7 Timeless Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Perfect for Any Wedding Theme


Hey Pretty? Are you in search of some gorgeous Navy blue bridesmaid dresses? We have found the best 7 Navy blue bridesmaid dresses that you definitely need to check out once.

All these Navy blue bridesmaid dresses are affordable and beautiful. You’ll love each Navy blue dress outfit in this post because they are elegant and timeless.

We have included every type of Navy blue bridesmaid dress. From a simple Navy blue bridesmaid dress to Navy blue bridesmaid Dresses for plus size. You will find 7 Chic and Elegant Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses in this post.

7 navy blue bridesmaid dresses
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You will discover a variety of great Navy blue bridesmaid dresses by color, styles, patterns, and also designers here.

This exclusive post on Navy blue bridesmaid dresses will also guide you on how you can style your bridesmaid Dresses beautifully. 

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Reasons to wear a Navy Blue Bridesmaid dress

Here are some great reasons:

  1. Versatility: Navy blue is a versatile and vibrant color. It can be worn in a variety of occassions, from formal events to casual outings and in your best friend’s wedding.
  2. Slimming effect: Navy blue is known to have a slimming effect. If you want to look slimmer then you must have to try this color.
  3. Comfortable: Navy blue is a comfortable color to wear. Also if you are a black lover but do not want to wear it on anyone’s wedding then you can get yourself a navy blue bridesmaid dress. This will give you the same comfort as Black color.

Let’s find your perfect Navy blue bridesmaid dress to rock your next event. 

7 Best Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Simple Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress

If you looking for a chic and simple navy blue bridesmaid dress then this is for you. This floor-length bridesmaid dress is perfect for someone who wants to dance all night.

It has v neck that makes it look more gorgeous. This bridesmaid dress is made of chiffon and Lace.

simple navy blue bridessmaid dress
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V-neck design makes you more feminine. The sleeveless detail can actually meet your matching needs on different occasions, such as weddings and proms.

It has a zipper Closure.

2. Navy blue bridesmaid dresses with sleeves

If you prefer long-sleeved dresses then you can check out this navy blue bridesmaid dress with long sleeves.

The Fabric Type is 90% Polyester, and 10% Spandex.

navy blue bridesmaid dress with sleeves
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This dress has Deep V Neck, 3/4 Sleeve, and Back Zipper and the length is floor length.

3. Navy blue bridesmaid dresses short

If you do not like floor-length dresses you can go for a short one. This matte satin midi dress is a perfect dress if you like a simple yet classy look. Also, this dress has pockets yayyy!

navy blue bridesmaid dress short
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The fabric type of this dress is 100% poly. This dress has a  classic square neckline for a timeless look.

This cute and casual bridesmaid dress is suitable for all women. You will never regret getting one! 

4. Midi Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress

If you want a pretty sleeve dress this is for you. This long-sleeve chiffon bridesmaid dress gives off boho vibes. Elastic bands at the shoulders let you switch to an off-the-shoulder look.

midi navy blue bridesmaid dress
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It has a back zipper and it is fully lined.

5. Modest Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress

If your fashion type is modest wear then we have also something for you.

I have found one of the best Modest Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses. This dress comes with short sleeves.

modest navy blue bridesmaid dress
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Fabric is Composite silky chiffon. It has Boat Neckline and Zip up on the back. This is a Pleated floor length dress. The pattern of the sleeves is beautiful. 

6. Satin Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress

This deep v-neck smooth satin dress is truly a perfect Navy blue bridesmaid dress. 

silk navy blue bridesmaid dresses
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It has Wide shoulder straps and it’s sleeveless. The design is so clean and simple. 

7. Plus Size Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dress

Fashion is for everyone. We have also included a plus-size bridesmaid dress. The Off-shoulder pattern of this dress looks cuter. It has layered ruffles at the top.

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The ruffle top can be worn off the shoulder, with shoulder, one-shoulder, or strapless. It can be changed to fit different occasions.

How to style Navy blue dresses?

Navy blue is a versatile color. Here are a few ideas for styling navy blue dresses:

  1. Add some sparkle: You can Accessorize a navy blue dress with metallic jewelry, such as silver or gold earrings, bracelets, or a statement necklace.

  2. Belting it: You can add a belt with a navy blue dress to look classy.

  3. Statement Jewelry: Add statement jewelry to your navy blue dress to add some glamour.

  4. Layer it up: Layer a navy blue dress over a crisp white button-up shirt for a chic and preppy look.

I hope you have found your bridesmaid dress while reading this post. Please let us know your preference in the comments so we can find the best dress for you. 

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navy blue bridesmaid dresses
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