes, Influencer marketing is all about the right audience. Suppose your brand is about skin-care products so you search for a niche-specific influencer. A beauty influencer or a skin-care positivity influencer.
And if your brand is about clothing so you search for a fashion influencer right?

Influencer marketing helps to reach the right person who is interested in a niche that is related to your brand. So it’s a great way to connect with your potential and targeted customers.

In this way, the content and brand recommendation are placed in front of social media users that are already interested in your niche.

[2] Build brand awareness and trust: Building a brand obviously needs a lot of work. But building brand awareness and authority is way too hard. Influencer marketing can help to build the authority of your new brand.

Imagine a person who you admire the most and recommend his/her favorite products. You will definitely want to learn more about those products. You ask the Influencer your questions and queries about that brand. And that builds awareness.

In this way, social media users will begin to know more about the brand, the story of the particular brand, and what solutions the brand is offering.

[3] Increase sales: As a brand your main goal is sales! All the marketing you do is for increasing sales. That’s the main goal, right? Influencer marketing is generating sales and conversions, said 64% of surveyed people in a 2019 study conducted by Mediakix.

Roughly 40% of survey respondents reported that they made a purchase shortly after seeing their favorite influencer use a product or service.

People tend to buy a particular product after seeing results and demos. And Influencer marketing made this really easy.

[4] Saves time and money: Influencer marketing makes your marketing process so easy and smooth. It’s no doubt better than any paid ad campaign.

After Covid, it’s all converted into work-from-home now. Many creators shoot content from their homes or a home studio. In this way, Influencer marketing can help brands to keep making fresh and evergreen content remotely at all times. Also, there’s a thing called branded content. This is created by influencers and you can repost or repurpose their content too. You can share that innovative and creative content at any time.

This can save a lot of money and time.

[5] Influencer marketing is for all businesses: The biggest benefit! Everyone is becoming an Influencer now. Because every person is an expert in something. There are millions of influencers for every type of business. For example Beauty, Fashion, Health, Travel, Technology, Fitness, and many more.

There are a lot of Influencers to work with your brand. So it’s a never-ending marketing system that is for all.

Influencer marketing is an incredible marketing action for startup brands or small businesses. I hope you got some value from this post! If yes then please share it with your small business owner friend or anyone who is struggling to build his/her brand through social media marketing.

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5 major benefits of influencer marketing in 2022.
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  1. Indeed engaged audiences typically follow these content creators. Advertising to them across multiple social media platforms allows companies to broaden their reach, raise brand awareness, and generate new leads. I was not aware of the survey. Worth sharing with friends with small businesses.

  2. Absolutely loved this article. I have really trying for this but somehow don’t know good and reliable influencers in public speaking and edutainment industry on Instagram and fb. Really need to break this mould and find good influencers in my field of work

  3. Only a handful of people know the real meaning of influencer marketing thanks for sharing the post as it will give knowledge on the topic to many

  4. i totally loved this article . have been trying to become a finfluencer and working on this so that can help women be more aware about money matters

  5. Great read. Influencer marketing is newest and effective trend for marketing. That’s because of the human touch and wider audience based. Thanks for this informative post

  6. That’s such a informative and helpful post on influencer marketing. I am a influencer too on social media and it is so important part to educate people about the product properly by influencer marketing.

  7. Being an influencer are blogger this is very helpful read and I agree with all your pointers specially one wants to build the identity and brand. Thank you for putting it across ❤️

  8. Influencer marketing is really popular these days. I can relate to it as myself is an Influencer. Only some people know the real meaning of influencer marketing. Thanks for sharing such an amazing and detailed post. It will help those who are still unaware about it.


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