Fixderma Sunscreen Review (My Honest Experience)


Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Honest Product Review. In this post we will be talking about Fixderma sunscreen review, Fixderma shadow SPF 30+ gel review, and my honest experience with this sunscreen.  

As we all know Sunscreen is a must-have skin-care product! I have added sunscreen to my daily skincare routine and I am so happy about this decision. 

But choosing the best sunscreen is tough sometimes. So I thought of reviewing one of my favorite sunscreens today. And that is ” FIXDERMA SHADOW SPF 30+ GEL PA+++ “

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So let’s get started with the review of this sunscreen…

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Fixderma Sunscreen Review

Basic Features:

Price: The first thing we look at in any product is price. You will be glad to know that this sunscreen is budget-friendly. I bought a 75g pack for Rs. 315 and a mini pack (40g) for Rs. 200 only. You can check amazon and Flipkart for the deals. I find this super affordable product. 

Packaging: I like the packaging of it. It comes in a yellow bright tube with a tip-top cap. Application is easy because of this packaging. Also, it helps to maintain no product wastage.

Color: It has a transparent white-yellowish color. Also, it is shiny and just like gel. 

Texture: I love the texture of this sunscreen. It is nongreasy and so smooth. Easy to apply + non-sticky formula. Also, consistency is much appreciated. 

Suitable Skin Type: My skin is oily and I can say it is the best sunscreen for oily skin. It has no white cast and it is an excellent composition for Oily and combination skin types. 

Water-resistant: This Sunscreen has a water-resistant formula. 

Ingredients Of Fixderma Sunscreen:

Fixderma Sunscreen Ingredients
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My Experience with Fixderma Sunscreen

I have tried and used many sunscreens before but this became my favorite sunscreen.

I have been using this sunscreen since 2021 and I can say it is definitely a great sunscreen for daily use. I have oily skin and it helped me maintain it because of its gel formula. 

I use this sunscreen every day and from starting to now I honestly do not have any issues with this. It works well on my skin and I haven’t seen any skin breakouts. 

I apply this fixderma shadow SPF 30+ sunscreen just after washing my face.

I love its watery gel formula. It blends on my skin very well. it gives a non-sticky moisturized look after applying. 

I prefer using it indoors. For outdoors you can go for their SPF 50 range. 

Another great thing about this sunscreen is there is honestly no white cast at all. It works exactly like a glowy moisturizer or some glow cream. It makes me look like my skin naturally glowing. 

Even I have added this sunscreen to my 3 step makeup routine too. This Fixderma Sunscreen is so transparent. It seems like I applied nothing to my face but still the Glow 😍

For me, this sunscreen is totally eye-safe because it does not hurt my eyes when the cream is around the eye area. 

Fixderma sunscreen review
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  • Super affordable Sunscreen

  • It has zero white casts (I love it) 

  • Moisturizing 

  • It’s lightweight

  • I like the gel texture

  • It’s available in many sizes 

Fixderma sunscreen review
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The fragrance part is not impressive. However, I don’t see any major concern with this sunscreen. 

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My Rating:


Do I Repurchase:

Definitely Yes! It suits my skin really well. I have already repurchased it 5-6 times and am looking forward to using it more. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

→ Which Fixderma sunscreen is best?

You can use Fixderma Shadow SPF 30+ Gel for Indoors. If you are going in extreme sun exposure then try Fixderma Shadow Sunscreen SPF 50+ 

→ Is Fixderma sunscreen good for acne-prone skin?

Yes, It is a great sunscreen for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin. 

→ How do you use Fixderma sunscreen?

Wash your face, and dry it out. Now take a coin-sized sunscreen blob from the tube and apply it to your face. 

→ Is Fixderma a good brand?

I have only tried their sunscreen range and I am impressed. 

I hope you find this post helpful. Please share it with your community to help them select a suitable sunscreen for them. 

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Fixderma sunscreen review
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Sweety Joshi
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9 thoughts on “Fixderma Sunscreen Review (My Honest Experience)”

  1. Firstly people have this myth that sunscreen is for summers only and needs to be put when going out.But it’s not true. Coming to the review, I liked the fact that it is water resistant and suites all skin type.will check out.

  2. Perfect. I have oily skin too which becomes combination skin in winters and I do prefer gel based sunscreens always. Getting it super soon ❤️ to the point review

  3. Sunscreen with a great SPF is one thing I learned applying every single day even if I’m not going out. The sun isn’t the same as before and it can really damage our skin if not taken care of. This is a great product review!


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