How To Choose The Perfect Hill Station Resort To Spend Your Summer Vacation?


Summer Vacation: The best time to take a break, blow some steam, rejuvenate and do everything you can’t do throughout the year.

According to a recent survey, approximately 100 million Americans, or let’s just say every 4 in 10 US adults plan a family trip to spend their summer vacations. And one thing the pandemic and the year 2020 taught is to live life to the fullest while you can. 

This summer season, every other person would definitely be finding ways to beat the scorching high temperatures. And also, many would be looking forward to their much-needed break from their messed-up work-life balance. People living in warm places such as Arizona, Florida, and Texas can definitely relate to it. So, what’s the best way to beat the heat than to plan a trip to a hill station?

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From having adventures in the mountain trails to reading a book by yourself and experiencing the peace in the lap of hills, the reasons to spend your vacations in a hill station are endless. But did you find the perfect resort yet? Obviously, you are not going to choose the first one you see online. Right? Make your reservation with best travel agency like and get some great tips that can help you find the perfect resort for your accommodation in a hill station.

1. Tally the price list:

People who have never been to the hills tend to get roped into staying at an expensive hotel that’s not even worth the price they pay. Make sure that you play smart while choosing your accommodation.

This means that whenever you are booking any resort, you need to check their affordability. The facilities that they are providing should be in accordance with the price they are charging. This will help you get assured that you are charged adequately for the hotel’s facilities.

You can also use some other hotel booking hacks that can help you score a cheap yet perfect hotel for your stay. Compare the price list as well as the discount rates of different hotels and resorts so that you can choose the best one at the best price. 

2. Go through the amenities:

While booking a hotel anywhere, the general rule of thumb is that you go through the list of facilities they provide. But when it comes to hill stations, the list of necessities and amenities gets a bit longer.

What if you book a room in a hill station and there is no fireplace in it to keep you warm throughout the night? Or worse, what if there is a fireplace, but the vents are either not working or not being installed? That’s indeed going to create trouble during your vacation.

So, make sure that whichever hotel or resort you choose to spend your vacation, you go through the complete amenities list and research everything about it.

For instance, suppose the hotel has a LED fireplace in every room. You should know everything about it such as, are vents needed for led electric fireplace, and contact the hotel staff to confirm if everything in the room is perfectly installed.

Other than this, find out if the hotel provides a hot tub, kettle, extra blankets, and everything else that you need to sustain the chilly weather. 

You’ll know it’s the right time to make the final decision once you get satisfied with the amenities and facilities of the resort/hotel.

3. Do not miss out on online reviews:

Whenever you purchase anything online, do you look at the reviews or make the purchase blindly? Obviously, the former is true for most people. The same goes for the hotel you are about to book.

No matter how fancy and exotic the hotel looks on the internet, it might not have a good history with its customers. According to the industry experts, you can find out about a hotel just by reading the online customer reviews as it will help you land in a good and reputed hotel that has served their customers well.

After all, it’s first-hand information from the customers who share their personal experience of staying in a particular hotel or a resort. 

Wrapping Up

The place where you stay during vacations plays a crucial role in ensuring that you go back with happy memories. So, try not to rush your decision and choose the best resort after following the tips mentioned above and enjoy your stay in the hills. 

4 thoughts on “How To Choose The Perfect Hill Station Resort To Spend Your Summer Vacation?”

  1. Wow this was such a great and brief description about how to choose the right hill station to travel, you covered all the main points, which was required for it.

  2. Missed doing these tips actually! Hope this Pandemic would pass through already and we can live normally again. Have yet to visit the US and hoping to experience this hill station resort kind of vacation soon!

  3. I totally agree, going somewhere where you can have lots of fun and collect memorable moments such that you would want to go there again and again is so beautiful.

  4. Great tips and am just waiting to travel again. There are so many spots to visit and this article has great pointers.


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