10+ Haldi Outfit Ideas For Bridesmaids


The wedding bells are ringing right around the corner, and if you have not decided on your outfits, then you must undoubtedly hurry up, or else you will mess with wardrobe malfunctioning, which is something you do not want to happen on such a beautiful occasion when hundreds of people surround you. 

Weddings or wedding season is one of the joyful seasons after a long wait, including a wholesome procedure from inviting guests to taking care of what to wear according to the season and trend.

And if you are busy with all the arrangements and have no idea what to wear, look no more, for we have your back in this article. 

Outfits For Haldi Functions For Bridesmaids
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As a bridesmaid, if you are wondering what to wear for the fascinating Haldi function, then we got you in the following part of the article, where we have added some of the exquisite outfits that are appropriate for the Haldi function and will suit all the body types without any hassle and most importantly most of the outfits are either Indian or Indo-western which are suitable for the Indian weddings. So, without any further delay, continue reading the article till the end to learn more styles. 

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What is an appropriate outfit for the Haldi ceremony?

Well! Well! The most appropriate colour for Haldi is hot yellow or mustard colour; however, you can carry yourself in the same yellow colour dress, or you could keep the yellow for the bride and pick some dashing contrasting colours such as pink, blue or maroon which will complement the bride also make you look unique. 

And when talking about the dress, for girls, the options are endless. You can pick a plain saree or a little dramatic ruffled saree, or you can go with a lehenga, a three-piece suit, and so on.

However, as bridesmaids, you can keep the outfit and make-up a little simpler than the bride as you do not want to spoil her day. 

Outfits For Haldi Functions For Bridesmaids

Choosing the right outfit for the everyday schedule is so hectic, but what is much more hectic is selecting the outfit for special occasions such as weddings and pre-ceremonies.

We must ensure we do not go out of style, stick to the latest trend, match the theme, and, most importantly, pick a comfortable suit. With all this, it is a task, but now you no longer have to worry about it.

Below are some of the gorgeous dresses, suits, and sarees that complement the day seamlessly. Check out all the outfits and pick the best one for yourself.

1. Salwar suit

Salwar suit for haldi
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For the effortless and most gorgeous look, you can go with an Anarkali salwar suit with a printed dupatta. This look can be easily created without hassle and in very little time.

If you do not want to look loud but want everything to be subtle and lovely, this outfit is a must-try. Along with this suit, you can pair contrasting shoes and oxidised jewellery, complementing the dress and bringing out the wedding vibes. 

2. Ruffled saree

Ruffled saree for haldi
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This outfit has my heart. Indian weddings are incomplete without a saree, as they are considered to be one of the most elegant outfits that anyone would love to wear.

And this saree has ruffles, which makes the occasion much more gorgeous. You can wear glam makeup, a bun hairdo with a red or pink flower, and appropriate jewellery matching the overall outfit. 

3. Lehenga

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Well, who does not love to wear a lehenga at the Haldi ceremony? And these days, there are numerous lehenga styles with different designer blouses.

If you, too, love wearing a lehenga, then you should certainly pick this as your outfit for the upcoming Haldi without any doubts. You could take a dupatta and hang it on your arms for a very chic look.

Also, for that extra drama, you can wear sunglasses and captivate everyone with your breathtaking outfit. 

4. Half-saree

Half-saree for haldi
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Ah! This half-saree gives the most of the South Indian vibes. If you want to look elegant, you must wear this outfit.

It looks gorgeous, and you will fall in love all over again. You can also wear any makeup and hairdo you choose and still look dashing in this beautiful yellow half saree. 

5. Three piece suit

Three piece suit for haldi
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One of the most trending outfits you can opt for is this beautiful three-piece suit of a blouse, bottom, and jacket that looks easy, breezy, and effortlessly beautiful.

The little skin show gets everyone’s attention, and we are sure you will enjoy it. You pair this outfit with long earrings and a big ring, and that’s all.

You will be done, and also, you don’t have to worry about the necklace or bangles as your earrings are enough to complement.

6. Blouse and trousers

Blouse and trousers for haldi
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Well! For that bossy kind of look, you can certainly go with this blouse and trousers, which depict both your character and yours.

You look a little extra with body vibes that will hound around you once you wear the outfit. Wear contrasting shoes and a similar colour clutch to match your outfit and make it much more attractive. 

7. Sharara suit

Sharara suit for haldi
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Sharara sets are back in trend after so many decades now. And try out this trend before it gets too old for you to try.

Instead of going with just yellow, you can also pair the salwar with white pants to bring out the essence of the dress. Open your hair and do light makeup, and you will be ready. 

8. Pakistani high-low suit

Pakistani high-low suit
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This Pakistani high-low suit will undoubtedly make you fall in love. The embroidery, pattern, ruffles on sleeves, and the high-low style are unique and stylish these days. With this dress, you do not have to carry anything extra, be it the hairdo or the makeup, as the dress gives so much Haldi vibes. 

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9. Pink and yellow suits

Pink and yellow suits
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If you are bored with plain yellow, you can try out a dress like this one, which has a glimmer of pink. You can ditch a yellow outfit for the bride, and you can carry yourself with this simple yet stylish three-piece suit.

You could also go with some quirky jewellery and make it with bold lipstick, and you will be done for the day. 

10. Pink suit

Pink suit
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Why should a Haldi outfit be in yellow? Well, everyone doesn’t need to wear yellow as bridesmaids. You can carry yourself in contrasting colours to add a little drama around the surroundings.

I make the bride alone to get all the attention for the D-day. Wearing a salwar kameez suit and a no-makeup makeup look is simply what you need. 

11. Twin the outfits

Twin the outfits
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Well, twinning the outfits is again one of the best ideas. Wear an elegant yellow and white suit set with some dainty, such as nose rings and earrings with some bangles, and you will all be charged for the day.

This twinning could be done even with big groups where you can wear similar dresses. 

12. Cotton sharara suit

Cotton sharara suit
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For summer weddings, here is the perfect outfit that is easy to handle and comfortable during hot weather.

This cotton sharara suit will take away all your street during the ceremony as you do not have to put effort into carrying the dress or even maintaining it. Throw a bag in an opposite colour, and you will be ready to see the beauty of weddings. 

13. Double shaded lehenga

Double shaded lehenga
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Oh, this style will have your heart! The yellow and white lehenga with balloon sleeves looks absolutely stunning and very easy to carry to twirl around.

This is also one of the most gorgeous outfits that you will ever see yourself in. When in doubt about what to wear, then you must give this dress a try. 

In a nutshell

All in all, Indian weddings are incomplete and can seem bland without the hint of haldi vibes with haldi ceremony. When you doubt what to wear, your go-to color is the rich yellow or mustard shade, which creates a gorgeous vibe on Haldi day.

And if you want to captivate the crowd with your outfit, then you must doll up with the styles, as mentioned earlier, that go well during the wedding rituals. 

We have mentioned the outfits that match each style and every body type and are appropriate for Indian weddings and functions.

Overall, we believe that you enjoyed reading the article to the end and found it thoughtful and exciting.

Also, do not miss out on our latest updates for you in the coming days. 

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