Wardrobe Essentials : Must have Pants for Women


Pants! It is a word that rules every woman’s heart because it is highly comfortable. Besides making you comfy, pants give you your desired look. Do you want to hone a classic look? Well, wear a white shirt with skin-tight denim. Are you looking for the perfect pair to make you rock that street look? Cargos to your rescue!

Must have Pants for Women
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In simple words, you can create a nice balance of comfort and look with different types of pants. So, what is the wait for? Read on to find out what essential pants every woman must have in their wardrobe. We’ll also mention a few ideas on how to pair them to amp up your fashion game!

1. Cargo pants

They emerged as a trend in the 1990s and took off in the early 2000s. But they are back in the game yet again. Interestingly, cargo pants are conventional bottoms that every woman must own.

With these bottoms, you can get a classy, elegant, or street-style look. For comfort, you can pair them with crop tops, mid-length tees, and tube tops.

As far as the footwear is concerned, you can pair them with pump heels for a sleek look. If you want to go street-style, wear a pair of nice sneakers, and you are all set for the day.

2. Shimmer Pants

Oh! You must never miss out on these statement pairs of pants. The fashionistas love shimmer pants because they offer so much space for experimenting.

You can wear them as a day outfit or for your night out with friends and family. They are super comfy and add elegance to your overall look.

You can pair them with button-down shirts, blazers, graphic tees, and sweaters. They are the perfect piece to get that elegant fashion style. Remember that heels and shimmer pants are best friends.

3. Slim fit Pants

Did you know slim-fit pants are a closet staple for every woman, regardless of her love for fashion? Well, yes, it’s true!

Slim-fit pants are a great ensemble to highlight your curves while adding a toned effect to your legs. Find them in high waist, mid-rise, and other styles to fit your fashion quotient.

They are remarkable for casual wear. But you can also pair them with an off-shoulder top for a perfect evening party outfit.

Interestingly, you can pick footwear according to your comfort level. Some choose sneakers, while others like pencil heels to amp up the style.

4. Satin pants

The fashion world is obsessing over satin pants these days. They come in various colors, designs, patterns, and sizes. Whether you have an S or X size, you can find them in any size.

They are a fantastic choice for summer and winter outfits. You can wear them with blazers for winters and with tube tops or tees in summer.

Most people use it as a party ensemble for their unique and classy look. Interestingly, you can also wear them as a coord set.

Bottom Line

Besides the basics like denim jeans, bootcut, wide-leg, and mom jeans, there are other pants you must have to amp up your dressing style.

You can find the ones that bring out the best in your personality. We suggest experimenting a little to know what else other than the regular will look good on you.

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