Things to consider before choosing sunglasses


Optical frames give people an opportunity to express their style. Some frames combine fashion and flexibility. Frames have popular brands like Prada glasses that reflect class, elegance, and uncompromising quality. The frames have good designs and are made of fine materials. They are ideal for people who want glasses that offer clarity and comfort and take the wearer to another level of style. Anyone can wear glasses, and unisex glasses are available. And they are used by men and women, and they look good on both. Frame styles vary from vintage to modern and are available in various materials and colors to suit all face shapes and head sizes.

People can choose the right eye frame depending on their eye color, hair color, and skin tone. Some popular styles of eyeglasses are:

  • Cat eyeglasses
  • Rectangular eyeglasses
  • Square eyeglasses
  • Pilot eyeglasses
  • Round eyeglasses
Things to consider before choosing sunglasses
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Points to consider while choosing a frame


Eyeglasses reveal a person’s style, and they are the first thing people notice about a person. They tell the world whether a person is traditionalist or trendy. Dark and thick frames are for people trying to make a statement about themselves. Creative and independent thinkers prefer tortoiseshell glasses.


Frames express the personality of a person in a fun way. Wearing glasses makes people look intelligent, honest, and trustworthy. Some own different frames to wear according to how they want to appear each day. Glasses give a glimpse of a person’s personality and reveal whether they are classy, conservative, or neat.

Shape and size of the face

  • Different frames suit faces of different shapes and sizes.
  • The square face looks good in a round and thin frame.
  • Rectangular and geometric frames suit round faces.
  • Aviator frames are excellent choices for heart-shaped faces.
  • Triangular faces look good in Cat-eye frames.
  • Square, rectangular and geometric frames are ideal for oval faces.
  • Round frames and oval frames look good on diamond-shaped faces. 

Hair and skin color

In general, hair and skin colors are classified as cool and warm. Black, grey, dark blue, and brown shades suit people with cool skin and hair tones. Frames in shades of copper, warm blue, peach, and red frames are for people with warm hair and skin tones.

Type of lens 

Any lens can fit into any frame. The lenses of prescription glasses are thick or thin. The frames need to be selected after considering the thickness of the lens. Light metal frames are for thin lenses, and thick plastic frames are suitable for thick lenses.

Add ons for eyeglasses to protect the eyes.

Anti-scratch coating: The lenses of the glasses are prone to scratches and abrasions. All plastic lenses need an anti-scratch coating to remain durable.

Anti-reflective coating: An anti-reflective coating prevents reflections on the lens at night. They make the lens invisible in photographs.

UV-blocking treatment: Exposure to UV rays causes problems like cataracts. Plastic lenses have built-in UV protection, but an additional coating for UV protection safeguards the eyes.

Photochromic treatment: Photochromic treatment automatically darkens the glasses exposed to UV and high-energy light rays. It becomes clear when indoors.

Popular eyewear like Prada glasses is trendy and elegant. They enable people to make a bold statement. The frames are made of high-quality materials and are available in various colors, shapes, and styles. People want to own at least one pair of glasses because they have become a style statement.

Things to consider before choosing sunglasses
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  1. I always get two separate glasses: one for indoors and one for going out. My outdoor glasses always has those additional addons which I like because it helps me to not get migraines. Good post!


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