Top 10 Destinations in Seychelles You Must Visit & What Things to Do


In the current scenario, life is full of rush and chaos as compared to earlier times. In search of peace and hustle-free life, people are choosing destinations for making their vacation a bit more relaxing and entertaining too.

Preferences for places might vary from person to person, but nowadays most people are preferring to spend some time near beaches.

Top 10 Destinations in Seychelles You Must Visit
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Top 10 Destinations in Seychelles You Must Visit

Leaving out every place, we will be learning most of the things about one of the emerging places known as “Seychelles”. In this article, we will know about the various destinations of Seychelles that one should never miss visiting. 

About Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the states in East Africa that has almost 115 islands as a part of it. Unlike others, it’s not a vast state consisting of habitats.

The natural vegetation and scenic islands are the main focus of this place.  The marine attraction also plays an important role in turning the heads of tourists. In Seychelles, Victoria is considered a capital city and it’s beautifully situated.

For the water and Marine lovers, this place is totally nature decorated and one can even take part in various activities related to seas and beaches. The climate of Seychelles is so calm and favorable that any person can plan for this place without thinking twice.

Let’s come to the body part of this article and let’s know about the interesting areas of Seychelles which should not be missed at any cost by the new visitors.

Few Necessary Things To Do in Seychelles

There are a few necessary things that a person should do after visiting Seychelles. 

  • First of all, one should book a resort or hotel room near the beaches of Seychelles. The scenic view of Seychelles will blow the mind of a person. 
  • There are a lot of adventurous activities that one can conduct after visiting Seychelles. Nobody is going to feel bored after visiting such a scenic place.
  • At least a one-time meal should be arranged or done on the beach side enjoying the view. 
  • Mountains, greens and other natural places can be enjoyed by the viewers in a couple of days. 
  • Helicopter tours are one of the favourites to do things as it leads one to enjoy the beautiful aerial view that is heart throbbing. For one who is interested in exploring this place fully then helicopter tours are the best choice without any doubt. 
  • Learning the culture of Seychelles is also one of the most demanding things among tourists. If you are visiting any new destination, you should go for knowing the culture of the places for its enrichment.
  • Tourists who are visiting Seychelles can plan to rent a vehicle to explore the nearby islands without any rush and tiredness. 
  • A lot of two-wheelers are also available in the city and they are easily availed by their owners. If you are planning to roam around the full city then one can, definitely get two-wheelers on rent. 
  • If you are on a trip to another place and you did not try the local cuisine then nothing is worth it. Local cuisines are the top preference of tourists as a maximum number of marine foods is available. 

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Top 10 Destinations in Seychelles Not to Miss After Visiting

Let’s start by mentioning a few famous places in Seychelles that need to explore by visitors without missing any cost. We are starting with Mahe Island first as it is one of the top picks for visitors. 

1. Mahe Island

Mahe Island Seychelles _ Photo Diary + Travel Guide
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The first destination one should visit is Mahe Island. It is located in the capital city of Victoria and has large numbers of flora as well as fauna’s existence. 

One of the unique things that is pink sand is one of the extreme attractions for all the tourists. The Best season to visit this place is from May and can end in September.

There are many gardens, natural vegetation and other activities that can be performed on this island. 

If anyone is planning for Seychelles then place should be on top of the bucket list. 

2. Praslin Island

Top 10 Destinations in Seychelles You Must Visit
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Another attraction for Seychelles visitors is Praslin Island. The beauty and speciality of this island are what one can get through exploring the various hidden islands that existed in it.

The hidden islands are so beautiful that it leads to turning on head. Many resorts and hotels are situated near this island so no difficulties for anybody can find to stay. Lots of birds can be seen near the beach sides forest which looks fantastic. 

3. Bird Island

Bird Island
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Let’s talk about the other place in Seychelles which is Bird Island. The distance from Mahe Island to Bird Island is around 100 kilometres. The main attraction of the bird island is the big turtles that can be seen clearly from the resorts in the sea.

Both nature and marine life are beautifully explained on this island. The coconut trees are highly planted on this island to create beautiful scenic views all around. 

It has been observed that tourists hardly want to come out from their resort after visiting this place as it provides such heavenly views. 

4. La Digue Island

La Digue Island
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If anyone hardly believes in painting views place then they need to visit La Digue Island. This island is such beautifully nurtured that it looks like someone has painted it with their hands.

Natures with different colours can be seen easily blooming. The way to this beautiful narrated island is shallow and hence two-wheelers are recommended to opt for visiting. 

5. Moyenne Island

Moyenne Island
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Out of many other islands, we will now learn about the other island named “Moyenne Island”. This island can be considered one of the famous islands existing in Seychelles.

It’s not too long and taking out some hours to cover this island is fair enough. The observers and tourists have developed that it is one of the smallest islands that comes under Seychelles.

Large numbers of fauna plantations certainly prove this place to be a part of natural vegetation. There are some historical sites present too on this island which is preserved for many years to keep the visitors coming without any disturbances. 

If anyone is planning to come to this place then they should know it will take around one day to explore this short-length island.

6. Fregate Island

Fregate Island
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In a simple sentence we can say that this island is one of the precious jewels of Seychelles. The calm environment of this place makes it look too attractive for the visitors and they can feel the smoothness of the water too. 

This sandy and sea place is all one can imagine for their peace of mind and soul.

Nearby this beach, there are a number of luxurious hotels that literally offer the best views and one can enjoy the scenic from their rooms themselves.

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7. Aldabra Island

Aldabra Island
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We are now moving on to know about the other island on Seychelles named “Aldabra Island”. For wildlife photographers, Aldabra Island can be the sure go-to place.

This Island is mostly known for catching the eye of photographers who are keen to click pictures of animals that are rare to find. 

8. Anse Lasio

Anse Lasio
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Another place for enjoying the vacation in Seychelles is Anse Lasio- island. The sea is not only beautiful but the water in it glitters and shines a lot many times.

Just imagine how beautiful it can be to witness such a picturesque view. New married couples can definitely keep this place a priority for their honeymoons.

9. Beau Ballon Beach

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If we say that you are going to listen to your breath then will you accept it? Yeah, it’s hard to accept because such things happen very less and are also rare.

But when you are in Beau Ballon beach you are going to hear your breath because of its calmness. This beach is one of the most visited places and many numbers of dining restaurants are available nearby. 

10. Seychelles Natural History Museum

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Nobody should ignore this place after visiting Seychelles. It’s beautifully illustrated in this museum about the formation, attractive places, archaeological designs and many more.

This place will lead you to create more excitement about learning about Seychelles. If you are interested in this place’s heritage, this has to be on the bucket list for you after visiting Seychelles. 

So, here we come to an end after listing the famous beautiful destinations in Seychelles. These places are illustrated in this context to help visitors who are planning to make their vacation successful.

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This article concludes with the various destinations of Seychelles that are scenic and one should never miss visiting.  In current days, visiting beach sites are the best thing that a person can opt for.

It is not only entertaining, it also let the person explore more and enjoy the water adventures. From this context, we learned about the hidden gems that are situated in Seychelles.

In this article, we have described the 10 beautiful places that a vacation need to explore without ignoring.

Every Island in Seychelles has its enrichment and beauty. Hence enjoying Seychelles is a good option for the new visitors. 

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