21 Ways To Spend Time With Your Family


We all know having a good family is nothing less than blessings from god but in this modern era of hustle and workload family is something we all forget to pay attention to, we all are busy in doing our work and spend very less or negligible time with our family. 

ways to spend time with your family
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Today in this post I’ll share with you the top ways to spend time with your family members and share emotions together, so without any further delay let’s dive into ways to spend time with your family

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1. Have a family conversation together:

Some of the children are scared to talk to their fathers, they ghost away from the place as soon as their father arrives. This might be because of the strict father figure  which stops them from taking part in family conversations.

Being this strict to your children is not good for your child. Having a good understanding and conversation is very important for having family time, you should indulge in quality conversations and family discussions. 

2. Go on family trip:

Having a work life and personal life has become so essential nowadays due to the hectic work schedule. Planning a family trip could be the best option for having a great family time and sharing happiness. You can plan an outing trip for your family.

Go there , spend time with your family apart from work and enjoy with your children and other members of the family. 

This not only will help you spend time with your family but also freshen up your mind and that will help you do your work more effectively. 

3. Have meals together with your family members:

It’s very common for children now to pick up their phone and go to another room to have their meals while watching videos on their smartphones, laptops or any other device which keeps them cut off from spending good time with their family.

We should always have meals together or at least dinner together. That not only helps spending good time with your family but also uplifts the mood making you feel more refreshed.

4. Playing Family Games:

Playing family games is one of the best ways to enjoy and spend time with your family to spread happiness among them. Family games may include games like carrom, ludo, chess or any other games which all of your family members love to play.

This is the best way to laugh and play together. You can check out some cool games here to play with your family, friends and kids.

5. Watching Movies Together:

Watching movies together would be a great idea to spend time with your family members. You can watch any movie on tv or laptop whatever is preferred with your family and share happiness among them. This will work as the best mood refresher and also the best family time pass, this way you can entertain yourself and also spend a good family time.

6. Go to theater for any movie or show:

If you are at your home during vacations and searching for ways to spend time with your family then this would be one of the best options among all. Going to the theater for a good movie or show with your family members and spending a good time with them and exchanging laughs would be none less than a feeling of haven.

7. Get Involved in quality family discussions:

There are times when elders are involved in important discussions related to family or anything else, if you are teen then you should try to get involved in discussion. This way you’ll not only spend time with your family but also you’ll be somewhat mature about life and family conditions.

8. Go out for a dinner with your Family:

Are you bored living at home? Or you don’t get enough time to spend with your family? Going out for dinner would be a great option in both of the above listed cases. Go out for dinner, order your favorite meals and enjoy a pocket friendly happy family time.

9. Go on after dinner or early morning walks:

If you are living with your family then you must try to go on early morning or after dinner walks with your family members. This practice will make you healthy, disciplined and also give you good family time.

10. Celebrate festivals together:

Festivals are most enjoyable and charming when celebrated with family.  If you are out of your home during the festival season then you must try to celebrate the festival from your home and with your family.

This way not only you’ll celebrate the festivals with full joy your parents will be so happy seeing you there.

11. Read and learn together:

As a working parent sometimes it becomes so hard to give time to your child, especially for the family where both mother and father are working. 

Due to their work time they can’t spend quality time with their child, in this situation they should take out some time for their child helping them with their homework and doing some fun activities.  We have listed many self care ideas as well in one of our blog post.

12. Share Family Stories:

Sharing family stories is a great thing! This way not only your ward gets to

Know some really good family stories but also there is charm which spreads in the whole family recalling the old memories. There are multiple wedding anniversary gifts for parents are also available which you can give. 

13. Look where your teen is upto:

In many of the families the teens are not connected that much to their parents especially with their fathers, that might be because of the generation gap. Parents should try to understand their child a little more, which ultimately leads to a good understanding with children and a good family time.

14. Don’t use phone while sitting with your family:

When your family is gathered together and having a good fun discussion then you should avoid using your phone that time and spend time with them and laughing together.

15. Exercise together :

We all know that doing exercise is a very healthy habit for people of all age groups. And what is more good than spending time with your family while taking care of your health. Exercise together with your family and live a healthy life. 

16. Cook Together:

What is more interesting than cooking together with your family and then enjoying that food together. Cooking is a fun activity if done together, this way you’ll not only help your wife in cooking food but also enjoy a experience.

17. Click pictures together:

In this era of social media, clicking pictures with your family would be a great idea. Click pictures with your family members, share them on social media and have fun together. This will be a great fun activity for the entire family.

18. Have a family fun night:

How often do you enjoy fullest with your family members? The answer for most of you people will be very few times maybe twice or thrice a year. If your answer is also the same then you should organise a fun night with your family members and enjoy your life to fullest.

19. Clean the house together:

Hygiene and spending family time together, isn’t it a good idea?  Of course yes! If you are free at your home then you can clean your house together with your family members and help them out in their work.

20. Conversate with your kids:

Some children hesitate to talk to their parents due to their strict nature. In this situation it is your duty as a parent to bring your child into your  comfort zone while talking to you. You should spend a good quality time with your kids.

21. Sing Together:

Singing is the best fun activity with family members. You should sing with your family or singing related games with your family members. This will lighten up your mood and will also give you quality family time.

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4 thoughts on “21 Ways To Spend Time With Your Family”

  1. Ooh I love this! I always really enjoy movie nights with my family, it’s a chance for us all to unplug and spend some time together. We’re very serious about not going on phones too! I’d love to do some more game nights though. Thank you so much for sharing these brilliant suggestions x

  2. Cooking together is something me and my partner try to do a lot together since we don’t see each other during the day! It really helps 🙂


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