Basement Conversion Ideas – Heater Installation


A basement conversion can boost the floor space in your home while adding considerably to the property’s value. The basement can be a great family space with games, a television, and comfortable seating.

Heater Installation
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This is also where many appliances such as heating and cooling systems are installed, so it makes sense, when planning this space, to provide an area that can be walled off to make a utility room that will house these significant appliances.

Before undertaking this conversion, the homeowner will contact a building contractor to undertake the construction. Still, it is not a good idea to get building contractors to manage the installation of new boilers or water heaters.

Heater installation is a task better undertaken by professionals who understand the ramifications of selecting the correct tanks, piping, ducts, and valves. This also comes in handy when opting for piping, valves, or duct cleaning services.

Why Install a New System?

The most important reason is that you are extending your heating requirements to include the basement. The current heating system is designed for the floor space specified initially, but now you intend to add considerably more floor space.

In addition, basements tend to be cold, so you will need to keep the warm air you have inside and add to it to keep the family comfortable through the depths of winter.

What to Look Out for When Installing a New Furnace?

There are several factors that homeowners should consider when looking at installing a new furnace. This is where the knowledge and experience of qualified technicians can be invaluable.

The Furnace

Furnaces have undergone a radical transformation in recent years and have become very energy efficient and more effective in heat creation. The most common types of furnaces are either gas-powered or electric-powered.

Furnaces powered by electricity are quieter, and installation is usually less expensive than gas-powered furnaces. Electrical furnaces can also have a long life expectancy and can last up to 30 years with appropriate maintenance, but they are not as efficient as gas-powered furnaces.

Gas-powered furnaces heat a home faster than their counterparts and are far more effective at maintaining the temperature within the home.

The Cost of Installation

The installation process for a gas-powered furnace is more complex than that for an electrical-powered furnace, so the installation costs are correspondingly higher. Natural gas is highly combustible, and the product of burning this gas is carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas that must be safely and correctly vented.

Electrical furnaces required high voltage, heavy-duty cables to be laid from the electrical breaker box to the furnace. Another thing to consider when looking at installation is the warranty given by the installer for their work.

The costs of ongoing maintenance

An electric furnace has no annual maintenance costs and does not require inspections or cleaning.

A gas-powered furnace must be maintained regularly by trained technicians. The gas burners must be periodically inspected and cleaned and checks undertaken for condensation that could cause corrosion. Tests must also be conducted to ensure that carbon monoxide is not leaking and that all system parts are sealed.

The effect on the household energy bills

Electrically powered furnaces will affect the monthly electricity bill, but with modern energy-efficient units, this impact can be mitigated to a degree.

Gas is cheaper than electricity, and changing to a gas option will reduce the monthly utility bill.

Final Thoughts

The conversion of a basement can be an exciting project for the whole family, and setting aside a utility room makes a great deal of sense from the convenience and aesthetic points of view.

Talented DIYers may be tempted to undertake these tasks themselves, but this is not recommended. Professional installation will guarantee and ensure that the most effective furnace is installed that will be cost-effective over the unit’s life.

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