First Period Of A Girl: Mood Swings, Myths & Pain


Heyy Pretty Girls!! we all know that From childhood to growing up, there are many changes in us.

We move from childhood to old age. There comes a stage Called adolescence!!

Many changes are seen in our body and mind during adolescence.

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Our voice becomes heavy, Height rises, Hair comes on the genitals.

There are many changes. In this time there is a significant change in girls. Which is called – menstruation.

Today I will tell you all the important things about menstruation(your first period) So if you are small or you are going to come to the age of puberty So all these things will give you information beforehand and make you alert so that you do not have trouble going forward.

1. My first period story

Firstly I am gonna tell you my period story so that you can escape from that horrible situation.

I was 14 and in 8th. For 3 days my stomach was hurting and I also had a headache.

I ignore it and Didn’t pay so much attention I think I will be fine.

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One day when I am in my school. My school uniform has been bloodstained. Was a little but there was. That Could be seen by everyone. I didn’t know what’s that!!

I literally did’t know anything about that. Then I had a friend who took me to the washroom. So she told me that I have had periods.

I was like periods? what’s that?! And the she gave me a handkerchief and told me to put this under my v*ginal area. I did that.

On that day I also had an English test so I could not even go home.

Some boys in my class started laughing when they saw a bloodstain on my school uniform. I felt so hurt that day 🙁

I did not stand up at school just was sitting from morning till evening. When school was over, I woke up and I quickly hung up my bag so that the bloodstain could be hidden from others.

Then I told my mother everything about that all this(my first period) happened. So they gave me a book, In which everything was written about that. When I read that I understood all the things.

After this, my Mom gave me a pad. How to use everything she told me.

I started feeling normal when I got all this.

I told you this because it can be happened to you also so be prepared for this.

You may also face this type of circumstance. That’s what about my first period 😛

This should not happen to you, that’s why I would like to tell you all things in advance.

So that you do not face any kind of problem.

2. What are Periods?

Menstruation is also known as rajodharma, menstruation cycle, or periods.

Menstruation is the discharge from the uterus and the internal part due to changes in hormones in the body of women.

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Menstruation does not occur at the same age.

For girls it can occur from 9 to 17 years of age, by the way, normally, girls start menstruating at the age of 11 to 13 years.

Because of Masik Chakra, hormones are made in the body which is good for the body.

They make the body ready for conception.

The day of the menstrual cycle is counted from the first day of the onset of periods to the first day of the next period.

3. Why we get periods?

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When a girl reaches adolescence, her ovaries start producing hormones called estrogen and progesterone. Due to these hormones, the lining of the uterus begins to thicken once every month.

Some other hormones indicate the ovaries to produce and release an undesired ovum.

Usually, if the girl does not have sex around menstruation So the layer of the uterus that was getting thick and ready for pregnancy breaks down and comes out as bleeding.

This is called menstruation. It’s all about the human body system so don’t worry about this all.

4. What happened during periods?

• Bleeding: Yess girls we bleed in periods. During periods, the question often comes to mind is how long the bleeding should be and in what quantity should it be considered normal.

The secretion at the time of period i.e. MC is not just blood. It also contains destroyed tissue. The quantity of blood in it is about 50 mL.

• Hormonal changes: In the early days of the menstrual cycle, hormones called estrogen increase.

These hormones keep the body healthy, Especially makes bones strong. Also, due to this hormone, a velvety layer of blood and tissue is formed on the inner wall of the uterus, So that the fetus can develop fast by getting nutrition there.

This layer is made up of blood and tissue.

5. Signs and symptoms of first period

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Some symptoms are seen in the woman’s body before menstruation or menstruation. Eg – stomach pain and cramps before menstruation.

With the onset of menstruation, there may also be diarrhea or vomiting and white discharge from the private part.

Duration of the first period

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Periods or menstruation occur once a month. This cycle is usually 28 to 35 days.

This process occurs every month until the woman becomes pregnant. This means between 28 to 35 days.

Periods last for more than 8/9 days in a month. If someone stays for only 3/4 days, then between five or seven days.

There is no problem with this, everyone’s lifestyle is different, so there is a difference between days.

6.Nature/Behavior/moods during periods

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Basically, In the process of the menstrual period, there is the main role of estrogen which causes changes in mood.

During the time when estrogen is being produced in a large amount by the body, the lining of the uterus is increased and the women can suffer many other symptoms associated with the menstrual cycles such as headache bloating cramps, and overall tension!

All of these symptoms can contribute to the amount and the intensity of the mood swings during periods.

7. Period pain(how to reduce period pain/cramps)

Due to changing lifestyles, pollution, and changes in diet, women often have a lot of pain problems during their periods. Even though there are alternatives to pen killer medications for quick relief from this problem, many times women hesitate to take these medicines in medical consultation.

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You can try these home remedies to reduce period pain those which can be adopted for the relief of severe pain during menstruation.

They have neither a side effect nor are they more expensive.

Consuming ginger during period pain also provides immediate relief. Finely chop a piece of ginger in a cup of water and boil it.

If desired, add sugar as per taste. Three times a day after meals and you’ll feel better.

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Hot water bag
To relieve period pain, soak the stomach and waist with a bag of warm water. This will give instant relief.

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Carom seeds(Ajwain)
Often during periods, there is an increase in gastric problems in women, due to which there is a sharp abdominal pain.

Consuming celery is very effective in dealing with it. Half a teaspoon of celery and half a teaspoon of salt.

• Eat a healthy and balanced diet. For this, you should include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet.

• Drink plenty of water and juice.

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• Take proper sleep and rest.

8. How to deal with your daughter’s first period? (For Mom and dad)

This is the right time when you should inform your daughter about periods and tell her that whenever she feels like this she does not need to panic but it is a normal process.

When the daughter’s white discharge begins. This vagi*al discharge is white or yellow. Explain to the daughter whenever she is so, that she should be cautious because discharge only means that in a few months she will get her first period.

Most women always remember the experience of their first period, and many of us also feel that she wishes she were a little more ‘ready’ for her first period, knowing more about it.

Especially the worry always bothers the mother that her daughter does not have to go through any problems during this time.

If your daughter is also moving towards her first period, then it is better that you make an action plan so that your daughter is ready for her first period.

Normally, periods are normal until 9-16 years of age, but if it seems that there is a delay in getting periods, then consult a doctor once.

In the first few years, the blood color may be light red, dark, or black, and periods may last for 4-7 days.

There is no need to panic. The period cycle will not be regular for some time and may take some time to set.

Initially, the flow of bleeding can be high, so tell about changing the pad every 4-6 hours.

Also, explain how to take care of hygiene and give full information about period hygiene.

So that she can easily manage her first period.

9. Sanitary Pad for the first period

A “sanitary pad” means an absorbent pad that you wear inside your panty to soak up menstrual blood during your menstruation.

Depending on your menstrual secretion and choice, choose a pad with an appropriate thickness, length, and absorption capacity.

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Remember, you can do only one thing for your comfort and to avoid bad odor and for that, you have to change your pad every few hours.

There are various brands with many types of pads available in the market.

I advise you to use a good brand with comfort and softness.

10. Myths related to periods

Since adolescence, we have grown up listening to many myths related to periods and following them due to a lack of correct information.

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• The first myth is that menstruation is usually considered a disease, but menstruation is not a disease or problem.

It is a natural process such as sweating, resting, etc.

• One should not worship during menstruation- This myth is considered to be the most important of all myths even today, that during menstruation, women should stay away from worship, fast, temple, etc. But this is totally wrong thinking.

• People believe that during this time women are impure and everything they touch also becomes impure.

But it is also a matter of thinking that how God who is paramount can be impure by touching a woman.

• Womanhood is the most precious gift of nature that we should be proud of.

• In this way, women should not feel ashamed due to some biological activity and there is no harm in going to the temple or doing puja, fasting, etc.

• Whether or not to do yoga during the period – The biggest myth among all myths is that women cannot exercise during menstruation.

While some people believe that during this period, the chances of injury to women are increased or they become weak. But this is absolutely wrong.

PMS (Premenstrual syndrome: PMS) can be easily dealt with if you exercise a little bit.

During this time there are no rules or restrictions for doing any kind of exercise.

• Period blood is dirty/Impure – Many people consider menstrual blood to be dirty (impure) but it is not so. It secretes blood of old uterine tissue cells, vagi*a and cervix, and blood of the uterus. It differs slightly from normal blood due to its texture and other properties (which contain more water and less iron (iron).

But this does not mean that the menstrual blood is dirty or impure.

• One should not go to swimming during periods – people believe that one should not go in the water or for swimming during periods. but it’s not like that.

You can use a tampon while swimming, it does not stain your swimsuit.

Tampons should be used instead of pads in water as it does not move from its place. Tampons (Tampons are made of a piece of cloth that soaks up bleeding from any wound or in menstruation. It looks like a needle.) Can also be used while exercising and playing.

There is no need to believe all these myths. Periods are a natural process in which we do not have any fault, so live life without worrying.

Conclusion :

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So girls, I have told you all the things that can make your first period easier. Do not panic in your first period. As I said, it is a natural process.

By the way, I have told you all the important things related to the first period.

If you want any more information related to your first period, then you can tell by commenting below.

I thank you for giving so much time to us. If you found this article helpful too, please share it so that other girls also can read it, understand it, and make their first period easier.

For the first time, this maybe looks very hard and difficult for you but don’t worry friend I already made another article on How to Stay positive even in your bad times. Do give it a read once.

Thanks !!

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