5 Sweet Ideas for Starting New Family Traditions


Family is the foundation of our lives, and it’s full of people we can always count on.

However, sometimes we start paying less attention and devoting less time to the ones we love, as we lose track of what’s important while we are ticking things off of our to-do list, hurrying, and working.

Family traditions are a way for families to bond and create memories that will last, and it is also a way for parents to pass on family values, which helps you to connect with each other and build stronger relationships.

5 Sweet Ideas for Starting New Family Traditions
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Sweet Ideas for Starting New Family Traditions

In this blog, we will uncover 5 ideas for new family traditions your family could start. We made sure that they’ll fit different family styles, values, and ages.

1. Heirloom Custom Birthstone Ring

Start a new heirloom tradition with a priceless and dazzling piece of jewelry. Jewelry is more than just a decorative element to add to your outfits, it is also an affirmation of what you love and your values.

So start a new tradition with a fine gold custom birthstone ring. Find birthstones that will carry your family’s values and manifestations through generations to come, and decorate your priceless piece with gems of choice.

Rings will also spark joy by carrying memories you created with your loved ones while you spent time together, so you can feel close to them, even when you’re apart.

The most beautiful part of it is that when you pass it down to your children, all of the meaning, joy and memories will only get enhanced and will gain an even greater sentimental value. 

2. Weekly Game Night

Start a tradition of having a game night every weekend! This tradition can be carried out with extended or immediate family – and it makes for a sweet bonding experience.

Decide on a day of the week or a month when you will all make sure your evening is free and sit together for a round or two of a board game.

If you can’t decide on which game to play, let each player suggest 2 games they’d like to play, write them down on a piece of paper, and put it in a jar.

That’s how you can then always pick one from a jar and make sure everyone has an equal chance of their game getting decided.

If you have younger kids your game nights will help them with their social skills and conflict resolution, and for older kids it will give you a chance to have a relaxed talk about what they’re up to since you’ll all be together after days when you’re both busy working or studying.

Some of the games we love are Wavelength, Drama Llama, and Flip Uno. Make sure the games you choose are suitable for your kids as well – children can get bored of too complicated games and won’t enjoy time together as much.

3. Family Book Club

Family book clubs can be executed in different ways. Firstly, you can decide which books you will be reading – find a book everyone will love and discuss it together or you can read your books of choice together at a set time and date.

Secondly, you can have a family book swap, where you all have to find a book someone else might enjoy or you can host a family book club party, with themed foods and drinks based on the book you read.

Then whenever you get done with a book, each person presents what they liked the most about this book and shares their thoughts and opinion.

This will also build confidence, presenting, and leading skills.

This idea might apply to extended or immediate families with teens and older children more than to families with small kids, however, you can still get together, have kids play with each other, and chat about books in the meantime.

4. Cooking Together

Learn new useful skills while bonding in your kitchen. Make cookie dough and have each family member choose a different one. Cooking together is a great way to bond as a family and learn new skills.

You can cook a simple meal or try a new recipe. You can even have a theme night and cook food from different countries, dress up and listen to a playlist from that country, or you can make a few courses, and each member chooses one of them.

Learning how to cook will make your kids feel more confident and it will help with their independence.

If you’re planning on doing dinners with your extended family you can also choose a theme, country, or color and each person makes a course or a side dish that fits that theme.

This will make it more exciting and it will also make for a great talking point.

5. Memory Jar

A memory jar is a simple yet enchanting tradition to start practicing with your family. Write down memories on little papers and put them in a jar, so at the end of the year, after you exchange your gifts,  you can gather together to read and remember memories. Makes for a tradition you will look forward to every year.


Whether you would like to be more active or if you’d like to have more nights in, there are infinite smaller and bigger traditions you can start.

From cooking together to going hiking you will find an activity that fits your family’s energy, time and wishes.

You can also strengthen your bonds beyond spending time together with precious jewelry that will remind you of your loved ones even when you’re not together.

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