20 Gorgeous Halloween Nails of 2023


Hallowee­n 2023 is just around the corner. And as we all gear up with our awesome costume­s and set up the spookiest de­corations possible, let’s not forget to give our nails some love too!

After all, your nails are like the perfect finishing touch to complete your Hallowee­n look. They add that little magic that brings everything together.

It’s time to ditch the old ghost and ghoul clichés this year—it’s time to take your style game to new heights. From intricate spide­r webs to glow-in-the-dark skele­tons, you can easily outshine last year’s look and leave your friends spellbound!

20 Gorgeous Halloween Nails of 2023
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20 Gorgeous Halloween Nails

Are you ready to be inspired and create show-stopping Halloween nail designs? Here we’ve curated a list of spooky yet e­ye-catching ideas that will make you the life­ of the party this Halloween.
Let’s get into it!

1. Halloween Icon Nails Design

To get a Halloween nail short design, you can get Halloween icons on your nails such as spiders, googly eyes, skulls, and many more of this kind.

Choose the best Halloween nails simple but shower Halloween nails. Make icons of these mini stuffs and you will get Halloween-themed nail art.

Make black or white backgrounds on your nails and then put black or white contrast-coloured spooky icons and the cute Halloween nail will be ready for you.

Halloween Icon Nails Design
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2. Bat Halloween Nails

Have a manicure with stylish Halloween nail art with a bat theme on your nails. You can have a white background on your nails with a bat icon on the tips of your nails in purple or black. It will give you a different look and match your Halloween theme at your party.

Bat Halloween Nails
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3. Mummy Themed Halloween nails

When you design our Halloween,  you also include mummies in our themes many times, so you can style a mummy theme for your short or long nails.

You can get a black or dark coloured background of nails, and then put a mummy icon on two or three of your nails in white. It will look bright and fabulous as per the Halloween theme party.

The mummies could be of any design, it could be of doodle design, it will look super cute for your Halloween nail 2023.

Mummy Themed Halloween nails
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4. Spider Theme Halloween nails

Spider is also included in the Halloween themes by all of us. You can have spider-themed nails at the party. You can also have pink Halloween nails for this nail theme.

You just have to put a pink background and black spider icons on your nails in full size and thus you will get pink Halloween nails which will look adorable and cute Halloween nails.

Spider Theme Halloween nails
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5. Halloween Nail Simple with Stitches

Stitches are also used by people in Halloween decoration items at many parties. If you want Halloween nails simple, then you can get a manicure with simple stitches and plain-colored nails.

The Halloween nail simple can also be obtained by getting orange and black shades on your nails with a purple background.

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Halloween Nail Simple with Stitches
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6. Dripping Red Halloween nails

With a vampire costume, you can get a manicure of dripping red-colored nails. It will pair a lot with your vampire outfit at your Halloween theme party.

Simply you can have a white background on your nails and then you can get red drops dripping throughout the tips of your nails and thus you will get a simple Halloween nail as per your theme party and your outfit.

Dripping Red Halloween nails
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7. Ghost Halloween Nails

You can have a ghost theme on your nails for your Halloween theme party. Ghosts are included in the decoration of the Halloween party so they can be used as decor for nails too.

You could get a design with spooky ghosts with sparkling bats on your nails which will give you cute Halloween nails for your theme party. Also, you can have some pink effect in it which can give you pink Halloween nails that look awesome. 

Ghost Halloween Nails
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8. Ombre Skeleton Hands

Skeletons are also a part of Halloween parties so you can have skeleton-designed nail art for Halloween parties.

A dark background assembled with white skeletons designed on the nails will look too spooky and give a horror theme as required by the party theme.

Ombre Skeleton Hands
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9. Barbie Halloween nails

Barbies are loved all over the world by everyone. You can have a Barbie-themed pink Halloween nail art. Have pink backgrounds and put Barbie stuff icons on your nails. They will look super cute on your hands. The most loved manicure will be yours among your friends. 

Barbie Halloween nails
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10. The Nightmare Halloween Short Nails

If you have short nails, you can have short nails, and by manicure, you can also get beautiful nail art on them. To get a beautiful Halloween nail short design, have various colored backgrounds and then have done with various horror icons which will create a nightmare series for your Halloween nails.

The Nightmare Halloween Short Nails
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11. Witch-Themed Halloween Nails

Witches are also a part of Halloween parties. So you can have witch-themed nail art for your Halloween party.

To get easy Halloween nails with a witch theme, put a white background coating on your nails and then put a witch’s icon on two or three nails in contrast color black.

And here you go, you will get a simple Halloween nail and shower for your Halloween party. 

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Witch-Themed Halloween Nails
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12. Screaming Ghosts Nail Art

You can have black Halloween nails with ghosts on them which would seem to be screaming.

You can have a red background and white screaming ghosts on it, which will give you a cute red Halloween nail that will give you a classy look with a themed manicure.

Ghost cartoons are made for such nails and fashion designing stuff, so you should use them in your fashion.

Screaming Ghosts Nail Art
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13. Blood Red Chrome with Beetlejuice Lines

This is an extremely great combination of Halloween nail art. It will give you a totally different look with your nails. Put two or three nails with beetlejuice lines in black and white color.

And then have the remaining nails in the chrome-red theme. It will look superb on your hand at the party and will give you red Halloween nails with combined black Halloween nails.

Blood Red Chrome with Beetlejuice Lines
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14. Aliens on Your Nails

Aliens are also a part of your Halloween party so they can also be a part of black Halloween nail arts.

For having black Halloween nails, you can have a theme of space on your nails and few aliens would fly over the nails.

It would look fabulous on your nail and give you cute Halloween nail art for your Halloween theme party.

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Aliens on Your Nails
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15. Halloween Nails French

You can have French nail art with a transparent background and cute mini-friendly ghosts. This will give your nail a French nail art touch and also a Halloween-themed nail. It will adore you throughout your Halloween party.

Halloween Nails French
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16. Flame French Halloween Nails

French nail art is so cute. They are based on transparent themes thus you can have a transparent background as French and have flames on the tips of your nails which will give you a horror theme of nail art with black flames on your nails. This will give a sexy look to your nails for your party.

Flame French Halloween Nails
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17. Blood Spatter

The blood theme is also a special theme when talking about Halloween themes. For your manicure, you can put a white background with a spatted red color giving reference to spatted blood on your nail art.

It would look awesome for the sake of fashion at your Halloween party.

Blood Spatter nails
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18. Spider Web Halloween Nail Art

For a spider theme look you can get grey or white backgrounds on your nails. And then you should pit black webs on three of your nails and the rest will give a French look that is black on tips. It is a unique design of black Halloween nail art.

Spider Web Halloween Nail Art
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19. Black and White Squiggle

For a simple short Halloween nail art, you can get a manicure with black backgrounds on a few and white on a few nails. And then you can have black and white squiggles on them for a Halloween theme.

It will give a simple but shower look to your nails at your Halloween party. You can wear this for your party with confidence.

Black and White Squiggle
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20. Neon Halloween Nails

Neon is the color of Halloween. So neon must be used in the theme decoration and outfit as well. The neon color gives a smooth texture of Halloween shade.

For neon Halloween nails, put some black and some neon colors to create the cutest manicure for your nail. The neon would give a bright and cute texture to your nails.

Neon Halloween Nails
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In Halloween Nails 2022, maybe you did other styles or may be simple but this Halloween you should try some different themes for your Halloween nail art.

We hope you liked the designs suggested for you. These are the top selected Halloween nail ideas that you should try for your nails in Halloween 2023.

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