7 Must-Have Fall Hats to Elevate Your Autumn Style


It’s Autumn! Yes, that cozy, chilly, and color-changing leaves time. And so it’s time to change the wardrobe too. We know you have already started a wardrobe refresh. It can go like – your cozy sweaters, high boots, and scarves.

But wait… there’s one more thing to add to your Fall Wardrobe. A Cute Fall Hat. Hats are like the cherry on top of your fall outfit! And we do not want you to miss this super cute yet comforting accessory.

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In this Hats Guide, You will get to know 7 types of Fall hats. The hats that can make your wardrobe bloom in this fall season. These hats are not just a fashion statement but also comfortable.

Here you go –

1. Berets

Berets hat
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Imagine you have a soft, round hat. It can be lots of colors, like deep red or warm yellow(Fav Fall Colors). Berets make you look a bit like a stylish person from Paris, haha, that is true!

You can wear Berets with long coats or big sweaters, and they make you look fancy! They give you an old-money and chic vibe.

2. Fedora

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Fedoras are special hats that make you look very stylish and cool. They have wide brims and look a bit mysterious(the spy type).

A wool fedora in brown or camel color would look great for fall. We recommend you wear it with a nice coat and boots, and you’ll look gorgeous!

3. Beanies

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When it’s cold outside, you need something to keep your head warm. And here our all-time comforting beanies come in.
These snug, cozy hats are not only practical but also super cute. Beanies are like warm, soft hats that fit your head perfectly.

Beanies have so many styles nowadays. They are not boring anymore. They go with everything you wear and keep your ears warm.

If you are still thinking about what type of beanie you should go for, Then I would say just keep a black beanie in your fall wardrobe.

4. Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats
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Bucket hats are coming back into fashion. Okay but how they look like? They’re like hats with wide brims that cover your head. You can get the whole pop and summer vibes with these hats.

You can get them in soft materials like corduroy or suede. Okay and how to style this Bucket hat? Here’s the simple yet effective way – Get a nice denim flared pants with a crop shirt (colorful), your fav. Pair of shoes and a cute bucket hat. That’s it, that’s the game!

5. Newsboy Caps

Newsboy Caps
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Well… they are kinda cool and bold. Newsboy caps are the old-time caps. They are classy yet cool. They’re made of special materials like wool or tweed. These all fabrics are warm and comfortable.

Stying them is simple. You just need a furry jacket and high-waisted pants to look cool and old-school with these hats. And yes, a pair of high boots too.

6. Floppy Hats

Floppy Hats
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Ok girl, if you are so much into the bohemian vibe, this is for you! Imagine you have a hat with a super big brim. That’s a floppy hat! They’re cool for keeping the sun away from your eyes. Isn’t this the best thing?

You can get them in colors like deep red or forest green or just a minimal wooden or nude color. These hats go so well with long dresses, big sweaters, and short boots. Keep your hair open for a bonus look.

7. Trapper Hats

Trapper Hats
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On the coldest days, you need a hat that keeps you warm. Trapper hats are like that. They have a furry lining that makes you feel cozy.

They also have furry flaps that keep your ears warm.

Ugh, no we do not have any styling tips for this one as these hats are mainly used for comfort. However, you can wear it with your casual outfit like jeans, shirts, and a puffy jacket.


Hats are not just for keeping your head warm; they make you look super cool too. You have lots of choices, so pick one that you like and wear it when you go outside this fall. It’s like the icing on a yummy cake but for your outfit!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as we enjoyed making this for you. Please share it with your besties who are doing a wardrobe refresh for fall and help them with the hats collection.

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