5 Tips for an Influential Google Hotel Listing


If you aren’t on Google, you need to be. Google is the world’s biggest search engine. It’s where the majority of people get their information.

It doesn’t matter what you think about Google as a company. You need to be on it if you want to succeed. Hotels without a good Google presence won’t make it.

Google Hotel listing
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Here are some tips to creating a good profile.

1. Correct Information

Your information needs to be up to date. Frequently double-check your Google listing.

Glitches can happen and things can change without you realizing it.

Make sure the link still works. See that the opening hours are accurate. Post information about changes for holiday hours.

People hate inaccurate information. No one wants to show up to your hotel only to find out it’s closed.

Don’t just check the information in your listing. If your listing links to anything, check the accuracy of those links.

Have your information posted on social media channels.

Don’t limit yourself to one platform. Have profiles on multiple social media outlets. Check the messages that you receive on all of them.

Answer messages quickly.

2. Five-Star Reviews

You need to have good reviews. Hotels with good reviews are going to show up first. They will also help make booking agencies like Hotel Engine aware of your presence. Booking is not the only website or booking service out there.

In fact, fewer customers are using booking than ever before. Google has overtaken the market for hotel booking. The power of Google reviews should not be overlooked.

Give guests an incentive to leave a review.

Offer to give them a free breakfast or treat if they leave a review. Just don’t pressure them to leave a good review.

Pressuring people give good reviews will make them uncomfortable.

Don’t watch them while they make reviews.

Ask your friends and family to give reviews to help you out. If a guest comes multiple times, ask them to leave a review each time.

Go out of your way to respond to negative reviews.

Make sure that people’s concerns are addressed. If a mistake has been made, own up to it. Offer the customer some form of compensation.

The best way to get five-star reviews is to offer five-star service. Treat all customers like they’re going to write a review.

3. Influencers

Invite influencers to come to your hotel.

Even if you don’t like social media, you need to be on it. You don’t have to like the concept of influencing. But they are the best way to reach a large customer base.

Offer deals for influencers. If your hotel is new, maybe offer a free or highly discounted stay in exchange for posts.

Think of this as a marketing investment.

You wouldn’t hesitate about paying for a billboard. Social media is a modern billboard. Make sure to post on your own social media page.

People want to see that you’re an active and exciting hotel.

4. Good Photos

Good photography is essential for marketing.

Check out these tips from Expert Photography.

Ideally, you should hire a professional photographer. If that’s not in your budget, put an effort into taking good photos. Most social media platforms are highly visual.

Customers want to see your hotel room before they book it. If something looks bad, they aren’t going to book it.

Take photos of as many areas of the hotel as possible. There are ways to make every spot of the property look good.

Don’t forget to photograph the bathrooms and even the closets.

5. Competitive Listing

Check out what the competition has posted. 

You aren’t the only one trying to reach more customers. See what other hotels in the area look like. Even if you’re the only hotel, you aren’t the only booking option.

People can rent apartments. Look at what they are offering and make sure you’re offering the same. Look at hotels from other cities and even other countries. Trends are more global than ever.

People are traveling all over the world and in greater volume.

You need to know what the industry standards are.


An online presence is essential for business. You need to stay on top of your online profile if you want to stay in the game.

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