What Are The Various Fall Prevention Equipment


Fall prevention equipment has become an integral part of lives to minimize fall hazards for seniors and patients. One out of 10 falls causes serious injuries among older people.

Globally, fall protection equipment is being used by patients and older citizens to prevent them from being exposed to any danger. These pieces of equipment are recommended for use to reduce the seriousness of the injury. A few products include –

What Are The Various Fall Prevention Equipment
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What Are The Various Fall Prevention Equipment

Let us see a few most important fall prevention equipment, as follows:

01. Bed Sensor System

The bed Sensor system is a monitoring device that senses the user’s status on the bed. This sensor is generally installed under each bed leg.

As people reach a certain age, the body becomes fragile. The fear of falling always disturbs at a certain age.

Bed sensors are the best way to detect the movement of someone on the bed.

The detected information can be used on PCs, smartphones, and other wireless gadgets. Accurate information will reduce the burden on the patient’s family members.

Bed sensors have proved to be an efficient care system without any concern.

02. Grab Rails

Grab rails can be positioned anywhere to support the elderly, handicapped, or those recovering from illness.

These bars are attached to a wall that supports seniors or patients while walking or performing other activities.

Grab rails are generally fixed next to the bath area to prevent older adults from falling off. In addition, grabbing a rail is an excellent option for people to control themselves from falling steadily.

03. Shower Chairs

Shower chairs generally provide additional support in the bath or shower.

A shower chair is either a movable or permanently installed seat typically made of aluminum or stainless steel with durable rubber feet. The permanently installed seat is also quite comfortable.

The risk of falling is the highest in the bathroom. Shower chairs make showering easier and safer for people with mobility challenges.

04. Chair Alarms

Chair alarms for elderly individuals are one way of preventing fall hazards. It is a type of personal alarm that allows the caretaker to come into motion as soon as they detect any danger.

A person can easily monitor the activities of a sitting patient through this alarm. Websites like safetyandmobility.com.au offer quality chair alarms to prevent patients from falling from the wheelchair while attempting to stand.

Patient loss is one of the hospitals’ most significant causes of injuries. The alarm goes off continuously when a patient leaves the chair for any reason.

05. Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are the most commonly used fall-prevention equipment. They are generally for those who have difficulty walking due to illness, injuries, or age-related problems.

A wheelchair is a chair fitted on wheels that promotes mobility for people with difficulty walking.

Wheelchairs are generally manually operated, which helps in reducing the problems of a patient. They can be used indoors and outdoors as the health of a patient demands.

06. Walking Aids

Walking aids such as canes, sticks, and walkers are designed to assist the mobility of a person unable to balance correctly.

They are meant to prevent falls and maintain the safety of a person. In addition, they ensure a safe walk for someone who is disabled and wishes to walk independently.

Final Thought

A fall is a scary and harmful experience. It can shake elderly citizens, which can lead them to sleepless nights.

Hence, it is essential to have fall-preventive equipment to help disabled people to function individually.

Moreover, when your loved ones reach a particular stage of life, they need to be protected like an infant.

These equipment are used to minimize exposure to hazards that can cause injuries.

However, one of the most significant benefits of fall-preventing equipment is that it saves a person’s life on time.

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