6 Easy Ways to Get a Slim Face Like Models!


The desire to have a V-shaped face began in Asia before it spread to the rest of the world. There is nothing wrong with having a round face or a double chin.

However, society has enforced the belief that a slim V-shaped face gives you a more youthful and feminine appearance. Besides cosmetic surgery, there are plenty of ways that can help you achieve this chiseled jawline.

Here are some easy ways to get a slim face like a model.

easy ways to get a slim face like models
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Dip your face in refrigerated toner

We all have those mornings where we wake up with puffy eyes that make us look like we haven’t slept in a couple of days.

An effective way to tighten your pores and improve blood circulation would be to clean your face and immerse it into a bowl of refrigerated toner.

The toner helps eliminate puffiness and inflammation while the cool temperatures stimulate drainage of lymphatic fluids.

Fix your posture

Avoid slouching your shoulders and looking down at your smartphone, as this could accelerate the formation of permanent creases on your face.

Poor posture could also cause the skin on your face to sag and develop jowls. To prevent the occurrence of wrinkles on your face, fix your posture and hold your phone up while you use it.

Use a jade roller

A jade roller is a device that massages your face and helps improve blood circulation to your face muscles. This roller also accelerates lymphatic fluids’ drainage that makes your face look puffy and bloated.

Ensure you roll in an upward direction starting from your jawline towards your hairline to achieve a slimmer face.

Get a facelift

A facelift can address common issues such as an undefined jawline, sagging skin, and deep creases around the neck and mouth.

This cosmetic procedure can also take a few years off your face, leaving you with a youthful appearance and smooth texture.

If you are around Scottsdale and Phoenix, you can go for a facelift by Dr. Anthony A. Admire, a highly skilled and board-certified surgeon. Ensure you follow all the post-op instructions to the letter and contact your cosmetic surgeon if you encounter any complications.

Shape your eyebrows correctly

If you have a round-looking face, avoid over-plucking your brows or filling them in in a straight line. The best way to frame a round-looking face would be to highlight the arch of your eyebrows.

Use a pigmented shadow or a brow pencil in a shade lighter than your natural brow color so that your eyebrows don’t look out of place.

Contour your face

Contour can do wonders at framing your face and making your jawline appear more chiseled. Apply the contour shade on your jawline and blend it out about half an inch in an upward motion to give you that slim, V-line shape.

Finish your makeup routine with some blush and a setting spray, and your makeup will not move an inch all day long.

Wrap Up

A V-line face shape can help you accentuate your facial features and boost your overall self-esteem. We guarantee that following the guidelines discussed above can help you achieve your dream face shape.

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