How To Fold A Hoodie: Step By Step [Guide]

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Sweater weather is here. If you are also a hoodie person like me… You already know how tough it is to keep your hoodies organized. 

how to fold a hoodie
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Hoodies are puffy, sometimes big, and sometimes a mess that needs a lot of space. Do you want to know about a quick and effective way to fold your teddy-sized hoodie? 

My friend, this post is for you. In this post, I covered: How to fold a hoodie to save space“.

Why is it essential to have a good pair of slippers to wear about the house?

➡️ First of all, lay the hoodie on the floor. Make sure that the floor is clean. 
➡️ Then straighten the hoodie so that it becomes an orderly form. 
➡️ Then half fold one sleeve of the hoodie And turn it again in the opposite direction. 
➡️ Do this with both the sleeves of the hoodie. 

how to fold a hoodie guide
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➡️ After this, bring both the folded sleeves equally in the middle. 
➡️ Then slowly from one side keep folding it from the end of the hoodie. 
➡️ And finally cover it completely with a hoodie’s Hood.

If you do not understand, you can refer to the images..

fold a hoodie guide
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You can also check out this video for better understanding: 

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I hope you guys found the idea of folding a hoodie to save some space. 

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