3 Reasons Why You Need To Use Co-Sourcing


Have you wondered how doctor-patient records, courtroom discussions, and other important meetings are transformed into document forms?

The answer to that is transcription. Some tools can help in generating transcripts from conversations.

These are computer applications, but if you read their outputs, they fail to completely capture the conversation because human speech can have nuances only another human can understand.

It is where transcription services or co-sourcing becomes valuable. Co-sourcing is a collaborative effort between a customer and an outside vendor, such as a professional service provider, to complete a task.

Depending on the unique abilities required to complete the project, a firm selects a vendor to collaborate with.

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What is Transcription or Co-Sourcing Services?

You can generate audio and video records fast and effort-free, thanks to technological advancements. As a result, many of them are enthusiastic about sharing their recordings.

On the other hand, there are instances where a written equivalent of the same video and audio recordings is required, like legal testimonies, lectures, podcasts, interviews, and speeches, amongst other things.

Transcription is the process of converting audio or video information into written documents. Telecommunications translation firms that provide transcription services might hire transcriptionists to complete basic transcriptions and legal and medical transcriptions.

General transcribing does not need specialized training. However, it is preferable to have professional training for individuals who wish to specialize in certain disciplines, such as the legal, medical, or healthcare professions.

For example, in legal transcribing, the subject matter expert has formal education and years of expertise in the legal sector. In addition, they will need to have the necessary knowledge and experience since they will come across a peculiar language to the industry, such as in medical transcribing.

Who Needs Co-Sourcing Services

  1. The legal profession. Legal practitioners are among the many professionals who make use of the service. These experts require transcriptions of court witnesses’ testimonies, court hearings, depositions, and other recorded evidence. As a result, judges, jurors, and attorneys have a written script with the audio/video file to ensure no data will be misunderstood. 
  2. Primary Care Physicians frequently share medical records with other medical experts to ensure the proper care is administered in hospital transfers or other medical emergencies.
  3. Higher Education and continuous learning are growing industries. Graduate students, professors, and students pursuing doctoral degrees may now require transcription services, as most source materials are available in audio and video forms. Most schools and universities provide recorded content to students enrolled in online classes.
  4. Market researchers will also profit from transcribing services since it will allow them to have a written record of conversations gathered in the field. Participant replies are important feedback in developing and improving consumer products.
  5. Businesses in general upload transcribed copies of keynote speeches at major events such as symposia and conferences, which significantly increases the reach of their message. You may utilize it as a clever marketing technique for those who represent a firm.

Why Let the Experts do it?

Co sourcing has the human resources and expertise to do the job efficiently. They provide the training to their staff to cater to many clients.

Hiring someone on your own might not be the most cost-efficient option since you still have to shoulder employee benefits and related costs.

If you need fast, reliable transcription work, visit a dedicated co-sourcing site with proven experience and competence.


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