Solutions for using video in sales: Where to use it?


The effectiveness of videos is not limited to prospects; they can also be used in the sales cycle to boost conversion rate, make faster deals, and increase responses.

Business deals are about building trust and forging solid relationships. Video helps coaching prospects find value in the products and services offered.

Solutions for using video in sales: Where to use it?
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However, little is known about using video in the sales process. It would help if you looked for effective solutions for using video in sales that could help you improve communication throughout the process. Some of the tips are given below:

Optimise the use of the email

Video outreach is an excellent way of grabbing the attention of buyers. A video email with an eye-catching subject line increases the chances of being viewed.

If you don’t receive a reply, you could send the same video again, making slight alterations in the subject line.

If you consider using voicemail, it is suggested to use video voicemail to intrigue and influence the viewer.

Create an exciting value proposition

Screen capture videos can be used to create value propositions for your product or service and reach the customers more effectively.

You explain all the attributes of the products beforehand instead of awaiting the prospect’s response.

It would be associated with more excellent value as, unlike a cold call, it does not cause disturbance to an individual.

The viewers could watch such videos at a time of their convenience. You could use the videos to walk through your sales deck, their company’s website, or the LinkedIn profile of the prospect.

Timely follow-ups

You will receive a notification when the prospect has watched the video. While email tracking notifies you that the potential customer has opened the email, video tracking shows the content skipped and protected by the prospect.

It is ideal to follow up when the clients are halfway through the content and have gained a certain understanding.

The representatives with thorough knowledge regarding the video segments that interested the viewer equip them with the most effective value proposition, significantly increasing sales.

Event meeting

Events and conferences may disorient prospects as they receive several emails throughout the day from different vendors.

You could stand out from other vendors with your video wearing what is usually worn at a conference or meeting and ending it with the calendar link.

Moreover, if you cannot reach the prospect before the beginning of the event, you could always send a video of the event.

Videos taken from the companies’ booths of the prospects, including a thumbnail of their team members, could grab the attention immediately.

Focus on account-based selling

Your efforts to leverage account-based selling need to be based on account-based videos and create a persona that sales representatives can mix and match.

Account-based selling is one of the most efficient solutions for using video in sales, which can save a lot of time with your second and third-tier accounts that may share several use cases and similarities.

You can use personalized videos to highlight your knowledge and give high-touch flair to the outreach for all the top accounts.

The use of videos is gaining impetus in accelerating the sales process as it entices the viewers, creating a far more significant impact. The tips discussed above will help you navigate videos and improve the sales cycle.


video in sales
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